Sudan Embassy India

Consular Services

Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan New Delhi
Revised of Embassy Fee w.e.f. 01/01/2021

S.No Particular Fees (RS) Documents Required
1. Visa Single Entry

  1. 6 Months Multiple Rs. 7,395 x 6 = 44,370.00
  2. 12 Months Multiple Rs. 7,395 x 12 = 88740.00
7,395.00 Filled Visa Form available on Website, upload photo. Submit on the Embassy window. Along with covering letter, Invitation letter approved from Ministry of Foreign affairs Khartoum Sudan.
2. Commercial Documents Attestation 17,340.00 Document should be attested from Local Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of External Affairs India before submit in Embassy, Covering Letter (clearly mention the Type of Document) along with a photocopy of the document.
3. Student Certificate Attestation 2,890.00 Attached Passport copy.
4. Emergency Travel Document 2,040.00 Application (in Arabic), Two photos, Passport copy, FIR (if passport is lost)
5. Medical Attestation 4,590.00 Passport Copy
6. PCC Certificate 7,140.00 Local Police Clearance, Passport copies all pages, covering letter, four photos, and applicant should be present in Embassy on appointment.
7. Authority Letter (Power of Attorney) 4,590.00 Covering letter (clearly mentioned of purpose) Passport copy.
8. To whom it may concern 4,590.00 Application
9. Marriage Certificate Attestation 4,590.00 Passport copy of Husband and Wife and Covering Letter.
10. Birth Certificate 4,050.00 Passport copy of Mother and Father and Birth certificate from Hospital and Two photos of the New Born
11. Renewal Passport for Students 8,840.00
  • Postal charges Rs 600 will be extra.
  • Processing time for Visa will be 4 working days and processing time of document attestation will be 3 working days.
  • Submission and Receiving of Visa Applications and Documents from Monday to Thursday 11:00 to 12:00.
  • Visa forms are available on
  • Fee is accepted by Cash or Money Order in favour of Embassy of Sudan from any Indian Post office.

For any query please contact Email : [email protected]
Ph 011 26870083, 26873185, 26873785