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September 20, 2018

President Al-Bashir: Sudan is Safe and Peaceful Country
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, affirmed that Sudan is a safe and peaceful country which is capable of providing peace and security for its citizens. During his meeting Wednesday with the visiting delegation of the British House of Lords, President Al-Bashir stressed that Sudan has become an oasis of peace and safe shelter for big numbers of refugees who have fled their country. He said that peace now prevails in Darfur states after the end of war, adding that the incidents that occur from time to time is something normal in all countries, especially in the countries emerging from conflicts. President Al-Bashir pointed out that Sudan call for exit of UNAMID Forces came in accordance with a report of a tripartite committee which has got satisfied with the security situation in Darfur and decided gradual exit of UNAMID forces. He asserted that Darfur is currently not facing a security problem, but relates to the challenge of resettlement of displaced people and refugees and providing them with services, dismantling camps and return of its residents to the home villages or settling them in towns. He referred to the government efforts for patching up the rift in the social fabric and carrying out tribal reconciliations. He affirmed that Sudan is combating terrorism and supports the international efforts for eradicating terrorism, indicating that the FBI and CIA reports affirmed that Sudan has nothing to do with terroirs, He also pointed to the unique religious tolerance in Sudan, asserting that the Christians in Sudan are enjoying all rights and religious freedoms.

Chinese ambassador stresses cooperation in infrastructure fields
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Li Lianhe has affirmed his country's readiness to enhance cooperation in the field of infrastructure projects that would establish to the achievement of economic development in Sudan. The Chinese ambassador added that the opportunity was ripe for Sudan to benefit from the outcomes of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, which gave priority to the implementation of the eight campaigns over the next three years and China's launch of a planning process for China-Africa cooperation for infrastructure and push Chinese companies to participate in the implementation of their projects and to provide more facilities and take advantage of the resources of banks and funds to implement them in addition to benefiting from the construction of the Belt Road. During a speech to a seminar on the outcomes of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and Sudanese relations held Tuesday at the Al-Salam Rotana Hotel, the Chinese Ambassador stressed the importance of Sudan and its role in the African continent, praising the friendly relations between the two countries and considering them as a model for South-South cooperation. He pointed out to the concern of the two countries' leadership keenness to strengthen the bilateral cooperation by signing several agreements in all fields during the Beijing Summit, adding that China is paying more attention to the cooperation and rapprochement in Sino-Sudanese relations in a new manner in all fields for the benefit of the two peoples.

September 17, 2018

Republican Decree on Appointment of Federal Ministers
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, on Saturday issued a Republican Decree on the appointment of Ministers in the Government of National Accord, pursuant to Articles 58

(1) and 70 (2) of the Sudan Interim Constitution for 2005 amended for 2006, and after consultations with the Federal Prime Minister, as follows: -
-Dr Fadul Abdalla Fadul- Minister for the Presidency of the Republic
-Ahmed Saad Omar - Minister for the Council of Ministers
-Hamid Mohamed Al Nour Ahmed Mumtaz – Minister for Federal Government Chamber
-Lieutenant General Awad Mohamd Ahmed Ibin Aouf- Minister for Defense
-Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman- Minister for Interior
-Dr Dirdiri Mohamd Ahmed Al Dikhairi - Minister for Foreign Affairs
- Dr Mohamd Ahmed Salim- Minister for Justice
-Bushara Aro Jummaa – Minister for Information, Communications and Information Technology
-Mutaza Musa Abdalla Salim- Minister for Finance and Economic Planning
Engineer Hassab Al Nabi Musa Mohamed Minister for Agriculture and Forests
-Dr Musa Mohamed Karama- Minister for Industry and Trade
-Engineer Azahari Abdul Gadir Abdalla -Minister for Petroleum, Gas and Minerals
-Engineer Khidir Mohamed Gissm Al Sayed - Minister for Irrigation, Water Resources and Electricity
-Hatim Al Sir Ali -Minister for Transportations and Urban Development
-Ms. Mashayr Ahmed Al Amin Al Dawalab -Minister for Education
-Dr Sakeq Al Hadi Al Mahdi, Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research
-Omar Suleiman Adam Ibrahim – Minister for Culture, Tourism and Archaeology
-Engineer Widad Yagoub Ibrahim Osman Minister for Social Security and Development
-Dr Mohamed Abu Zaid- Minister for Health
-Bahar Idris Abu Gharda- Minister for Labour, Administrative Reform and Human Resources Development.

Al Hussein Governor of Khartoum
General (Police)Hashim Osman Al-Hussein took the oath of office in front of President Omer Al-Bashir as Governor of Khartoum State, replacing General Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein. In a press statement following the oath-taking ceremony, he said that the next phase requires concerted official and popular efforts for sake of citizens of the State, noting the importance of complementary roles between institutions, sectors and agencies to transit the state to a better position. “The next phase will be for consultations on the status of localities” he said, noting that they will start by setting out priorities with emphasis on security and rendering of services.

September 10, 2018

Sudanese- Korean city for spinning and weaving to be established
A delegation from South Korea visited the Gezira state in central Sudan to invest in fields of spinning and weaving, government of the Gezira revealed, pointing out that the visit signals undertaking of a feasibility study to establish a Sudanese-Korean industrial city for spinning and weaving. The visiting South Korean was headed by Korean ambassador in Khartoum, governor of Al Gezira, Mohammed Tahir Ella told “SMC”, indicating that the area of (Alnpti), which is located south of the state, was identified as location of the planned industrial city. The government of the state undertook a feasibility study to determine the timetable and total cost of the project, the governor stated, pointing out that the required space and leveling of land works have been completed. He concluded that such foreign investments will lend significant impetus to the national economy.

Turkey to invest 100 million dollars in oil field
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The State of Turkey has expressed its readiness to start its investments in the oil field in Sudan by allocating $ 100 million to develop the production in the 17 & 2B producing wells after completion of the technical studies to develop the current production. The Minister of Oil and Gas Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdullah lauded the engagement of Turkey into investment in the oil and gas sector, especially areas of increasing oil production through exploration and development of fields, financing the supply of oil derivatives and the construction of Port Sudan refinery. The minister praised Turkey's interest in carrying out cooperation files between the two countries, praising the outstanding results reached by the countries through the joint talks. He expressed Sudan's readiness to start immediately after the final signing, expecting the relations of the two countries to flourish in the field of oil and gas as Sudan opens up to the world after the lifting of the US embargo and the enforcement of the cooperation agreement with the State of Southern Sudan and the rise in world oil prices. For his part, the Deputy Turkish Minister of Commerce Al-Fatih Metin said that his current visit to Sudan was to discuss the aspects of cooperation between the two countries in order to achieve several objectives and important issues, including the strengthening of relations between the two countries, pointing out that Turkey and Sudan will have a promising future, revealing that the Economic Partnership Agreement between the two countries is to be signed, particularly the agreement on cooperation in the field of oil, announcing the beginning of the Turkish investment in the field of oil at $ 100 million besides the provision of the technical support in the field of training and project development. He praised Sudan's efforts in lifting the US embargo and the resumption of relations with the South, stressing that these sincere efforts indicate the success of the Sudanese government, pledging to work towards boosting cooperation to a wider horizon in the future.


September 07, 2018

President Bashir returns from China
Khartoum, – Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir and his entourage returned here last night from a six-day official visit to Peoples China.
While in Beijing , President Bashir took part in the China-Africa Cooperation Forum which reviewed the Chinese “Road and Belt” initiative and further Chinese-African multi-sided cooperation. He also met with a number of African leaders on sidelines of the forum, including Presidents of Egypt , Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda as well as Commissioner of the African Union. A number of agreements were signed with the Chinese side involving cooperation in the oil, energy, rail transport fields.
President Bashir and accompanying delegation were received on arrival by First Vice-President and Premier Bakri Hassan Salih, government ministers and senior state officials.

Hassabo Affirms Sudan Support to Islamic Daawa Organization
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Vice – President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, received in his office at the Republican Palace Thursday the Secretary General of the Islamic Daawa Organization, Ambassador Attal-Mannan Bakhit Al-Haj, and affirmed Sudan support to the organization and to cooperate with it in carrying out its humanitarian tasks. Ambassador Attal-Mannan has informed the Vice – President on the performance of the organization and it activities in Sudan and in Africa in general. He said in a press statement that the Islamic Daawa Organization looks forward for a new era of relations with the African Union and the regional organizations on its capacity as the biggest organization operating in the charity and humanitarian field in Africa. He explained the organization is operating in the state that require development in Sudan, especially South Kordofan and the Blue Nile.
He added that the Board of Directors of the Islamic Daawa Organization will meet next week in the Chadian capital, Ndjamena

September 04, 2018
President Al-Bashir Affirms Sudan Welcome to Chinese Companies
Beijing, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, received at his residence in Beijing, on the sidelines of the China – Africa Cooperation Forum, presidents of three Chinese companies, separately, and affirmed Sudan welcome to the Chinese companies to invest in the country, assuring the keenness to provide these companies with all privileges, facilities and protection. He said that Sudan is bestowed with enormous resources and potential and needs more investment in agriculture, livestock, oil and gas, infrastructures and ports. He indicated that Sudan was one of the first countries to receive Chinese companies and represents its gateway to Africa. Stressing that ample opportunities are available for the Chinese companies to work in Sudan. President Al-Bashir said that Sudan looks forward for more investments to contribute to development of its infrastructures. The three presidents of the Chinese companies were the chairman of the board of directors of China Ports engineering Company which has executed a number of projects in Sudan and signed agreement with GIAD Company for development of the Red Sea economic zone, Chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese Poly Company which is operating in the fields of ships and roads and the president China Railways Company (Section 16), which signed on Sunday a memo of understanding for establishing Port-Sudan – Ndjamena railway line at the length of 3200 kilometers

Meetings of Sudan’s Nuclear Program and the IAEA concluded
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudanese Nuclear Generation Program and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) concluded their discussions, Sunday at the Grand Holiday Villa, on the report of the integrated review of the infrastructure of Sudan's nuclear program according to the IAEA standards. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Engineer Musa Omar Abu al-Gassim said that the 7-day meetings with the IAEA mission was to assess the progress achieved by the Sudanese nuclear project to complete the first nuclear power plant, revealing IAEA approval of the Sudan report with certain recommendations, praising IAEA cooperation which appreciated the report of the Sudan, stressing that the Sudan has exerted much efforts to build the infrastructure of this project in partnership with the relevant bodies represented by the IAEA and the regulatory body of the nuclear energy. Engineer Abu al-Gassim pointed out to the developed relations with Russia, China and other countries that preceded Sudan in this field, which can provide mature technology to build nuclear power plants that support the generation of energy in Sudan, pointing out that the atomic energy is one of the safe and stable energies throughout the year, stressing that the energy is the main pillar of development projects in the field of production. He stressed the ministry's concern with provision of sustainable energy to the country by benefiting from the national cadres in partnerships with the technologies available in the countries of the world, pointing out that the International Atomic Energy Agency has given Sudan 90 days to approve the publication of its report on the IAEA website to exchange experiences among countries.

AU chooses Moussa Rahmatullah as representative in China
African Union (AU) Chairman Moussa Faki inaugurated African Union (AU) office on Sunday in the presence of the Chinese Foreign Minister in China during the seventh ministerial meeting of the African-China Cooperation Forum. He announced choosing of Ambassador Rahmatullah Mohamed Osman, as Permanent Representative of the African Union to China, residing in Beijing. This choice is an honor for Sudanese diplomacy and an appreciation of Sudan’s standing on the continent.
August 01, 2018

Foreign Minister begins African Tour
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, began Tuesday a second African tour which includes the Rwandan capital Kigali, and the Kenyan capital, Kenya, delegated by the President of the Republic for meeting with the Rwandan President and current Chairman of the African Union, Paul Kagame, and the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta. The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Ghariballa Khidir, said that the Foreign Minister will inform the Rwandan and Kenyan leaders with outcome of the negotiations with South Sudan parties and the coming steps for realization of peace in South Sudan State. It is to be recalled that the first stage of the African tour paid by the Foreign Minister as the presidential envoy was conducted last week to Uganda, South Sudan State and Ethiopia where he met with leaders of the three countries.

International cooperation Ministry Affirms Support to Private Sector
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The International Cooperation Minister, Idris Sulaiman and delegation of Sudanese Businessmen Association headed by its General Secretary, Bakri Yousef, Tuesday discussed joint cooperating between Ministry and the association and ways to reactivate the joint business councils and attract funding for this sector such as European Investment Bank, African Development Bank and another fund institution. The minister affirmed in his meeting the role of the ministry in helping the private sector, referring to the importance of establishing a joint mechanism between Ministry and private sector to attract more funding and strengthening the role of private sector through exchange experience with countries, affirming the importance of conducting a study unit to know the comparative advantages in each country. Meanwhile Yousef confirmed the importance of this meeting and called for importance of intensification the coordination and consultation with the International Cooperation Ministry to make the private sector benefit of this chances that come from this country.

July 31, 2018

Dr. Al-Dirdiri and Kuwait Ambassador Discuss Bilateral Relations
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, received in his office Monday the Ambassador of Kuwait to Khartoum, Bassam Mohamed Al-Gabandi, and discussed means of strengthening further the bilateral relations between Sudan and Kuwait in all fields. Dr. Al-Dirdiri has appreciated firmness of the relations between the two countries which positively resulted in the exchange of visits at the high level and reactivation of the bilateral cooperation mechanisms. The Kuwaiti Ambassador has praised the distinguished ties between the two countries, affirming the desire of his country to cement further its relations with Sudan in all domains.

Cultivation of thousands of acres in Gezira in summer
Medani , ( Kem )—Summer cultivation in Gezira scheme, Africa’s largest irrigated scheme , covers an area of 6,500 feddans and includes both cash and food crops such as sorghum , peanuts, cotton and fruits and vegetables. Cultivated areas of cotton this season markedly increased present year following the sealing of contractual partnerships between private companies and local farmers, where the latter had been reluctant over the past years to grow cotton in view of its high production costs and fluctuating market prices The scheme’s management had announced at start of the summer season that a total area of 300,000 feddans (one feddan equals nearly one acre ) will be cultivated with cotton, sorghum , stable food for majority of Sudanese ,400,000 feddans , 250,000 feddans for peanuts and 50,000 feddans for horticultural crops. Examples of private entrepreneurs in contractual partnership with farmers are the African country in an acreage of 5,000 feddans cultivated with cotton and Zadnah company in an area of 500 feddans of cotton. Sudan Cotton Company, a state-owned company engaged in cotton marketing , has announced a stabilizing price for one qintar ( 100 Lbs) of 1,700 Sudanese pounds (one US dollar fetches some 30 pounds) against production cost or break-even point. Zadnah company recently offered an incentive price of 1,900 pounds per one qintar, Mouawia Al-Bireir Group of Companies offered 1,600 pounds per qintar and the Chinese Zain Tong Ginning Factory is offering farmers 2,100 pounds for one qintar of cotton. Planting of crops in Gezira went well and farmers are showing more enthusiasm, particularly in respect of cotton after the supply of improved seeds and certification thereof by contractual companies and the Chinese Ginning Center. However, a number of farmers complain of prices of agricultural inputs and occasional fuel shortage. Leveling of arable land is considered high where plugging of one feddan costs 125 pounds ,with its negative effect on productivity and erosion of their proceeds. Likewise , they complain of high prices of organic fertilizers as a sack of urea averages between 700 and 820 pounds. Even though , farmers of the Gezira scheme remain largely optimistic of a promising summer season after the recent early rains but warn against repetition of last year’s experience of shortfall in irrigation water, especially towards the end of September and early October, calling upon the management of the scheme to take necessary precautions to ensure a good harvest.

July 30, 2018

President Al-Bashir Receives Message of Thanks and Appreciation from President Salva Kiir
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has received a message of thanks and appreciation from the President of South Sudan State, Salva Kiir, over the great efforts that he exerted in bringing closer the views of the southern parties. The message was handed over Sunday at the Guest House by the government delegation for the negotiations between the southern parties, which is headed by South Sudan President’s Advisor for Security Affairs, Nott Galwak. In a press statement, Galwak said that they handed President Al-Bashir a message in which he thanked him for the great efforts that exerted in bringing closer the views of the southern parties, a matter that culminated in the signing of South Sudan peace agreement. Galwak said that President Al-Bashir, on his part, has handed them a message to President Salva Kiir affirming his concern with realization of peace in South Sudan State and stressing that the outstanding issues shall not obstruct realization of agreement. Galwak has expressed his thanks and appreciation to President Al-Bashir for his role in enabling the southern parties to reach a peace that they have been looking for. He stated that South Sudan government delegation will sign the final peace agreement on September 5 in a big festival, stressing that President Al-Bashir is much aware about South Sudan issues and the best one for solving them.

South Sudan to Resume Oil Pumping in September
Khartoum, President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has received a written message from the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, dealing with the bilateral relations and resuming the pumping of oil from South Sudan. The message was handed over to President Al-Bashir by the Minister of Petroleum of South Sudan State, Ezekel Lol Gatkoth, Sunday noon at the Guest House, in presence of the Director of the National Security and Intelligence Service, Lt. Gen. Salah Abdalla, and the State Minister at Director of the Offices of the President of the Republic, Hatim Hassan Bakhit. In a press statement, Gatkoth said that the oil pumping would be on September 2, adding that 45,000 barrels per day will be produced at Tor field and Tomathouth. Gatkoth said that he and the Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Azhari Abdul-Gadir, have paid inspection visits to a number of oil fields in South Sudan State prior to resumption of the oil pumping

July 26, 2018

South Sudanese groups sign power sharing agreement
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The South Sudanese groups currently engaged in peace negotiations in Khartoum, have initialed an agreement on government and power sharing in their country. The talks are under the auspice of President Omar Bashir and the umbrella of the IGAD organization. In June the south Sudanese rival groups, including government and armed opposition signed a permanent ceasefire declaration within a Khartoum Agreement for Peace in South Sudan. Today’s agreement was signed at the Sudan Higher Security Academy by representatives of the government of South Sudan, the Riek Machar group, a group of the alliance of opposition political parties, the civil society organizations and the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and the representative of IGAD signed as witnesses. The representatives of former political detainees and Sawa group have expressed reservation over some points, with the facilitators saying discussion would continue with these groups The agreement stipulated that South Sudan President Salva Kiir continues as president of south Sudan during the interim period while Dr Riek Machar would assume the post of the First Vice President during the interim period. The agreement stipulated four Vice Presidents that would be among the various political forces The agreement calls for formation of a council of ministers composed of 35 ministers of whom 20 from the government and 9 from MACHAR groups against 3 for the Sawa grouping and 2 for the former political detainees and one for the other political forces. It also called for the formation of a parliament composed of 550 MPs, with 332 for the government and 128 from Machar group, 50 for the opposition political forces and 30 for the political forces, 10 for the former political detainees.

Outcome of President Al-Bashir Visits to Russia Discussed
Khartoum, (SUNA) – Deputy Chairman of Higher Committee of Sundanese Relations with BRICS countries, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, Wednesday headed the committee's meeting at Republican Palace and discussed its activity of the past period. Al-Jaz, stated that the meeting discussed outcome of the President's visit to Russia and benefits of the visit for strengthening the cooperation between Sudan and Russia. The meeting also discussed the relations of Sudan with China and India which are considered actives partners of Sudan, especially in the fields of oil and gas. He pointed out that the meeting assured on the importance of good arrangement for the China Africa summit and preparation of the projects that will be exposed in this summit. The meeting further tackled the Sudanese relations with Brazil and South Africa and the importance of participation of Sudan in BRICS summit next September in South Africa.

TDB Bank expresses readiness to extend assistance to Sudan
Khartoum, July 25 (SUNA) - The Trade and Development Bank of Eastern and Southern Africa (TDB) has expressed its readiness to extend its assistance to the Sudan to obtain more foreign aid and to attract financing for development projects, in addition to its continuation in providing import facilities for wheat and petroleum products to Sudan. The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi stressed, during his meeting with the TDB mission Wednesday, the importance of the TDB role in financing development in Sudan and helping in the import of strategic commodities including oil and wheat as well as its role in activating the channels of intra-trade at the level of the countries of the region, emphasizing the state's concern with attraction of more funding for the production and development sectors. For his part, the head of the TDB mission Adamson Tadis pledged the continuity of TDB aid to Sudan as well as the financing of the import of oil materials and provision of easy financing for development in Sudan, explaining that his visit to the country aims to develop support for relations of cooperation with Sudan and the activation of economic and trade cooperation relations between the Bank and the countries of the region. The two sides discussed the treatment of obligations arising under the Bank's assistance to Sudan.

July 25, 2018

Bashir receives South Africa former President Zuma
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, on Tuesday received former South Africa President Jacob Zuma who commended the support he received from President Bashir while leading south Africa as head of state. Zuma said his current meeting with President Bashir foster the bonds of friendship between the two of them. The state minister at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Idris said Zuma briefed Bashir on the current developments in South Africa. He said president Zuma has commended the historical stands by the Sudan with liberation movements in Africa in general and South Africa in particular. He said Zuma was in the country leading a high level south African economic investment delegation and that he would be conferring with a number of parties relevant to investment in the Sudan.

Government encourages scientific research and innovation: Presidency
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The First Vice President of the Republic, and Federal Prime Minister, LT Gen Bakri Hassan Salih on Tuesday said the government has decided to allocate 1% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for scientific research. Gen Bakri told the first forum on scientific research and innovation, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, that the government and the community should coordinate efforts within a unified vision for achieving the desired development and innovation to localize technology, commending in this regards the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. He said it was imperative to put in place incentives that lure in scientific research and that at the same time laws and regulations be enacted to encourage the development of innovation and that Sudan has provided the world with the best trained scientific cadres. He said the country is also rich in vanguard creative research with the last two decades witnessing hug development in this field, enabling the filling of the gap between the Sudan and other countries that have witnessed huge development in those fields.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Receives American Charge d'Affaires
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Osama Faisal, received on Tuesday the American Charge d'Affaires to the Sudan, Steven Koutsis, and discussed with him bilateral relations between the two countries, the ongoing preparations for the second term of the dialogue and progress of negotiations, currently underway in Khartoum, between the rival southern Sudanese groups. The minister has commended the recent decision by the U.S Treasury Department to allow funding of all agricultural and medical equipment The meeting also reviewed efforts by the Sudan to reconcile rival groups from South Sudan. The minister affirmed Sudan's readiness to extend support to all the parties in South Sudan for achieving peace. He expressed his hope that the international community and partners would support the current negotiations between the disputing parties from South and boost security and stability in the region. On other side the U.S Chargé d'affaires appreciated the role of Sudan for realization of peace in South Sudan State.

July 23, 2018

Four economic agreements between Sudan and Poland signed
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Four agreements in investment field were signed Monday between the Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Poland within the framework of the Polish-Sudanese Economic Forum being held at the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum. The agreements included agricultural inputs with the Agricultural Bank of Sudan, cooperation in the field of health services and medical equipment with Tabasheer Company and higher educational studies on women education with Al-Ahfad University.

Egypt to finalize power linking flagship with Sudan at year-end
Egypt’s Energy Ministry is keen on completing and operating the electricity power link project with Sudan at the end of the year. The upcoming period will see a number of steps to execute the plan to connect the two countries’ grids with a capacity of 300 megawatts in its first phase, according to the ministry’s spokesperson. The project is the seed for future linking with other African countries, he added. Egypt and Sudan vowed to strengthen bilateral cooperation during the recent visit of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Khartoum.

July 20, 2018

Egyptian President Arrives in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Egptian President, Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi, arrived in Khartoum Thursday on a two day official- visit to Sudan during which he will hold talks with the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, dealing with means for strengthening bilateral relations, political and trade issues, questions of mutual concern and the current developments in the region. Sisi was received at the airport by the President of the Republic, a number of ministers and senior government officials, besides members of the diplomatic missions accredited to Khartoum. The Egyptian Head of State is accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Water Resources Irrigation, Agiculture and Defense.

Foreign Minister to Address Sudanese – Polish Forum on Saturday
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, will address at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday at Corinethia Hotel the opening sitting of the Sudanese – Polish Forum which will be held with participation of a delegation of the Trade and Industry Chamber of Poland. The forum is organized by the Sudanese Businessmen Association and the Polish Trade and Industry Chamber. In a press statement to SUNA, the General Director of the Businessmen Association, Abdul-Salam Mohamed Khair, said that the opening sitting of the forum will be addressed by the Foreign Minister and his Polish counterpart, the Chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen Association and representative of Poland Trade and Industry Chamber. He indicated that the forum will witness the signing of a number of agreements between the Sudanese Businessmen Association and the Trade and Industry Chamber of Poland, besides other deals between a number of Sudanese and Polish companies. The forum will review a paper of the Ministry of Investment on the opportunities of investment in Sudan and an offer of the Polish Trade and Industry Chamber, adding that holding of the forum comes in the efforts to promote and inform about the positive economic developments in Sudan

Wind energy tapped
Khartoum – The Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Power signed Wednesday a contract with EMD International of Denmark to prepare an atlas of winds in Sudan for future tapping of this clean and renewable source of energy. Ministry undersecretary, who initialed the contract with local agent of the Danish company said the assignment is part of the ministry’s endeavor to diversify energy sources and raise Sudan’s power capacity for stable power supply for residential, industrial and agrarian purposes. Addressing the ceremony , director-general of new and renewable energy sources praised the contracted company’s record of achievements , saying the Danish company is one of the world’s most prestigious in the field of planning for wind energy according to international ratings. Director of the winds project in the ministry said selection of the company was made from among competitive world and local tenders , pointing that EMD International is reputed for assessing and developing resources of wind for (WINDPRO) program. The study assigned to the Danish company is funded by Global Environment Foundation (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and is aimed at generating power from wind velocity to feed the national power grid and introduce latest state-of-the-art in clean and environment-friendly technology.

July 18, 2018

Minster of Petroleum Receives Indian Ambassador to Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minster of Oil and Gas, Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdalla, has appreciated in his meeting with the Ambassador of India to Khartoum the joint cooperation between two countries in the fields of production and industry oil, expressing his pleasure on the partnership between Sudan and India. He said that wide strides have reached in the Sudanese-Indian partnership. The meeting was attended by representatives in the Ministry of Petroleum and the Indian ONGS Company. The meeting discussed the progress of work in the oil blocks that Indian companies are work on it in the oil product sector at Sudan.

Sudan and USA to Cooperate in Field of Animal Resources
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of Animal Resources, Bushara Jumaa Aror, announced that a seminar drawing Sudanese and American Private sectors to find out the real chances for investment on Animal Resources would be held soon. He affirmed in his meeting Tuesday with the representative of the American World Wide Sires Company the importance of cooperation between his Animal Resources Ministry and USA to benefit of experience and modern technologies in the field of improvement of breeds at dairy farms and fodder industry. The American Company representative said that his visit came after Animal Resources Minister visit to USA and that he came to follow up the outcome of that visit , expressing hope over strengthening of the relations and boosting cooperation to benefit from Sudanese potentialties . He said that Sudan has promising future in Animal production, especially in dairy and meats.

July 16, 2018

Putin Publishes Outcome of his Meeting with President Al-Bashir on his Account in Twitter
Moscow, (SUNA)- The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has published in his personal account in Twitter a picture of himself greeting the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, at the outset of the official meeting between them in Russia. President Al-Bashir is visiting Russia heading a high-level delegation to discuss ways of strengthening the economic and military cooperation. Presidents Al-Bashir and Putin have expressed their satisfaction over the progress achieved in the relations between Sudan and Russia at the political, economic and military fields since their meeting in Sochi in November, 2017. President Putin has expressed his pleasure to meet President Al-Bashir once again, indicating that the positive progress in the bilateral relation was clear, stating that the trade exchange between Sudan and Russia has increased by 100% and expected to witness more increase by the end of the current year. He said that there are several chances for promoting the relations between Sudan and Russia in different fields, especially in the military and training fields and increase of education scholarships. Putin affirmed that his country to continue to cooperate with Sudan in the military field and speeding up the program for modernizing the Sudanese army. He expressed his satisfaction over realization of peace and security in Darfur, affirming that his country supports Sudan call for withdrawal of UNAMID forces from Darfur. The Russian President has appreciated the efforts of President Al-Bashir for achieving peace and reconciliation in South Sudan State and asserted his country’s support to these efforts. Meanwhile, President Al-Bashir has thanked President Al-Bashir for the invitation and congratulated on his re-election for a new presidential term. President Al-Bashir has called for establishment of a Russian bank in Sudan for boosting implementation of joint projects. The Russian President has accepted the invitation of President Al-Bashir to visit Sudan.

Sudan participates in COMESA meetings
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The regular meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the COMESA grouping started in the Zambian capital of Lusaka on Sunday, with a Sudan high level delegation led by state Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Abdallah Idris, taking part in the event. The minister are due to review the peace and security status report in COMESA region, including the recent development in Libya and the relations between Asmara and Addis Ababa, beside the ties between the Sudan and South Sudan and the efforts undertaken by Khartoum to remedy the situation in South Sudan, as called for by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development IGAD. The meeting is also due to discuss efforts undertaken by the Sudan handle the situation in the Blue Nile and south Kordufan and Darfur region with the support of the African Union and the United Nations. The state minister made several interventions including the most recent renewal of the unilateral ceasefire by the president of the Republic in the country and the efforts deployed by the President of the Republic to help south Sudanese within IGAD efforts reach peace in their country. The state minister said the efforts exerted by the President of the Republic, to help southern Sudanese reconcile, pours into the peace and stability of the COMESA area as well. He said those efforts require full support from the whole region. He said president Bashir is in full consultation with president Yoweri Musveni of Uganda and Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and all other leaders of the IGAD Organization.

Electricity Minister Inspects Progress of Work in Second Biggest Power Station
Khartoum- Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Mutaz Musa has affirmed that his ministry is pressing ahead with implementation of infrastructures for electricity at all axes of generation, transport and distribution with the aim of contributing to production increase and improvement of the living conditions of the citizens and health and education services at urban and rural areas. The Minister has inspected progress of work in installation of Gari III power station, accompanied by State Minister Eng. Yousuf Hamza and the Undersecretary of the Ministry, as the delegation heard a briefing by the director of the project and inspected progress of work in the fuel depots, transformers and turbines of the power station.
The Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity said the designing capacity of Gari III power station amounts to 561 megawatts. It would be after its completion the biggest thermal power station in the country and second biggest power station after Merowe Dam (1250 megawatts). Implementation of Gari III station comes as part of the plan of the ministry to complete the existing Gari complex of stations to expand the generation capacity in the country besides Siemens station in Port Sudan to reach the production target of 5500 megawatts.

July 12, 2018

Technical Committee on Promotion of Exports discusses matrix of agriculture
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The meeting of the Technical Committee for the Promotion of Sudanese Production and Exports reviewed the matrix and requirements of the agricultural sector. The meeting, which was chaired by the State Minister at the Ministry of Commerce Al-Sadig Mohamed Ali Wednesday at the Council of Ministers, reviewed ways to provide funding, steps to increase production of export crops, the role of partners and the completion of infrastructure as well as the food security projects and the improvement of the quality of exports of vegetables and fruits to raise the agricultural exports during the period 2018-2020 to Nine billion dollars. The meeting stressed the importance of changing the traditional concepts of agriculture and focusing on financing of small producers and taking advantage of the comparative advantages of each state along the resources pooling and utilization. In addition to the necessity of indigenization of seeds, fertilizers, small agricultural machineries and the use of solar energy as well as benefiting from the different specialties of national service employees in agricultural production. The meeting recommended establishment of a mechanism to include all states to follow up the implementation of the matrix and to renew the agricultural database.

Sudanese sesame registers highest prices in world markets
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Sudanese white sesame has recorded the highest prices in the world markets at $ 1410 per metric ton, according to the Sudanese Trade Point bulletin Tuesday. The Ethiopian Sesame price reached $ 1,400 per metric ton, the Tanzanian mixed Sesame amounted to $ 1200 per metric ton and Nigerian mixed Sesame recorded $ 1250 per metric ton whereas the price of white India sesame was $ 1248.50 per metric ton.

German company intends to install production lines in Sudan
Minister of State to Investment Osama Mukhtar Al-nur met with general Manager of the German company “Velcouan” in Sudan Al-Watheq bellah Ali .Two sides reviewed the opportunities, areas of investment and the efforts of the state to overcome the obstacles, stressing the ministry’s keenness to provide all guarantees and logistical support for the project which expected to start production early 2019. “The investment climate in Sudan is favorable to attract investors and European companies after the lifting of US economic sanctions”, Minister said. He added that project will open the door for many companies to invest in Sudan.

July 11, 2018

President Al-Bashir Returns Home after Participating in Inauguration of Turkish President
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, Tuesday returned home after his participation in the inauguration of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, in Ankara on Monday. He was received upon return at Khartoum Airport by the First Vice – President and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, and a number of ministers. In a press statement, deputy chairman of the higher committee for the relations with BRICS countries and chairman of the executive committee for the Sudanese – Russian relations, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, has described as important and fruitful the visit paid by the President of the Republic to Turkey and his participation in the inauguration of President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan. He described the relations between Sudan and Turkey as distinguished and shall be accompanied by distinguished performance via an effective and useful program. Dr. Al-Jaz indicated that formation of the executive committee for the Sudanese – Turkish relations affirms specialty of relations between the two countries, adding that the committee aims to reactivate the various agreements that have been signed between the two countries. The President of the Republic was accompanied during his visit to Turkey by the deputy chairman of the higher committee for the relations with BRICS countries and chairman of the executive committee for the Sudanese – Russian relations, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, the Minister at the Presidency, Dr. Fadul Abdalla Fadul, and the General Director of the President’s Offices, Hatim Hassan Bakhit

AAAID programs succeed in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) has carried out a number of development programs in the Sudan during the year 2017 from which 2,115 families benefited. At the end of last year, the number of beneficiary families in the agricultural activity reached about 900 families in an area planted with corn, sesame, peanut, wheat and millet crops. The AAAID programs targeted, according to the AAAID latest report SUNA received a copy of which, the animal production activity and the programs for shepherds in the state of White Nile for the purpose of raising and fattening the sheep started with the delivering of about 479 heads. As part of its efforts to develop rural communities, the authority has implemented a partnership agreement with Al-Suqiya (irrigation) Charitable Organization, where a number of wells have been drilled in different water-scarred states 1,200 families and 22,791 individuals benefited from which. The idea of the AAAID programs is to support and develop the agricultural sector and make maximum use of the available natural resources available in the promising areas as well as the provision of financing in the field of basic needs for the citizens through specialized credit lines to serve these programs.

Indian company to implement electricity link between Sudan and Egypt
An Indian company on Tuesday has won a tender to build electricity interconnection project between Sudan and Egypt, said Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker. The Egyptian minister didn’t disclose the name of the Indian company saying the concerned parties are making preparations to sign the final contract soon. He pointed out that the first phase of the project would be executed within four months at a cost of $60 million. According to the minister, the first phase of the project, which covers 95 kilometres within the Egyptian territory, would enable Egypt to supply Sudan with 300 megawatts. He expected the supply to rise to 3000 megawatts at the end of the project. Shaker added the linking of Sudan and Egypt power grids would allow for the optimal use of both grids and supports development projects. He stressed the two countries are ready to work jointly to implement this project, saying there are no natural obstacles that hinder the implementation of the project as scheduled. In a meeting held in Khartoum last April, Shaker and his Sudanese counterpart Muataz Musa agreed to establish an electricity linkage between the two countries.

Ministry of Industry reviews Sudan-Turkey’s joint cooperation
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdulla Dawod Sulaiman has discussed with the Turkish AGC Organization for Research and Commercial Consultations and DIC Company delegation, within the framework of activating the protocols of economic and trade cooperation between Sudan and Turkey, ways of joint cooperation and investment relations in various industrial sectors between the two countries. This came during a meeting at his office Tuesday with the delegation in the premises of the Ministry of Industry. The minister enumerated the advantages Sudan enjoys, welcoming the Turkish industrial investment, reviewing the different fields of investment such as the oil, leather, engineering, vegetable and fruit industries as well as processing industries. For their part, the representatives of the Turkish delegation Simmel Abdul-Gadir and Ivan Ibrahim stressed the strength of brotherly and cooperative relations between Sudan and Turkey, calling for the activation of the joint agreements between the two countries, urging holding of new industrial investment partnerships that support the joint development between them.

July 09, 2018

President Al-Bashir to Leave for Turkey on Monday
Khartoum,(SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, will leave Monday morning for Turkey to participate in the inauguration of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, for a new presidential term. He will be accompanied during the visit by the deputy chairman of the higher committee for Sudan relations with the BRICS countries and head of the executive committee for Sudanese – Turkish relations, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, the Minister of the Presidency, Dr. Fadul Abdalla Fadul, and the General Director of the President Offices, Hatim Hassan Bakhit. It is to be recalled that President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan has won 52% of votes in the recent presidential elections in Turkey.

July 06, 2018

Dr. Al-Dirdiri Receives European Union and Troika Ambassadors
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, received in his office Thursday the European Union Ambassador and ambassadors of Troika accredited to Khartoum. He has given a briefing about progress of the negotiations in Khartoum between the disputing parties in South Sudan under the umbrella of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development. He referred to engagement of the mediation in consultations with all parties in presence of the IGAD envoy. The minister has urged the European Union and Troika countries to support the negotiations for realizing peace and stability in South Sudan. Meanwhile, the European Union and Troika ambassadors have appreciated Sudan’s hosting to the current round of negotiations on Sudan and providing facilities for the negotiation’s success

Sudan Participates in Meeting of Council of Arab Economic Unity
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of International Cooperation, Idres Suleiman, headed Sudan delegation for participating in the ministerial meeting of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in its (106) session which was held in Cairo lately. The minister said that the meeting assured the importance of closer coordination and cooperation with the specialized Arab unions for making more investments with the private sector. He added that the meeting discussed the economic report on council's performance that includes report on the economic indicators in the member states and called for establishing higher committees to organize the work of the council. The meeting recommended referring a number of studies that were delivered during the meeting for more technical opinion. The charmanship of the council was transferred by Egypt to the Republic of Mauritania.

July 05, 2018

President Al-Bashir Leaves for Djibouti
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, Wednesday evening left for Djibouti to participate in the First African – Chinese Trade Forum which will begin Thursday in the capital of Djibouti. He will also attend the inauguration of ports at the Free Zone in Djibouti.President Al-Bashir is accompanied during the visit by the Minister of the Presidency, Dr. Fadul Abdalla Fadul, the Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, the Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, Lt. Gen. Salah Abdalla and the State Minister and Director of the President’s Offices, Hatim Hassan Bakhit

Idris Suleiman Receives Egyptian Investment Minister
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The International Cooperation Minister, Idris Suleiman, Wednesday received the General Secretary of the Council of Economic Unity, Ambassador Mohamed Al-Rabieh, and the Assistant General Secretaryof the Arab League, Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, on the sidelines of his participation in Ministerial meeting of the Council of Economic Unity in its (106) session which held lately in Cairo. Sulaiman said that the meeting discussed the economic cooperation and chances of investment in meat and tractors sectors. The meeting also discussed the Arab Companies Law that allows the privates sector companies to invest with the member countries as shareholders. On the other hand, Suleiman received the Egyptian Investment and International Cooperation Minister, Dr. Sahar Nasr, and discussed the bilateral cooperation between two countries in the economic, trade, investment and animal resources fields and affirmed the importance of encouraging the private sector in Egypt and Sudan to push forward the investments in two countries.

July 04, 2018

African Union Summit Affirms its Support to Khartoum Declaration for Peace in South Sudans
Nouakchott, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has headed Sudan delegation for participation at the 31st African Union Summit in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, during July 1 – 2. The summit has discussed the peace and security situation in Africa, a report of the African Peace and Security Council on silencing of guns in Africa by advent of the 2020 and a report of the higher committee in Libya, besides approving the African Union’s budget and appointment of judges and officials in the organization. In its final communique, the African summit has asserted its support to Khartoum Declaration for peace in South Sudan which was patronized by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, through mandate from the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and considered this agreement a big breakthrough for reaching peace in South Sudan. The summit’s final communique has underscored the plan for UNAMID gradual exit from Darfur based on the recommendations included in the report of the Chairman of the African Union Commission and the United Nations on early last June and the statement (778) issued by the African Peace and Security Council. The African Summit has approved a report on the main land-map of the African Union on the practical steps for the guns silencing by advent of the year 2020. The summit has affirmed the importance of reaching security and stability in Libya and called on the disputing parties in Libya to sit together at the negotiation table. Meanwhile, the African Union’s summit has witnessed effective participation of the President of the Republic in the discussion on the topics included in the summit’s agenda. President Al-Bashir has given Sudan address at the summit on the status of peace and security in Africa, affirming Sudan commitment to boost realization of peace all over the continent. He focused on the recent negotiations in Khartoum between the disputing parties in South Sudan State, referring to the need for the African Union’s support to these negotiations toward ensuring inclusive peace in South Sudan. He stressed that success of the negotiations of South Sudan will be a success for all Africa.The speakers at the summit have praised the great breakthrough achieved in Khartoum regarding realization of peace in South Sudan, the direct meeting between the Southern parties and the achievement of Khartoum Declaration of peace in South Sudan. The speakers also appreciated the efforts exerted by the President of the Republic through support from the Ethiopian Prime Minister and the Ugandan President. The speakers at the African Union’s summit have urged in their interventions the South Sudan leaders to abide by the agreement, asserting their keenness to support the achieved successes. On the other hand, the Minister of Environment, Dr. Hassan Abdul-Gadir Hilal, has read over Sudan address at the Summit of African Green Belt, on behalf of the President of the Republic, affirming the great concern of Sudan with the risks ensuing from desertification, drought and the impacts of climate change. He affirmed Sudan commitment to organize a conference on gum Arabic with participation of the 16 African gum Arabic producing countries. President Al-Bashir has met on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Nouakchott with the Presidents of Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone and discussed progress of Sudan relations with these countries, Khartoum Declaration for peace in South Sudan and the necessity to boost its implementation and to support the proposed forces for monitoring the ceasefire and securing the oil facilities. During the summit, the President of the Republic has met with the Chairman of the African Union’s Commission, Musa Fekki, and the Commissioner of Peace and Security at the African Union, Ismail Sharfi, separately, and discussed Khartoum Declaration for peace in South Sudan and the African Union’s support to it. President Al-Bashir has met on the margin of the summit with the African Union’s Commissioner for Social Affairs, Amira Al-Fadil, and reviewed the cooperation between Sudan and the commission. During the summit, the President of the Republic has attended a dinner banquet given by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, at the summit’s headquarters in honor of the African leaders

Sudan FM to tour several western countries including U.S
Sudan’s foreign affairs minister, Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed said he will tour several western countries including U.S after the closing session of Khartoum round to facilitate south Sudan peace efforts. “US and EU have expressed satisfaction over ongoing peace facilitation negotiations in Khartoum”, he said in an interview with Sudan News Agency. Dirdiri stressed that the coming period will witness active Sudanese- US dialogue.
Hassabo Informed on Implementation of Zalenge International Airport Project
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Vice – President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, received in his office Tuesday the Wali (governor) of Central Darfur State, Mohamed Ahmed Jadal-Sid, and discussed the implementation of Zalenge International Airport and Central Darfur Development Project. In a press statement, Jadal-Sid said that he also informed the Vice – President on the efforts of the state’s government for securing the voluntary repatriation areas and the current agricultural season. The Wali (governor) has affirmed his government concern with enhancement of the education services.He affirmed that the campaign for collection of the illegal weapons has contributed to improvement of the security and stability situation.
July 02, 2018

President Al-Bashir Meets President of Equatorial Guinea in Nouakchott
Nouakchott, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, met Sudan on the sidelines of the 31st summit of the African Union in Nouakchott, with President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and discussed progress of the political and economic relations between the two countries. President Al-Bashir has acquainted the Equatorial Guinean President with his efforts for realizing peace and reconciliation in South Sudan State in implementation of his mandate by the IGAD, which have culminated in the signing of Khartoum Declaration for peace in South Sudan and a cease-fire agreement. The Equatorial Guinean President has welcomed the agreement, indicating his country, which heads of the African Group at the UN a and non-permanent member at the Security Council, supports the agreement and urges the disputing parties in the Security Council to abide by the clauses of Khartoum Declaration. President Al-Bashir has invited the Equatorial Guinean President to visit Sudan

Ministry of Agriculture lauds US decision to finance Sudan's agricultural exports
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Abdullah Sulaiman has welcomed the decision of the US Treasury Department to finance all exports of agricultural products. The minister said that this decision represented a strong boost forward in the framework of cooperation between the Sudan and the American administration, adding, in statement to SUNA that, that the Sudan is similar to America and Canada in terms of space and the small number of the population, but it suffers from the delay in the field of advanced technology, which has been exacerbated so much by the US boycott. Dr. He expressed his hope that Sudan would benefit from the US Treasury decision as it benefits from Sudan within the framework of joint cooperation, explaining that Sudan is open to all countries of the world so that the slogan that the agriculture is the locomotive of economic development becomes factual.

US Medial Delegation Visits Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) The chairman of the General Union of Sudanese Dentists, Ahmed Osman Rizig has revealed that a US medical delegation from University of Howard will visit Sudan, during nextt, July at the invitation of the Union. Dr. Rizk said, Friday, in a statement that the delegation is equipped with modern equipment and technologies in the field of early detection of oral, gingivitis and cancer diseases in general, pointing out that the 16 member delegation will provide medical services in the field of cancer diseases.
June 28, 2018

Sudan takes part in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank meetings in India
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi said that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is one of the largest banks in the World Bank and international financial institutions, pointing out that this bank was newly established to invest in infrastructure by the Asian countries led by China and India. This came when led the delegation of Sudan, which participated in the third meeting of the Asian Bank for Infrastructure Investment held in Mumbai, India during 25-26 June 2018. Dr. Al-Rikabi said that the bank has opened membership for all countries in the world, revealing that Sudan has started the procedures of joining the Bank and the Minister of Finance represents the governor to the bank and the Governor of the Bank of Sudan represents the Alternate Governor. Dr. Al-Rikabi said that the meeting discussed the bank's financing strategy for the coming years, pointing out that the financing concentrates on the fields of roads, transport, railways and energy. He added that the issues of sustainable development financing and exchange of successful experiences in the world have been discussed. The meetings were held at the level of governors and technicians. The meeting was attended by Ministers of Economy from more than 80 countries as well as the representatives of international finance and investment institutions.

Finance Ministry: Economic Reform Program aims to increase revenues
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The State Minister at the Minister of Economy and Economic Planning Tariq Hassan Chalabi has affirmed the state's determination to continue economic reform programs. Chalabi said that Sudan has applied economic reform programs without the assistance of the international community a matter that affected the vulnerable groups of the society despite the support of the state to the poorer groups to mitigate its effects. The minister said that the reform programs were not based on the lifting of subsidies as rumored, but rather on increasing the revenues of the state by the mobilization of the resources and directing them towards production through monetary and financial policies. Discussing the ways of the international community's support to the economic reform programs in Sudan with the representative of the British Agency for Cooperation and Development, Acting United Nations Agencies Coordinator and the Ambassador of the European Union in Sudan, Chalabi welcomed the technical support promised by the international community to Sudan, calling for more financial support to the economic reform programs to implement development projects. The minister, Chalabi, stressed the need to build confidence between the international community and the government of Sudan, praising Sudan's distinguished relations with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, adding that Sudan has completed all the technical requirements of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative. However, there are political conditions deprived it to benefit from the initiative for relief of its Foreign debts Sudan. The representatives of the British Agency for International Development, the Ambassador of the European Union and the Coordinator of the United Nations agencies in Sudan stressed the readiness of the international community to provide technical support to the Sudan to benefit from the economic reform programs, calling for confidence restoration between the Government of the Sudan and the international community to encourage the Gulf States to increase their support for Sudan and engage into new investments in the country. The meeting underscored development of a joint document between the Government of the Sudan and the representatives of those parties to restore confidence between the Government and the international community to develop a plan for benefiting from the international community's support programs for the Sudan.

June 27, 2018

Ministry of Minerals welcomes participation in mineral conference in Australia
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Australian Ambassador to Sudan and Egypt Neil Hawkins has revealed that the investments of Rosuliot Australian Company in Sudan has increased to 22 million dollars. The ambassador affirmed his country's desire to expand the volume of investments to enhance relations between the two countries at all levels, adding that his country aspires to benefit from the Sudanese mineral wealth for the benefit of the two countries. On the other hand, the Minister of Minerals received an invitation from his Australian counterpart to participate in two international mining conferences to be held later in Australia, expressing his willingness to participate in the conferences, which he said it would be more effective in enabling his ministry to strengthen its mining capabilities. During the meeting, the Minister of Minerals revealed the practical steps taken by his ministry to regulate the traditional mining and smuggling combating to enable the production of gold flowing through the official channels, including the purchase of gold at good prices, pointing out that these steps will be executed by the organization of markets in coordination with all relevant parties. Meanwhile, the Minister of Minerals discussed with the Ambassador of Canada to Sudan Tuesday ways to boost cooperation between the two countries to achieve important investments for the interest of both countries.

Al-Dirdiri: South Sudanese Parties Reached Agreement
Khartoum, SUNA)-Foreign Minister, Dr Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed announced the South Sudanese parties reached agreement over some points that would be made public Wednesday under the title of “ Khartoum Political Declaration”. The Minister, addressing the second sitting of Khartoum Round on facilitation of IGAD efforts to realize peace in South Sudan at High Academy for Strategic and Security Studies in Soba quarter , Tuesday in presence of President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and South Sudanese opposition leader, Dr Riek Machar, that the talks were crowned by a political declaration would announced Wednesday. He stated that the two sides reached such political declaration which would pave way for a final agreement that would achieve security and stability in South Sudan. The Minister expressed hope over reaching a comprehensive and lasting peace deal depending on will political President, Salva Kiir and SPLM-IO leader, Dr Riek Machar showed. He stressed that the “Khartoum Declaration” would necessitate expression of political will and exertion of more efforts by negotiators on all details related to situation in South Sudan. Dr Al-Dirdiri underscored that negotiators would bear huge burden and hoped that they would show the same strong will that expressed by President Kiir and Dr Riek Machar.

June 26, 2018

Al-Bashir: Sudan’s Experiences for Peace in South Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Sudan has stressed readiness to provide all facilitations and offer its experiences for realization of peace in South Sudan.
President of the Republic, Field Marsha Omer Al-Bashir , who was addressing the round of talks on facilitation of IGAD efforts to achieve peace in South Sudan in Friendship Hall in Khartoum Monday, renewed that endeavors being made by Sudan come with framework of IGAD and its effective mechanisms, expressing hope that Sudan efforts would add substance to IGAD and Africa endeavors. He welcomed the guests who attended the second step on seeking a just and comprehensive solution to crisis in South Sudan centering on 32 ordinary IGAD Summit in Addis Ababa that entrusted mandate upon Sudan to host the direct meeting between South Sudanese parties so as to overcome the crisis their country is experiencing. President Al-Bashir said sitting of the different parties together to seek solutions was an indication that there are some problems and that the concern of the homeland and common challenges are above the differences of whatever they are, would not reach to bloodletting and squandering the country’s wealth and future.

Talks to resume Oil Production begin between Khartoum and Juba
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Talks began in Khartoum Monday between Sudan and South Sudan on the technical issues relating to re-operation of the oil fields in South Sudan and exchange of benefits between the two countries. The agenda of the talks included resuming the oil production at the squares (1,2,4) in South Sudan and also continuing the oil production at square A5, drawing up a track for transporting the materials used at the oil fields, the transfer of the technical data and information, ways to supply the pumping stations with fuel, rehabilitation of the central processing stations and the transportation lines, constructing of measurements units, enhancing the work environment and security for the oil fields. Meanwhile, the Minister of Energy of South Sudan, Ezekiel Lol Gatkouth, has underscored importance of the technical talks for resuming the production at Tom, Al-Tar, Muga, Unity and Sarjat oil fields and increasing the oil production fields at Faluj.

Minister of International Cooperation meets IOM Director
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of International Cooperation Idris Sulaiman discussed Monday with the new Chief of the Mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)-Khartoum office Ms. Catherine Northing the joint cooperation between the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Organization and ways of boosting them further. The Minister briefed IOM Director on the great steps taken by the government of Sudan, through its various agencies, to ensure the success of the issues related to migration, reverse migration and other asylum issues and their impact on host communities. He revealed that IOM signed in 2017 the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) program in order to serve as one of the UN agencies mandated to implement the Sustainable Development Strategy 2015-2030, praising the organization's approach to opening several offices in the states through which migrants enter to facilitate daily reports. For her part, Ms. Northing stressed that the meeting was fruitful during which she briefed the minister on the plans and programs carried out by the organization in Sudan, which consisted of integrated assessment, reintegration and helping to achieve social stability in the targeted areas as well as data collection and working to develop Sudanese personnel capacities in the immigration management and linking it to the regional and international framework. She added that the organization has provided assistance to Sudanese migrants who were stranded abroad and requested returning home, pointing out that the IOM is expanding its services in the collection of migration and research information. The meeting underscored the importance of the organization concentration of its efforts, with the international and regional partners and donors to address refugee and migrant issues in Sudan. It was also agreed that the strategy of the organization to discussed in a joint inclusive meeting with the government partners in Khartoum next August.

June 25, 2018

Al- Bashir meets Kiir to discuss peace in South Sudan
Sudan’s President Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Bashir met during his residence in Addis Ababa with the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and discussed efforts of peace in the southern state. At the meeting, President Bashir emphasized Sudan’s keenness on South Sudan’s peace and stability, highlighting importance of cooperation between the two countries in the interest of both peoples. The Sudanese President explained that the talks in Khartoum, tentatively set for tomorrow Monday, are aimed at bringing closer views (of the rival factions in South Sudan). He added that the planned proximity talks in Khartoum on June 25 aim to bring the views closer, pointing “we are not interested in the venue of the talks.” Al-Bashir said. For his part, President Salva Kiir Mayardit stressed his presence in Khartoum on that date and his participation in the June 25 talks for peace and reconciliation. Meanwhile, an official source said that the Khartoum meeting will include Ugandan President Yueri Museveni,Omer Al-Bashir and Salva Kiir Mayardit on Monday .

Dr. Riek Machar Arrived in Khartoum to Participate in Peace Negotiations
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The South Sudanese leading politician, Dr. Riek Machar, arrived in Khartoum on Sunday coming from South Africa to participate in the negotiations between the government of South Sudan government and southern factions, scheduled to begin in Khartoum on Monday. The negotiations will be under auspices of the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir and in framework of the efforts of the Inter-Government Authority on Development (IGAD).
In a press statement at Khartoum Airport, the Foreign Minister, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, who received Dr. Machar at Khartoum Airport, said that arrival of Dr. Machar is considered an important step for boosting the peace process in South Sudan. He pointed out that the negotiations will be between all the factions in South Sudan.He said that holding of the negotiations comes in implementation of outcome of the recent extraordinary summit, Al-Dirdiri said that the IGAD summit in Addis Ababa.SUNA learned that the advance delegation of the President of South Sudan also arrived on Sunday evening. It is to recalled that the IGAD summit, held in Addis Ababa on June 21, 2018, has decided that the disputing parties in South Sudan shall hold a session of negotiations in Khartoum under auspices of the President of the Republic, explaining that the negotiations will be focused on issues relating to governance, the security arrangements and the rehabilitation of South Sudan economy through bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

Sudan participates in OPEC Ministerial Conference
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The State Minister for Oil and Gas, Engineer Saad-Eddin Al-Bushra, headed Sudan delegation to the Fourth Ministerial Meeting of member and non-member States of Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries (OPEC) held at the organization's headquarters in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday. The meeting discussed coordination of production operation in the light of state of current oil market and resolutions issued by OPEC member states in a meeting on 22 June, which referred its recommendations to the Joint Conference of member and non-member states. The meeting decided to increase production to 1000,000 bpd and full commitment with previous agreements to meet the international demand and to maintain stability of the oil prices. On the sidelines of the meeting, the State Minister met with a number of reporters and reviewed levels of oil production in Sudan and the plan to attract investors, referring to large oil potentialities that the Sudan enjoys.
He affirmed Sudan commitment to fully cooperate and coordinate with OPEC to maintain stability of oil prices in the international market. At the end of the meeting Engineer Al-Bushra signed the minutes of joint meeting of member and non-member states of OPEC. It is to be noted that Sudan delegation comprised, in addition to State Minister for Oil, the Sudanese Acting Charge d’Affaires of Sudan Permanent Mission in Vienna and a technical delegation of the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

June 22, 2018

IGAD summit kicks off, President Bashir leading Sudan delegation
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 21 June (SUNA)- The summit meeting of the IGAD grouping kicked off here on Thursday with the Sudan delegation led by the president of the Republic, Omar Bashir, and participation of the heads of state and government from IGAD countries as well as the representative of the South Sudan opposition. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abby Ahmed addressed the opening session stressing that it was high time to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan and that any movement that goes behind without reaching a solution would mean more loss of lives there. He said the crisis in South Sudan represents a crisis for the whole region and that achieving peace and prosperity in the South Sudan would mean achiever peace and prosperity for the whole East Africa region of which the IGAD is composed. He said the meeting between the president of South Sudan Gen Salava Kiir Mayardit means a glimpse of hope and that everyone is now aware that time was ripe for a new start for South Sudan. The opening session was also addressed by the African union commissioner, Musa Fakki, as well as representative of the European Troika and the Representative of the Chinese government, all stressing the need to reach peace in South Sudan and to achieve stability, reach ceasefire and commit to peace deal signed The summit is to discuss the implementation of the peace agreement signed by the government and opposition in South Sudan

Memo of Understanding between Giad Group and Chad Agricultural Bank signed
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman headed a meeting Thursday that drew Director of Chad Agricultural Bank, representatives of Giad Group and Director of Sudan Agricultural Bank during which a Memorandum of Understanding between Giad and Chad Agricultural Bank on opening a permanent exhibition for Giad in Chadian capital, Ndjamena. Director of Sudan Agricultural Bank, Salah-Eddin Hassan said the meeting discussed reactivation of the Sudanese-Chadian Agricultural Bank role with purpose to make use of experiment of Sudan Agricultural Bank and facilitation of exchange of trade. Director of Chad Agricultural Bank, Mahmoud Zakeria, for his part, said implementation of the Memo of Understanding requires exertion of common efforts from the two countries. Representative of Giad Group, Mutasim Abdalla said the Memo came to boost Sudanese exports and trade activities between Sudan and Chad as well as pushing further relations between the two countries.

June 21, 2018

FVP renews State concern with agricultural sector
First Vice – President of the Republic and Natioabnl Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has renewed the state concern with development of the agricultural sector, towards boosting the economic growth in the country . This came when he received at the Council of Ministers Tuesday the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Professor Abdalla Suleiman, who said in a press statement that the meeting reviewed the Ministry’s overall vision regarding increase of all the agricultural products, affirming the existence of political will for enhancement of the agricultural operation. The minister indicated to comparative advantages and potentialities that Sudan enjoys in the agricultural field.He said that the meeting also tackled issues of water harvest at rain belt, referring to the ongoing efforts to substitute the imports and increase the exports.The Minister of Agriculture said that preparations for agricultural season are progressing well, referring to regular flow of fuels for agriculture.

World Bank: By 2019 ....GDP to increase in Sudan
Khartoum (SUNA)- According to expectations of the World Bank The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will increase in Sudan in the next year 2019 to 03.1%, in consistent with its expectation of same increase to the economic development in Sub-Saharan of Africa. Its report (International Economic Horizons), issued June, informed that GDP in Sudan continues to increase for next coming years from 02,6% this year 2018 to 03.1 in year 2019 and to 03.5% by the year 2020.
The Increase is attributed to expectations on rise in production of the mining sector and stability of minerals prices a matter that will boost the economic activity in minerals exporting states in addition to improving the agricultural conditions and the investments of infrastructures in other countries in the region, the WB report said. In generally, World Bank expect that growth rate will increase in all states of the region to 03.5 % in the year 2019 and to 03.7% in the year year 2020, pointing out that restoration of trust to the business’s institutions and consumers will support the strong growth of Investment. These expectations announced by World Bank on rise of the growth rate in Developing Countries come on contrary with the drop rates in developed countries . according to the report issued by WB, the economic activity in developed countries will register growth rate of 02.2% in the year 2018 , before before dropping to 02% in the next year. As the Central Banks will cancel monetary Stimulus programs. But those positive expectations fof growth in the region are vulnerable to risks of decrease . As possibilities of Burses fluctuations and escalation of risks may lead some countries to be Vulnerable to these instabilities, beside increase in the trend of commercial protection while aspects of confusion and ambiguity concerning policies and geopolitical risks remain great and strong. In the long run long term, drawback are expected in the demand for basic goods, a matter that wouldf prevent improvement of prices, the report warned, and added that this situation will have negative affects and would result in drop of growth rate in Developed countries. In addition, the main arising markets contributed largely to increasing the international consumption of minerals during past two decades, but the expectations pointed to the decline of demands for most primary goods. The First Director of Economies of Development in World Bank, Shantianan Devarajan, said that the expected decline in level of primary goods consumption may create in the long term challenges for two- thirds of the developing countries that depend on exporting primary goods to get revenues and to enhance the important the economic activities and strengthen monetary policies”. The report encouraged policy makers to accomplish reforms in development in the long term. As the fast alterations in technology arena justify the importance of learning more experiences, boosting competition and Trade openness, indicating that enhancement of the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics could provide remarkable development benefits, and that the inclusive trade agreements could also reinforce development horizons.

June 19, 2018

President urges holdouts to join nation building
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic Omar Bashir addressed the Sudanese Nation on the occasion of Eid Fitr, renewing call on the holdouts and rebels to return home and opt for peaceful solution and take part in building the homeland. The President congratulated the Sudanese, Arab and Islamic nations on this occasion expressing his hope that the Palestinians will come out victorious against the forces of oppression and aggression for the liberation of Holy Quds. The president extended his congratulation to the Sudanese Armed forces and other regular forces in and outside the Sudan who are making sacrifices in protection of the homeland inside and working to restore legitimacy in Yemen. He called on the Sudanese people to join rank and work together for building better future for the homeland and its people.

KSA to finance vital economic schemes in Sudan
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pledged to finance revenue generating schemes in Sudan within five years span. “The anticipated schemes will cover fields of oil, precious minerals, animal production and infrastructure”, director of Bashir offices said in statements following a meeting between Bashir and Saudi King Thursday. Concerned ministers of both countries are scheduled to meet after Id Al-Fitr vacation to agree on priorities and financing of the schemes. In a separate development the meeting discussed means of expediting money remittances between the two countries. It also underlined importance of mutual coordination pursuing removing Sudan from U.S list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Communal development at $ 10 million in mining areas
Khartoum –An amount of $10 million have been earmarked this year for communal development projects in mining areas, according to a high official Thursday. CEO of Sudan Mineral Resources Company, Mojahed Al-Ballal told a journalist platform last night that a number of impediments had retarded execution of community projects such as misconception by local inhabitants who consider hidden mineral wealth as their own. He explained that some frictions happen as a result, saying local councils for communal responsibility have been set up to develop common understanding with local inhabitants adjacent to mining sites. The official said the company is concerned with individual and environmental safety by constantly overseeing mining activities and suspending those found in violation. The company is also striving to upgrade mining by study, planning and devising conducive policies, Al-Ballal asserted, indicating that the majority of Sudan’s imports from strategic goods is financed from proceeds of Sudan gold exports

Sudan’s FM starts regional tour
Foreign Minister al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed will start a regional tour to three IGAD countries to brief its leaders on a recent initiative for peace in South Sudan by President Omer al-Bashir. The visit which includes Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda aims to brief Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, President Uhuru Kenyatta and President Yoweri Museveni on a meeting between President Salva Kiir and his rival former First Vice President Riek Machar. “SUNA learned that the tour aims to extend messages to the leaders of the three countries from President Omer al-Bashir on his initiative to achieve peace in South Sudan in the framework of the IGAD efforts,” said the official news agency. According to SUNA, al-Diridiri will meet Prime Minister Ahmed Ali on Thursday and fly to Mombasa to meet Kenyatta and conclude his tour by a meeting with President Museveni in Kampala on Friday evening. On 31 May, the IGAD Council of Ministers recommended that a face-to-face meeting between President Kiir and SPLM-Io leader Machar should take place before July 1st. On 5 June, Sudanese foreign minister announced upon his return from Juba that President Kiir accepted to meet Machar in Khartoum. Bashir’s initiative to achieve peace in South Sudan within the framework of the IGAD efforts “aims to bring together the parties and urge them to dialogue, overcome differences and bitterness and achieve stability and development in South Sudan,” said SUNA. No date has been officially announced for the meeting but source close to the file in Khartoum said it would be held on 17 June. The SPLM-IO on Wednesday 13, June 2018, announced said its leader Machar received an invitation by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to meet President Kiir.

June 14, 2018

President al Bashir meets King Salman
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman received at Al-Safa Palace in Makkah before sunset on Tuesday President of the Republic Omar Al-Bashir. The audience was attended by Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, adviser to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Emir of Makkah Province; Prince Mamdouh Bin Abdulaziz; Prince Khalid Bin Fahd Bin Khalid; and Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz; among others.

Sudan and US Agree on Cooperation in Field of Animal Resources
Khartoum- Minister of Animal Resources Bushara Gumaa Arror has concluded his visit to the United States of America with a meeting with the officials of US Department of
Agriculture, headed by official of international liaison at the department. The meeting was attended by heads of sections of animal resources, training and projects at the department and director of Sudan and South Sudan office at USAID. The Minster briefed the officials of US Department of Agriculture on the outcome of his visit and his meetings with the private sector, where agreement has been reached on enhancing smart partnerships with the ministry for developing the animal resources sector and building capacities of cadres working in the field of animal resources a matter that would reflect positively on increasing production and productivity, especially for export, improving the living conditions and boosting food security. Arror expressed desire for boosting the relations between the two countries in the field of animal resources development. The official of the US Department of Agriculture expressed desire of his country for cooperation with Sudan in the field of Animal Resources, promising that a delegation of the department would be sent to Sudan for boosting aspects of joint cooperation in this field.


High-level Technical Delegation of Turkish National Oil Company Visits Sudan
Khartoum- Minister of Petroleum and Gas Engineer Azhari Abdel-Gaddir Abdallah met yesterday visiting high-level technical delegation of the Turkish National Oil Company. The
visit comes following the agreement that was signed between the Ministry and the Turkish oil company in Turkey last week on investment in Sudan where the company expressed desire to operate in a number of blocks presented for investment in the country. The Minister affirmed readiness of the Sudanese technicians to avail all the required information on the oil industry in Sudan to their Turkish counterparts. The head of the Turkish technical delegation affirmed that the visit comes in the context of taking practical steps concerning investment in Sudan in the oil field. It is to be noted that the visit of the Turkish delegation comes in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas and the Turkish company last week in Turkey during a visit by the Minister of Petroleum and Gas to Turkey as part of a high-level Sudanese delegation, led by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, for entry of Turkey in oil investment in Sudan and training of the Sudanese cadres. It comes in affirmation of the importance of implementation of the outcome of the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Sudan.


June 12, 2018

Prime Minister gives directives on Red Sea development
Khartoum, (SUNA) - First Vice President of the Republic and Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih has given directives on the work to develop health, water and electricity services in the Red Sea State as to fulfil better life for the citizens. The Vice-President of Republic got assured, upon receiving the Wali (governor) of the Red Sea State Al-Hadi Mohamed Ali at the Republican Palace Tuesday, on the overall conditions in the state, especially with regard to the water and electricity services. The Wali explained, in press statements, that the meeting touched on the political and developmental situation and the state's efforts in desalination of a number of water stations in preparation for the summer season as well as the completion of a number of projects related to the electricity.

Ministry of Agriculture and FAO Sign $5Million Agreement
Khartoum- The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) signed yesterday at the premises of the ministry an agreement amounting to five million dollars for the programs and projects of climate change in the field of forests. Minister of Agriculture and Forests Prof. Abdallah Suliman signed the agreement on behalf of the ministry, while the Resident Representative of FAO in Sudan signed for the organization in the presence of the Director of the National Forests Corporation. Prof. Suliman pointed out in a press statement that such projects and programs contribute to conservation of forests and enhancing the value of forestry products, affirming support of his ministry to the programs. The Director of the National Forests Corporation, Dr. Mohamed Ali, on his part, affirmed that the agreement is considered as the preparatory step for the project for enlisting forests in the country to determine forestry resources, indicating that the agreement covers the primary survey for the plant cover in Sudan, with concentration on forests.

Sudan owns a lot of renewable energy resources
Khartoum,-(SUNA)- Globally , All turn toward using renewable energy that generated from renewable natural resources. This energy different totally from fossil energy such as petroleum, charcoal, natural gas or nuclear energy which use in nuclear reactors. Renewable energy doesn’t contain any dangerous gases or increase phenomenon of Global Warming like what happen in case of combustion fossil fuel or the noxious atomic residues resulted from nuclear reactors. Renewable energy or the Sustainable energy generate from winds, water, Sun and also from movement of waves(Tides) or flooring thermal energy. Recent the more productive areas for renewable energy are stations of water-electric power and produce via great dams on rivers and waterfalls. Roads depend on winds and solar energy are using extensively in Developed Countries and some developing states. It became familiar, generate electricity from resources of renewable energy . As many countries put plans and programs to increase its production from renewable energy to met its needs in rate of 20% of its usage by year 2020. IN Kyoto conference ( had been held )in Japan and Paris conference most of the countries presidencies agreed to reduce emission of Carbon dioxide in their countries to avoid threats of climate change due to pollution of fossil foul and atomic energy. In last years, the interest with renewable energy scaled largely and was targeted to use those production projects of investment at different fields. According to study issued by the National Center for Energy Resource issued that, Sudan have high solar radiation , estimate of 10 hours per day , so all components of producing , particular solar energy is available while shining period is long and increase whenever turning toward north and west north. Also the thermal pressure is available in addition to Silicone material which produce the solar cell is also accessible in the Sudanese sands. Wind energy costs less than solar energy and its speed generally not more than 4 meters per second and could utilize in Pumping water to generate electricity . There are some studies for projects not implemented yet in states of Red sea and Dongla to produce 20 Kilo Watt of wind energy. In Sudan dependence on solar energy is more than wind energy . As the study pointed to possibility of utilizing from Biomass energy in physical or chemical transforming ( fermentation) . As the Bio fuel could produce from different residuals of animals, agriculture and factories waste. Sudan participated actively in the Nuclear Security Forum was hold in King Naief University for security sciences at Saudi Arabia , in cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency and Arabic Authority for Atomic Energy and participating of 317 participant from Arabic states and concerned bodies. In the conference , Sudan submitted a strategy friend to environment through using the renewable energy free from carbon emission in a line with goals of national strategy for development which aim to put a road plan for using renewable energy and committing with all regional and international agreements in this regard.Sudan’s participation in this forum is a kind of awareness to the risk of using nuclear, biological of chemical substances. Besides, the gathering aim to strengthen the nuclear security to raise the knowledge with the culture of utilizing renewable energy , explain nuclear threats and methods of protection. More than, Sudan aim to encourage investment in field of renewable energy via negotiation with Norwegian company (Scatik Solar) to establish its biggest farm for producing Solar energy after lifting the Imposed American Sanctions, its work capacity is 400 Megawatt, in a cost of 450 million $. In a report issued by the World Bank informed that world is still far away from popularization methods of modern energy and to double capacity of using renewable energy. The report recommended to rise rate of annual international investment in this important kind of safe energy to achieve goals of sustainable development.

Khartoum Hosts Agricultural Engineers Conference
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Khartoum will host the General conference of the Arab Agricultural Engineers scheduled for June, 23-25 with the participation of 16 Arab country and a number of regional and international organizations. This came when the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim met, Tuesday, at his office, the Chairman of the Union of the Agricultural Engineers, the Chairman of the Arab Engineers Union, Al-Wassila Hassan Manofali who stated in press statements that he briefed Dr. Faisal on the arrangements for holding the conference. He underlined that the conference which is sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic will review the concerns of agriculture in the Arab countries and the realization of Arab food security. Manofali expected that the conference will support Sudan in the context of development of agricultural technology.

June 11, 2018

Al Bashir visits Prophet’s Mosque in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah
President of the Republic Omar Al-Basheer, paid a visit to the Prophet’s mosque in the holy city of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah on Monday, performed optional prayers in it and greeted the Prophet (pbuh) and his two companions. At the venue, the President was received by senior officials.

President al Bashir sends message to Qatar Emir
The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, has received the visiting minister of Foreign Relations, Dr Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, who conveyed to him a verbal message from his brother president Omar al Bashir dealing with cementing relations and cooperation between the two countries. The Minister has also held talks with sheikh Mohamed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs on bilateral Relations and ways of boosting them further as well as regional and international questions of mutual interest. The minister arrived to Qatar from Kuwait where he held talks with the Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and minister for Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Subak Al Khalid Al Hamad Al Subah of Kuwait, focusing on bilateral relations between the two sister countries. The two sides have said they would work jointly in line with the directives given by President Omar Bashir and Sheikh Subah Al Ahmed al Jabir Al Subah, the Emir of Kuwait, during the two visits by president Bashir to Kuwait last year. The two sides agreed to convene the joint ministerial committee in the second half of current fiscal year, 2018. Dr Dirdiri, has expressed Sudan’s appreciation for the stand and positions taken by Kuwait beside the Sudan in the UN Security Council. He said president Bashir also expressed Sudan’s appreciation and valued Kuwaiti role in bringing closer views to preserve the unity of the Gulf cooperation council. He renewed Sudan’s support for the efforts exerted by the Emir of Kuwait in this regard. The Kuwaiti minister for foreign affairs has meanwhile expressed his satisfaction over the role played by the Sudan in cementing the Arab African relations and maximizing the joint interests between the Arab and African region and the mutual support in the regional and international arenas.


Council of Ministers Approves Bill on Act of Elections for year 2018
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Council of Ministers, chaired by the First Vice – President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, Sunday approved the bill on the Elections Act for the year 2018.
The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ahmed Saad Omer, has appreciated in a press statement the spirit of patriotism which has prevailed during the discussions about the bill on the Act of the Elections. He said that the Elections Act aims for achieving a rational political practicing and free and honest elections in the year 2020. He also praised the role of the political forces in reaching accord on the elections’ bill. The leader of the Umma Party for Reform and Development, Dr. Ibrahim Adam, expressed his hope that the elections’ act bill will lead to a real democratic and smooth transition of power

June 08, 2018

Central Bank launches new paper bill of the 50-pound denomination
The Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS) will issue a new banknote of 50 pounds value within the coming days.
The bank attributed reason for the new issue to the spread of large quantities of 50 pound banknotes of unknown source and non-conforming with specifications. The bank considered, in a statement issued Wednesday, the leakage of counterfeit money into general circulation as having caused increased liquidity and led to price volatility. (CboS) will later announce date of suspension of dealing with the old banknote , confirming that banks will continue to accept bills of 50 pounds from the public and as deposits of withdrawals in their accounts and enabling them to use these funds through various means of payment. Those who do not have accounts, commercial banks will facilitate the opening of accounts to enable them deliver their currency of the category of fifty and other categories.

United Nations elects Sudan Vice-Chairman of General Assembly
The General Assembly of United Nations elected Sudan Vice-Chairman of the Assembly’s 73rd session, which will begin its work in mid-September. Sudan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Ambassador Omar Dahab said the UN General Assembly had voted in favor of Ecuador’s foreign minister, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, to chair its next session, replacing Slovenian Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajak. Sudan was elected as representative of the African continent. He explained that the General Assembly’s office, consisting of 21 states, decides in the course of action and discussions of the General Assembly and the acceptability of the added and emergency agenda, which is of great importance to the contribution of Sudan in this stage. The Permanent Representative affirmed that Sudan would be fully aware of the issues presented at the United Nations and the real position of States in a timely manner and would be in a better position to influence the General Assembly’s directions and would be assisted by its friends and the countries it belongs to such as the African continent and the Arab States, to include their issues in the agenda and themes of this session.

Sudan says it has cut all defense ties with North Korea
Sudan said on Wednesday it cut all defense ties with North Korea. “Sudan’s government would like to affirm that its defense production sector has cancelled all contracts with North Korea, and ended all relations, direct or through a third party,” the foreign ministry said in a statement. The statement noted that Sudan have adhered to all UNSC’s resolution pertaining to sanctions against North Korea. “ a national team assigned with preparing a report on implementation of UNSC sanctions against North Korea is now embarking on the task and will shortly deliver its report to the UNSC Panel of experts” the statement reads.

June 07, 2018

Saudi-Sudanese Summit in Jeddah
Saudi informed sources stated that Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir will arrive in Jeddah tomorrow, Wednesday, on a two-day state visit to the kingdom of f Saudi Arabia. they said that ” President Bashir’s talks with the saudi monarch King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and his Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman will deal with developments in the region, particularly participation of Sudanese forces in the Riyadh-led Arab Alliance fighting the war in Yemen”. Al-Bashir’s visit to the Kingdom comes 10 days after the Saudi sovereign dispatched Assistant Saudi Defense Minister Mohamed Abdalla Al-Aiesh to Sudan where he conferred with number of Sudanese officials. Following the visit, Sudanese officials asserted that taking part in the Yemen war was ” a duty and moral obligation”. The assertion refuted widely-circulated speculations that Sudan is preparing to pull out its forces from the ” Hazm” Decisive Storm operation after reluctance by the Kingdom and its Gulf allies to help Sudan tide over its sever economic crisis.

Bashir says relations with China be boosted further
Khartoum,(SUNA) - President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Wednesday gave directives that relations between the Sudan and China be boosted further in all areas The new ambassador of Sudan to China, Ahmed Shawir who was received by the President of the Republic, said following the meeting that the emphasis was on the need to boost and develop these relations further in a way that serves the common interests of the two sister people. He pointed out that relations between the two counties have remained strong and distinguished in the economic, political and popular domains.

Sudan Affirms its Commitment to Security Council’s Resolutions on North Korea
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Sudan has affirmed its commitment to all the Security Council’s resolution on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In a statement it issued Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted that Sudan defence industry system has abolished all the contracts that it has signed with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and ended any relation with it whether directly or through a third party. The ministry has expressed Sudan government welcome to the visit of the experts’ delegation which was formed in under the Security Council’s resolution 1718 (2006). The Foreign Ministry affirmed Sudan commitment to the resolutions issued by the Security Council on sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, stressing that Sudan is adherent to its principled position and commitments regarding rejection to the production, use and stockpiling of mass destruction weapons in compliance with Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The statement stated that Sudan government has formed a national committee to prepare a report on implementation of the international sanctions which have been declared by the Security Council against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, adding that this report will be delivered to the Security Council’s experts committee on the sanctions imposed on The Democratic People's Republic of Korea as soon as possible.

June 05, 2018

Sudan’s intelligence chief meets with Egyptian President
National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Director, on Sunday visited Cairo for talks with the President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. In a short statement released after the meeting, the Egyptian presidency said that Salah Gosh transmitted to al-Sisi al-Bashir congratulations on the beginning of his second term after his re-election last month. “The meeting discussed the close bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries and means of enhancing them in the light of current regional challenges,” further said Bassan Radi, the presidential spokesperson. No further details were made public on the matters discussed in the meeting. The two countries last year agreed to enhance security cooperation between them on the border control cooperation

Minister of Animal Resources affirms encouragement to local and foreign investors
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Minister of Animal Resources, Bushara Aror has underscored encouragement to local and foreign investors and pledged cooperation on development of exports. The Minister discussed during meeting with delegation of Multi-Trends Company issues pertinent to animal sector such as improvement of breeds , dairy production, fattening calves , foreign markets and establishment of specialized veterinary quarantines. The Meeting sought aspects of cooperation between the Ministry and the Company at stations of dairy and improvement of breeds at Al-Shukkaba and Ghazala Gawazat.


Oil Minister reviews prospects of cooperation with Russian Ambassador
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of Oil and Gas Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdullah unveiled his vision to create an investment environment in the oil sector, which he considered promising with oil reserves encouraging international companies to work in it. This came during a meeting with the Ambassador of the State of Russia in Khartoum, Mr. VLADIMIR ZHELTOV. The Minister invited the Russian companies to invest in the oil and gas sector in Sudan because of the advantages and evidences that encourage the companies to enter into it, revealing that the extraction of oil is equal to 20% of the reserve ratio. The minister pointed out to the existence of two Russian companies working in the field of technical support to increase production in Sudan, considering them as a model that encourages the rest of Russian giants companies to engage into the extraction of oil and gas. The Russian ambassador stressed the desire of his country to develop continuous cooperation with Sudan in a number of fields including oil and gas, conveying the desire of the Russian oil companies to enter into investment in Sudan. The ambassador added that he sought to develop the economic cooperation through the joint mechanism of the Joint Sudanese-Russian Cooperation Committee on the enforcement of a number of files signed between the two countries, revealing that Russian companies have investments in a number of countries.

June 04, 2018

Sudan’s ruling party in S. Kordofan backs al-Bashir re-election in 2020
The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) in South Kordofan state voiced its support to the re-election of President Omer al-Bashir for a new term in the election of 2020. The decision was taken in the meeting of the NCP leadership in South Kordofan headed by the newly appointed governor Gen Ahmed Ibrahim Mufadal who is also the chairman of the ruling party in the state. “The meeting announced its support for the nomination of Marshal Omer al-Bashir for a new term in the elections of 2020,” according to the official Sudan News Agency. “The meeting backed the nomination of al-Bashir as the choice for the party for the next stage to deal with its various challenges,” said al-Hadi Osman Ando NCP deputy chairperson in South Kordofan. Last April, the political parties of the National Consensus Government (NCG) announced their support for the re-election of President Omer al-Bashir in 2020.

Minister of Finance meets Turkish Prime Minister
Khartoum, (SUNA) – The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi has met with the Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yilderm during his visit to turkey accompanying by the Minister of Oil and Gas, Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Hazem and the technical delegation. Yilderm expressed Turkey's readiness to move ahead with the strategic partnership program with the Sudan in order to achieve the joint interests of the two countries. The delegation also signed an agreement with the Secretary-General of the Turkish Council of Ministers, Mr. Fouad Oktay, on the issues of joint cooperation between the two countries and the timetables for their implementation. The delegation also met with the Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey and the two Governors signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the relations between the two institutions and facilitate banking transactions. The delegation concluded its meetings with the Director General of the Turkish Minerals Authority. The two sides discussed the steps of the authority in implementing its mineral investments in Sudan within the framework of the agreement signed between the two parties.

Producing Power form White Sands and Uranium: Ministers of Minerals and Electricity
Khartoum - Minister of Minerals , Mohamed Ahmed Ali , disclosed that there are big challenges facing the mining sector, particularly the Gold, He pointed the huge product of gold that needed great efforts return its revenues to the State finance , addressing the celebration of the public service day and the excellence Prize for 2107, organized yesterday , 3rd June 2018 at the ministry . Meanwhile, State minister at the ministry of Labor and administrative reform, Dr. Khalid Hassan Ibrahim, assured that the ministry of minerals is one of the important ministries that support the public finance with hard currencies, addition to that it considers as a model for organizing the public service day among other ministries according to reports delivered to the ministry of labor . He added that the aim of organizing the celebration with the public service day is to create direct contact between the leaders in the ministries and the general managers. From his side , Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima , General Director of GRAS , explained the contribution of the mining sector in the local product represent 10% in 2017 , pointed to the importance of the mining sector that the government depends on it to solve some sort of economic issues. He added that they work hard at the GRAS to obtain modern technologies for exploring minerals with high quality. He disclosed that an agreement was signed between the ministries of mineral and electricity to exploit the white sands and Uranium for power.

Consumer Protection Society holds government responsible for rising commodity prices
Secretary General of the Consumer Protection Society, Dr. Yasser Mirghani Abdulrahman blamed the government for the recent commodity price hikes in markets and the slackening purchases as well as the immense damage to the consumer. In a press statement, the Secretary-General called on the government to quit the markets, adhere to the policy of liberalization of trade and to set up controls for the chaotic prices. He said liberalization does not mean chaos and that the government should intervene to control prices. Yasser stressed the need for a national law to protect consumers, mentioning that the reduced prices markets are not a radical solution to high prices. Yasser offered solutions including government companies should exit the market, exercise of government supervision over them and tightening of control in Khartoum and the state act to regulate trade and consumer protection.

Sudan and Turkey Sign Oil Investment Memorandum
Khartoum, June.1 (SUNA) - Memorandum on oil investment in Sudan and training of Sudanese cadres was signed, Friday by the Ministry of Oil and Gas and the Turkish Oil Company . Minister of Oil and Gas, Engineer, Azhari Abdulgader Abdulla signed for Sudan and the Representative of the Turkish Company signed for his country . This came during the visit to Turkey by a high level Sudanese delegation including Ministers of Oil and Finance in response to an invitation extended by the Turkish Minister of Economy . The delegation which will meet the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, held a number of fruitful meetings in Istanbul and Ankara to discuss the Sudanese-Turkish economic relations

May 30, 2018

FVP Briefed on implementation of pharmaceutical industry plan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice-President of the Republic, and the National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh presided over, Tuesday, at his office, a meeting included Ministers of Finance and Economic Planning, Acting Health Minister, Governor of the Central Bank and the Manager Director of the National Fund for Medical Supplies to review the implementation of the development of the medicine industry for 2017-2020 . General, Saleh, during the meeting, directed the Ministry of Finance to continue the provision of budget for the free treatment and the chronic diseases . He further. Directed the ministry to provide the requested foreign currency for the medicines of the National Fund for Medical Supplies.

Dr. Salim Officially Assumes His Post as Minister of Justice
Khartoum- The newly appointed Minister of Justice, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Salim, has affirmed that the ministry is one of the important ministries in the government that. serves for realizing justice, prevalence of equality between the people and guaranteeing the supremacy of the law. Speaking during the handing over ceremony from his predecessor Dr. Idriss Jamiel at the premises of the ministry, Dr. Salim desribed the Ministry of Justice as one of the important and deeply-rooted ministries in the country. He affirmed that the coming period would witness completion of what was started by the former minister, calling on the staff to work in an institutional manner in full coordination and cooperation. The former minister, Dr. Idriss Jamiel, on his part, reviewed the main projects and achievements made by the Ministry of Justice during his term of office, disclosing that they have accomplished 60% of the recommendations of the National Dialogue pertinent to the ministry which number 108. He also noted that the ministry has implemented a project for computerization of its work and network linkage with the legal administrations in the states in accordance with the government reform program and the electronic government project.

Al Bashir Receives Delegation of Turkish Investors
Khartoum- (SUNA) President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir received at the Guest House Monday a visiting delegation of Turkish investors of the Turkish International. BGN Company, where the meeting discussed the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries and horizons of joint cooperation between Khartoum and Ankara. The Turkish delegation briefed the President of the Republic on the outcome of their talks with the officials at the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas, noting that the visit come as part of the outcome of the visit paid to Sudan by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier. The delegation of the Turkish investors affirmed their desire to establish long-term investment in Sudan and a strategic partnership to make it a center for distribution of cooking gas, gasoline and wheat, explaining that this is conducive for meeting needs of Sudan of these commodities and exporting the surplus to the neighboring African countries through establishment of an oil refinery in Port Sudan, depots for cooking gas and silos for wheat. The Turkish delegation explained that the refinery would enable the eastern states to obtain their needs of petroleum products directly from Port Sudan through benefitting from the free trade zone there.

May 29, 2018

FM to Start Arab Tour Today Including Cairo and Riyadh
Khartoum-Foreign Minister, Dr Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed will begin today a tour which will include Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during which he will hold talks with his counterparts in each of Cairo and Riyadh. The Foreign Minister said in press statements after he was received by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir at Guest House on Monday, that he informed the President on his scheduled visits to Cairo and Riyadh. He said that he will hold bilateral talks with Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukri and then will leave to the Kingdom of Saud I Arabia to meet his Saudi counterpart Adil Al-Jubair within the framework of the meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee between the two countries. The Minister added that he briefed the President on the outcome of the Addis Ababa meetings on peace in South Sudan in addition to the overall performances at Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Minister receives American Charge D'Affaires
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Al Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed on Monday received the US Chargé d' Affaires to Sudan, Steven Koutsis where the American diplomat presented his congratulations to Dr. Dirdiri on assuming the post of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Sudan. The meeting also discussed bilateral relations and means of boosting and developing them. Mr. Koutsis expressed his country's readiness for dialogue with the Sudan in the hope of moving to the second phase of lifting the name of the Sudan from the list of countries accused of sponsoring international terrorism. The meeting also discussed the situation in South Sudan where the Minister, Dirdiri, pointed to the positive role played by Khartoum through IGAD Forum and called on the USA to boost these efforts for the sake of reaching a peaceful settlement to the situation in South Sudan.

Ibrahim Mahmoud assumes his post as Minister for Interior
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud, on Monday assumed his post as Minister for Interior when he was received by the leadership of the Ministry, including the outgoing Minister of Interior Hamid Manan and State Minister for Interior Ahmed Amin Digna as well as the Director General of the police force, Lt Gen Hashim Osman Al Hussein. In an address before the leadership of the police force, the newly sworn in minister Mahmoud, has commended the role played by the police force in preserving the unity and stability of the country and overcoming all hurdle and challenges in discharging their duties. He said the coming period would see more concerted action to face regional and local challenges including drug trafficking and human trafficking, and illegal migration. He stressed that more attention would be devoted to manpower in the coming phase. The outgoing minister, Manan, has commended the new minister and his vast experience saying the ministry of interior is highly institutionalized and has deeply rooted relations with the community a matter that helps it carry out its duties.

President Assistant underlines strength of Sudanese Qatar relations
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The Assistant of the President of the Republic, sheikh Ibrahim Sanousi, on Monday underlined the strength of the relations between the Sudan and Qatar and the keenness of the leadership in the two countries to strengthen them in the various fields. Sanousi who received the Qatari ambassador to the Sudan, Sheikh Rasin Bin Abdul Rahman Al Nayimi, has commended the role played by Qatar I backing the Sudan saying economic activities between the two sides have to be reinvigorated. The Qatari ambassador on his part has said is countries relations with the Sudan are brotherly and that the meeting with the Assistant of the President of the Republic focused on boosting relations particularly in the economic domain.

May 28, 2018

President of the Republic Awards Golden Production Orders to Industry Pioneers
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has issued a Republican Decree awarding the Golden and Silver Production orders to industry pioneers in recognition of their considerable efforts and effective contribution to supporting the development and production process. The Golden Production orders were offered by the end of Made in Sudan Exhibition to the businessmen Muawiya Mohamed Ahmed Al-Berair, Usama Daoud Abdul-Latif, Wajdi Mirghani Mahjoub, Samir Ahmed Gasim, Hassan Ibrahim Malik and Abdul-Rahman Abbas Mohamed Hassanain. The Silver Production Orders were awarded to Siddiq Mohamed Khair of North Kordofan, Abdul-Moniem Musa Abdul-Moniem of Gezira State and Yahia Fadul Ishaq of South Darfur State.

Presidency Affirms Support for Industry, Awards Gold Medal for Industrial Sector
Khartoum – FVP, National Prime Minister 1st Lt Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh stressed the interest of the state in the industrial sectors. Addressing the conclusion of "Made in Sudan" exhibition, FVP stressed the state's commitment to support the industry and export trend to reach exports to 111 billion by the end of the economic program, praising the development of national industry, saying that this session of the exhibition came in Ramadan to meet the needs of citizens at suitable prices. State Minister of Ministry of Industry, Abdo Daoud stressed that the exhibition proved that the Sudanese industry finds acceptance, respect and satisfaction of the Sudanese citizen, confirming the ministry's support for the chambers and industrialists and solving their problems, indicating the follow-up of the presidency and its interest in the industry. Chairman of the Federation of Industrial Chambers, Muawia Al-Bereir stressed that the industrialists are united to meet the challenges facing the industry, noting that the private sector is the spearhead in development and will lead the process of construction, saying their that honoring from the presidency is an honor to all workers in industry. The Presidency awarded gold production medal of the sector to Muawiya Al-Birair, Osama Dawood, Wajdy Mirghani, Samir Ahmed Qassem, Hassan Ibrahim Malik, Abdul Rahman Abbas Mohamed Hassanean.

Government: Openness in Cooperation with China in Oil Field
Khartoum- Minister of Petroleum and Gas Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdallah has said that the coming stage would witness openness in cooperation with China in oil field, describing China as basic partner in utilization of the Sudanese petroleum, referring to the close cooperation with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), which is considered as a model for international partnership. The Minister affirmed during a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan yesterday the importance of developing the partnership to increase the economic return for the state by increasing oil production and safeguarding the rights of the partners in accordance with the agreement organizing investments in the field of oil and gas. The meeting discussed ways and means of boosting cooperation between Sudan and China in the field of oil and enhancing the existing cooperation on the bases of common interests besides endeavors for increasing Chinese investments in the field of oil in Sudan. The Chinese Ambassador, on his part, said cooperation with Sudan is based on friendship and mutual confidence and that it is accorded concern by the leaderships of the two countries in accordance with the strategic relations, a matter that has enabled realizing considerable interests for the two countries. He indicated that the joint cooperation in oil industry led to boosting cooperation in other fields, affirming that the successes realized in extraction of the Sudanese petroleum, training and introduction of technologies through CNPC is conducive for enhancing cooperation, affirming desire of the company to increase its investments despite the international challenges in oil industry.

May 25, 2018

Foreign Minister Receives Ambassador of Qatar
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, received in his office Thursday the Ambassador of the State of Qatar, Rashid bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Nuaimi, who congratulated Dr. Al-Dirdiri on his appointment as the Foreign Minister and wished him success. The meeting has discussed progress of the bilateral relations and means of cementing them in all fields. The Qatari ambassador has referred to the role of his country in boosting the peace process in Sudan and the projects established in Darfur in implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has appreciated the efforts of Qatar for realizing peace in Darfur. He also praised the continuous efforts of the ambassador of Qatar for cementing the bilateral relations for the interest of the two countries.

Turkish Floating Plant Starts Power Supply to Sudan
(Anadolu Agency) Turkey’s floating power plant, the Karadeniz Powership Rauf Bey, started electricity production in Sudan, a member of the Istanbul-based Karadeniz Energy Group, Karpowership, announced on May 22. The powership, which has 180 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, will supply 150 MW of power to Sudan’s national energy grid. The plant is important for the stability of the country’s national grid as it caters for the country’s increased energy demand. The company announced on April 27 that it signed an electricity production and sales agreement with the Sudanese Thermal Power Generating Company (STPGC). Karpowership is the sole owner, operator and builder of the first powership fleet in the world. Since 2010, 15 powerships have been completed with total installed capacity exceeding 2,800 MW.
An additional 5,000 MW of powerships are either under construction or in the pipeline

Petronas Company to Increase Investment in petroleum domain
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister for Petroleum and Gas Engineer Azahari Abdul Gadir Abdallah has welcomed the desire expressed by the vising Malaysian Petronas company team to enter in new oil areas the ministry has just put out, commending the cooperation between the ministry and the Malaysian company. The Minister who received the visiting Petronas delegation led by the company chairman, Bajo belong , in the presence of the company chief in the Sudan, Azahan Ali , and the State Minister at the Ministry, Saad Eddin Hussein and other leader. The meeting discussed the future of the Sudan and its desire to further expand its investment in the Sudan. The head of the delegation reaffirmed the continuation of his company's investment in the Sudan and to expand it work which has now lasted for over twenty years.

Sudanese Turkish cooperation for manufacture of electric power towers
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudanese electricity Transfer Company on Thursday signed an agreement with two Turkish companies for the manufacturing of high voltage electric towers and other power transfer and distribution cables. The State Minister for Electricity, Yusuf Hamza, has pointed out that the ministry is going ahead with its policies of localization of electricity equipment inputs and of involving the private sector in the process, given the fact that power has become the driving force in any economic and development process. The Director of the company, Hassan Omar, said the new factory will be erected in Gaili area in Khartoum state and will start production as of next year. He said the factory would be a great impetus for the efforts exerted to link each of Darfur, South Kordufan States as well as the Blue Nile area to the national grid.
He said it would also help strengthen the national grid and get rid of bottle necks, enable the national grid contain the renewable power projects.

May 21, 2018

World Bank Promises to Provide Technical Assistance to Address the Economic Challenges Facing Sudan
Khartoum - Minister of Finance, Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi briefed the delegation of the World Bank Economic Team, on the economic reforms applied by Sudan, pointing out that the visit of the economic team from Washington to Sudan aims to identify the economic reforms being carried out by the Government of the Sudan to provide technical support and know the kind of technical support required for the government in this regard. This came at his meeting here yesterday with the World Bank Resident Representative in Khartoum and the visiting economic team from Washington, where the minister pointed out that the steps and arrangements of the government in preparing the anti-poverty strategy have reached advanced steps. For his part, the Resident Representative of the World Bank in Khartoum pointed to the World Bank's intention to increase the number of the economic team working in Sudan, revealing the provision of technical assistance required to meet the economic challenges facing Sudan.

Sudan to Participate in International Conference on Animal Health in France
Sudan is participating in the International Conference for Animal Health in France which was organized by International Organization for Animal Health and bega its sitting on Saturday. The Sudanese delegation will be headed by the Animal Resources Minister, Bushara Jumaa Aror. Aror has affirmed in a press statement the concern of his ministry with the animal health and increasing the production, referring to plans to combat endemics and crossing border diseases to grantee sound animal and human health. Aror indicated that the conference discuss all diseases that infect animals and ways to combat them, pointing out that Sudan is a member of the Council of International Organization for Animal Health and represented in it by the Undersecretary of Ministry, Dr. Kamal Taj Alsir. He affirmed that Sudan is free from endemic diseases according to the World Health Organization, adding that this will be reflect positively on the exportation of animal resources. The revealed that he will meet on the sidelines of conference with a number of delegations of countries of big the animal resources to sign cooperation agreements with them like Brazil, USA, the Netherlands, France and a number of Asian, Arab and African countries for upgrading the animal resources sector in the country.

Dr Faisal informed on Oil Ministry arrangements to provide fuels
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Assistant of President of the Republic, Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim was briefed on arrangements made by Ministry of Oil and Gas to provide fuels. This came when the Assistant of the President met in the Republican Palace , Sunday with Minister of Oil, Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir who said in press statements that there is a plan-under study- on provision of fuels through attracting investments , announcing that the coming period would witness provision of fuel supplies.

May 18, 2018

Sudan al-Bashir to take part in ICO urgent summit in Istanbul
President Bashir will fly to Turkey to take part in the urgent Summit of Islamic Co-operation Organization ICO scheduled to convene next Friday in Istanbul, director of offices of President announced. “Bashir will be accompanied by minister of Presidency and state minister” Bashir responded to an invitation by the Turkish President Raccip Tayeb Ordogan to attend the Summit that will focus on the Israeli latest military escalations on Palestinians and U.S President Trump’s decision to move U.S embassy to Jerusalem. The Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed will also leave to Istanbul Turkey to participate in the urgent summit at the level of foreign ministers.


Al-Jaz, Russian Ambassador discuss boosting of political dialogue between the two countries
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Chairman of High Committee for Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRICS countries , Dr Awad Al-Jaz discussed with Ambassador of Russian Federation to Khartoum, Vladimir Zheltov ways of boosting political dialogue between Sudan and Russia and cooperation in economic, commercial, investment and industrial fields. The Russian Ambassador said in press statements following his meeting with Dr Al-Jaz, that the meeting tackled issues of mutual concern within framework of bilateral cooperation within BRICS grouping at which Russia is an active member. He asserted that his country places great concern to development of its relations with friendly countries in a way that serves the common interest and goals. Ambassador Zheltov added that the meeting discussed b development of cooperation in military with Sudan, indicating to importance of exerting more efforts to enhance relations between the two countries .

May 17, 2018

FM condemns the Israel entity's massacre in Gaza
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Wednesday issued a statement condemning the Manslaughter committed by the Israel against dozens of Palestinian civilians. The ministry said the killing of the unarmed Palestinian civilians coincides with the 70th anniversary of the infamous Israeli manslaughter against Palestinian and with the inauguration of the American embassy in the occupied Quds. The statement stressed Sudan's total rejection of tampering with the political and legal status of the town of Quds, the place of monotheism religions. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Sudan condemns in the strongest possible terms the manslaughters committed by the Israeli entity's authorities against civilian Palestinians" the statement said, stressing that this was a flagrant violation of the international laws and a violation of the Palestinians rights. It said these measures are a provocation to humanity and to followers of the divine religions and a threat to the international peace and security, and an abortion for all efforts seeking peaceful settlements top of which the Oslo accords
The Ministry said Sudan renews its total rejection for any tampering of the legal and political status of the holy town of Quds.
The Foreign Ministry statement said the Sudan calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibility toward the protection of unarmed Palestinian civilians and renewed Sudan's support and backing for the just and legitimate Palestinian cause and their rights to have their own independent state with the Quds as its capital.

Newly-Appointed Ministers and State Ministers Sworn in before President of the Republic
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The ministers, state ministers, who were appointed lately in the national accord government, were sworn in Wednesday before the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, in presence of the First Vice - President and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, the Minister of the Presidency, Dr. Fadul Abdalla Fadul, and the Deputy Chief Justice. Addressing the newly-appointed ministers, President Al-Bashir said that the Sudanese people always looks for the better and deserves sacrifices for their welfare and progress. He expressed the Presidency pledge to support the new ministers in carrying out their duties properly. President Al-Bashir has affirmed the keenness to surpass the crises and to protect the nation's security and stability. The new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, has spoken on behalf of the ministers and state ministers asserting their commitment to live up to their responsibilities will all honesty and dedication.

Dr. Faisal urge newly appointed officials to pay much attention to people's needs
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Assistant of the President of the Republic Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim on Wednesday urged the newly appointed ministers and governors to pay more attention the questions related to the livelihood of the citizens. Faisal met the new officials in the presence of the heads of the various sectors in the political parties and heads of the secretariats Dr. Faisal told them that the executive has to pay close attention the living conditions of the people as well as to the development of the economy and the increase of production and productivity and that their executive bodies should work in harmony at the different levels. The meeting was also addressed by the new state minister for Justice Nimat Hoairis and the governor of West Darfur State, Hussein Yassin Abu Sirwal who stressed that they would do their level best in executing those directives He said they would also work to implement the outcome of the National Dialogue conference and to create political accord in the states and within their respective governments.


Animal Resources Minister Affirms Commitment of his Ministry to Develop Fisheries Sector
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Animal Resources, Bushara Jumaa Aror, has affirmed the concern of his Ministry with the fisheries sector as a promising sector toward realizing food security. This came during his meeting Wednesday at his office with a delegation of the Japanese HANWA Company. Aror affirmed his call to the national and international investors to operate in the sector of animal resources and fisheries in Sudan. He said that his ministry is keen to expand the fish industry for realizing self-sufficiency and exportation. Meanwhile, the delegation expressed their desire to invest in the fisheries sector in Sudan, especially that Sudan obtain rare kinds of fish in Sudan which are demanded in Europe and Asia.

May 16, 2018

Economic Development Sector Hears Report on Flow of Petroleum Materials
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Economic Development Sector of the Council of Ministers, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadil, heard in its meeting Tuesday a report on the flow of petroleum materials, which was presented by the State Minister at the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas, Saad-Eddin Hussein Al-Bushra. The report affirmed completion of the regular maintenance process at the Oil Refinery and the start of oil pumping and the gradual ending of fuel crisis. The report affirmed the availability of fuel requirements for the agricultural season. The sector also heard a report on the national documents in horizons of women development in the national dialogue which was presented by the State Minister at the Ministry of Social Security and Development, Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim.

Sudan and Sweden Agree to Cooperate in Development Priority Sector
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The State Minister at Ministry of International Cooperation, Dr. Sumaya Akad, discussed with the Swedish Ambassador to Sudan, Hanns Henrik, the new Swedish strategy for development cooperation. The minister said that the meeting has tackled issues of concern to Sweden which come due to national strategy of the state. She affirmed the importance of support and empowerment of women to enhance their developmental needs, education and health. The Minister called for holding joint meetings between Swedish Agency and beneficiaries of Swedish support and working to strengthen peace and to promote the woman sectors. The Swedish affirmed the support of his country for environmental projects, climate change and agriculture. He referred to similarity in the visions of his country with Sudan in all developmental fields, pledging to cooperate with the Sudanese development partner for implementing projects that will be agree about between two countries. He indicated that the country program that was signed between Sudan and United Nations Population Fund will enable Sudan to benefit from this support.

May 15, 2018

Republican Decrees on Cabinet Re-Shuffle Issued
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has issued republican decrees in re-shuffle in the National Accord government. The re-shuffle included the appointment of federal ministers, state ministers and a number of Walis (governors) of states.
According to the Republican Decree, the following were appointed as federal ministers:
1/ Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid as the Minister of Interior.
2/ Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
3/ Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Salim as the Minister of Justice.
4/ Prof. Abdalla Suleiman Abdalla as the Minister of Agriculture.
5/ Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdalla as the Minister of Petroleum and Gas.
6/ Dr. Abul-Bashar Abdul-Rahman Yousif as the Minister of Youth and Sports.
7/ Prof. Hashim Ali Mohamed Salim as a Minister of the Council of Ministers.

The President of the Republic has issued a Republican Decree appointing the following s Walis (governors) of states:
1/ Abul-Gasim Al-Amin Baraka as the Wali (governor) of the White Nile State.
2/ Dr. Abdul-Karim Musa Abdul-Karim as the Wali (governor) of Sennar State.
3/ Khalid Hussein Mohamed Omer as the Wali (governor) of the Blue Nile State.
4/ Yasser Yousif Ibrahim as the Wali (governor) of the Northern State.
5/ Gen. Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Mufadal as the Wali (governor) of South Kordofan State.
6/ Al-Sharif Mohamed Abbad Sammouh as the Wali (governor) of North Darfur State.
7/ Hussein Yassin Hamad as the Wali (governor) of West Darfur State.
8/ Mohamed Ahmed Jadal-Sid as the Wali (governor) of Central Darfur State.
The President of the Republic also issued a Republican Decree appointing the following as state ministers:
1/Usama Faisal Al-Sayed Ali as State Minister for Foreign Affairs.
2/ Neimat Omer Al-Huwaires as State Minister at the Ministry of Justice.
3/ Al-Saddiq Bakhit Al-Fekki as State Minister at the Ministry of Information.
4/ Tariq Ali Hassan Shalabi as State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.
5/ Gen. Uusama Mukhtar Al-Nur Fadlallas as State Minister at the Ministry of Investment.


Republican Decisions on Approval of Organizational and Job Structure and Establishment of General Secretariat of Presidency Issued
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has issued republican decisions on approval of the organizational and job structure and establishment of a general secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. Meanwhile, the President of the Republic issued a Republican Decree appointing Abu-Bakr Awad Hussein as the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. He also issued a Republican Decree on appointment of Tariq Haj Ali as the General Director of the Future Studies Center at the rank of national minister.

Minister of Transport and His Qatari Counterpart Discuss Implementation of First Stage of Memorandum Understanding on Ports Management Doha, (SUNA) - The Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, Engineer Makawi Mohamed Awad, and the Qatari Transport and Communication Minister, Gasim Bin Saif Al-Salauti, have discussed the starting of first stage of implementing a memorandum understanding that was signed by the Qatari Company for Ports Management (Qatar Ports) with the Sea Ports Corporation to develop Swakin port. They also discussed the stage of foundation of ports infrastructures to upgrade the work process and make the port as the main trade gate in the region. They reviewed ways of enhancing the cross border trade with neighboring countries and develop trade in the free zone at Swakin Port. The meeting tackled the chances of investment between two countries in the different transport sectors. Makawi has affirmed that the development of Swakin Port is not a strategic project for Sudan only, but for all the region, appreciating the stances of Qatar in supporting Sudan and thanked his Qatari counterpart for the invitation. The Qatari Minister of Transport and Communication the thanked Sudan government for its unlimited cooperation and large facilities that delivered to implement the first stage of developing Swakin port, affirming the strong bilateral relations between Qatar and Sudan.

May 14, 2018

Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry Receives Ugandan Counterpart
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem, received in his office Sunday the visiting Permanent Undersecretary of the Ugandan Foreign Ministry, Patrick Samuel, and the accompanying delegation who are participating in meetings of the Sudanese - Ugandan political consultation committee in Khartoum. Ambassador Al-Naeem has appreciated the distinguished relations linking the two countries and the fraternal ties between the two presidents. He affirmed the keenness of Sudan government to cement its relations with Uganda and to implement all the agreements and understandings reached during the recent visit of President Al-Bashir to Kampala. The Ugandan minister also expressed the keenness of Uganda to strengthen further its relations with Sudan.

Sudanese - Korean Economic Forum Conclude their Forum in Seoul
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudanese - Korean Economic and Investment forum on Textile and leather industries concluded meetings in Seoul. It was and organized by Sudanese Embassy in South Korea, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Trade in Korea and the Korean Federal Union for Textile industry chamber, with participant of high Sudanese delegation heading by Ministry of Industry, Dr. Musa Karama, Governor of Al-Jazeera state Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eila and number of Sudanese Businessmen and Industries owners from Textile and Leather chamber. The Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese delegation in Seoul, Ambassador Al-Rayah Haidoup, stated to SUNA that the forum organized by initiative from Sudanese Embassy in Korea, achieved huge success, indicating that the Sudanese sides delivered papers included chances and sectors of investment in Sudan, on investment weather and current economic situation in Sudan, particularly after lifting American Economic sanction by focusing on the big chances in Al-Jazeera state in textile and leather industry sector in Sudan, what Sudan abounds of raw materials such as Cotton and Leather and Infrastructure.

Acting FM meets Ambassador of Russian Federation
Khartoum, SUNA)-Acting Foreign Minister, Ambassador Mohamed Abdalla Idris received the new Ambassador of Russian Federation to Sudan , Vladimir Zheltov who handed over a copy of his credentials as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russian Federation to Sudan. After exchange of pleasantries, the Russian Ambassador underscored his country's resolve to cement relations with Sudan, referring to depth of Sudanese-Russian relations. The Acting Minister, for his part, extended condolence anew on death of former Russian ambassador to Sudan and underlined Sudan's determination to push further relations with Russian Federation. He appreciated Russia' supportive stances to Sudan issues at international forums. The Acting Minister, meanwhile, called the Russian Ambassador to place more attention to attraction of Russian tourists to reactive tourism sector in Sudan and to increase volume of cultural exchange between the two countries.


Message from Emir of Qatar to Sudan President
Khartoum: Kem Sudan’s Acting Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdalla Idris met Saturday Qatar’s ambassador in Sudan Rashid AlNaimy who delivered a written massage from the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hammad to President Omar AlBashir tackling bilateral relations and development of strategic partnership between the two countries. The meeting touched on bilateral cooperation between Sudan and Qatar and the efforts of Qatar to support and develop the states of Darfur, Qatari ambassador explained. He announced that Qatar will open 10 service centers in states of Darfur estimated to cost 70 million dollars, at the rate of two centers in each state. These centers are expected to open in the next few months. In reply, the acting Foreign Minister thanked Qatar for its supportive stand towards Sudan, stressing the importance of communication between the two leaderships in promoting bilateral ties in various fields.

May 10, 2018

Chairman of Qatari Supreme Judicial Council Arrives in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council in the State of Qatar Wednesday arrived in Khartoum heading a high-level judicial delegation. He was received at Khartoum Airport by the Chief Justice, Prof. Haidar Ahmed Dafalla, his deputies, a number of the Supreme Court judges, heads of administrations at the Judiciary and the Ambassador of Qatar to Sudan, Rashid bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Nuaimi. The Qatari delegation's visit comes in the context of the exchange of visits for strengthening the cooperation between the two countries in the judicial field. The Chief Justice has welcomed his Qatari counterpart and the accompanying delegation and affirmed importance of the Sudanese - Qatari cooperation. He said that the visit will boost the cooperation between the two countries concerning the exchange of experiences and the training in the judicial and legal fields.

Al-Mahdi: Agriculture represents Sudan's economic way out
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Abdul Rahman Al-Saddiq Al- Mahdi, has affirmed that agriculture presents the sole economic way out for the country, referring to the necessity of giving due concern to agricultural infrastructure and the provision of modern technology. This came when Al-Mahdi met Wednesday at the Republican Palace with the State Minister for Agriculture, Engineer, Al-Saddiq Fadalla, who briefed him on the progress of work at the ministry, the outcome of the Agriculture National Week and the ongoing preparations for the agricultural season.

CAR Prime Minister Arrives in Sudan
Khartoum - (SUNA) A high-ranking delegation led by the Central African Republic Prime Minister, Simplice Matthew arrived in the Country, Wednesday to extend condolences on martyrdom of Salih Abu Huniyah; a guard at house of Sudan ambassador to Bangui. He was received at Khartoum airport by the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim and several ministers and state ministers. State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mohamed Abdalla Idris said in press statements that the CAR delegation which comprises the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Bangui mayor and a presidential advisor, will extend condolence to President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir and to family of late Abu Huniyah and meet afterwards the First Vice-President and National Prime Minister, 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh. Foreign Minister of CAR, on his part, underlined firmness of Sudan-CAR relations and that the two countries are linked by ties of neighborliness and friendship. He said that they came to convey condolences of government and people of CAR to people of Sudan on death of Abu Huniya, who was a guard at house of Sudan ambassador to Bangui, disclosing that the President of Central African Republic has decided dispatching the high-level delegation, which is led by Prime Minister, to Sudan. The CAR Foreign Minister expressed regret of CAR government and people over the incident, pointing out that the CAR Government is exerting all efforts to dispense justice and to bring the perpetrators to justice. He indicated that such incident would not affect relations between the two countries, stressing CAR solidarity and standing alongside Sudan.

Khartoum State Signs Framework Agreement with Zadna Company on Agriculture
Khartoum – Exceptional Session of Khartoum State cabinet was held at the headquarters of Zadna International for Investment at Kadaro, where the council approved industrial and agricultural matrices that aim to increase production and productivity. The session was attended by federal Minister of Finance and National Economy, Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi, who appreciated the outcomes of the session, especially the framework partnership with Zadna Company to increase production and productivity. The state’s government signed a framework agreement with Zadna Company, where amount of SDG 1,971,189,000 was allocated to implement the agricultural production system with partnership with the private sector, where this step comes in commitment to implement the agricultural and industrial strategy of the state and also to implement the outcomes of the National dialogue regarding the production in the state. A number of matrixes have been approved, which will be implemented immediately. The Council of Ministers of the state expressed its satisfaction with this step, which will make Khartoum a state of production and export in order to improve the standard of living of citizens

May 09, 2018

A Chinese delegation arrives in the country
A high-level Chinese delegation representing the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China will arrive in the country Tuesday evening. The visit of the Chinese delegation will witness the signing on a memorandum of understanding between the Department of the General Intellectual Property Registrar at Sudan’s Ministry of Justice and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China on Wednesday at Ministry’s tower building, General Registrar of Intellectual Property, Adil Khalid Hassan Hilal said. In related, the delegation will meet during the visit with State Minister at Justice Ministry, Tahani Tor Al-Daba, Under Secretary of Justice Ministry and heads of the ministry within the framework of cooperation and exchange of experience and partnership between the two sides.

President of the Republic sends written message to Amir of Qatar
President of the Republic Omar Al Bashir has sent a written message to the Amir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani pertaining to bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them. The written message was handed over by Envoy of President al Bashir, Ali Ahmed Karti, when the Amir met him at the Amiri Diwan, on Tuesday.

Sudan's gold production in 2018 1st quarter stand at 36.5 tones
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Sudan gold production in the first quarter of the 2018 fiscal scored 36.5 tons of which the companies put up 4,5 tones while the tradition mining has come up with 32 tons, fetching 784.5 million Sudanese pounds. A statement by the Ministry of Minerals before the national Assembly on Tuesday said in its review of the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of current fiscal year 2018. The state Minister for Minerals, Osheik Mohamed Tahir, said the ministry also signed 6 new agreement on gold exploration and other mineral and that it granted some 94 license for gold mining and 11 contract for companies to handle mining residues while at the same time put some other 11 minerals for investment opportunities. The minister revealed that over five million people around the country have benefited from the gold prospection and production The MPs have meanwhile called for opening the door for prospection and production on other minerals and for putting in place more vigorous rules and measures on gold investment and production in the country.

Livestock Exports Revenues Reach US$212 Million
Khartoum – Ministry of Animal Wealth announced that the revenues of livestock export in the first quarter of 2018 reached US$2012 million and US$470 Thousand and US$298 while the camels export revenues amounted to US$1 million and US$19 Thousand while fishery exports amounted to US$69 Thousand and US$670. Minister of Animal Wealth, Bushara Juma Aror pointed out, while addressing the National Assembly, to the establishment of slaughterhouses in Khartoum, West Darfur, and the Blue Nile besides entering into partnership with Zadna International Investment Company to implement projects worth SDG750 million.

Flow of tourists to Sudan
The number of tourists who visited Sudan during the first quarter of this year reached (208,150) tourists, Sudan’s Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife announced Monday. The announcement came in a statement before parliament reviewing performance of the Ministry over the period from July 2017 until the first quarter of this year presented yesterday by Minister of State for Tourism Adil Hamid Dalgo. Amendments will be made to antiquities law enabling the State to secure and protect the antiquities, Dalgo affirmed, noting efforts by the ministry to make tourism an economic source of income through attracting foreign tourism agencies besides Sudan’s accession to the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization. For their part, members of the National Assembly pointed out to importance of tourism and its role in supporting the national economy by pumping in foreign currency. They called for more awareness and education on importance of the tourism sector and pointed to some countries where tourism is a major source of national income.

May 08, 2018

Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry Meets UAE Assistant Foreign Minister
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem, Sunday received at the ministry the visiting Assistant Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Economic Affairs and the accompanying delegation. The Undersecretary has described the visit as coming in an important timing at which the relations between the two sister countries are witnessing rapid growth, especially in the economic, trade and investment fields. He referred to the aspiration of the leaders of the two countries for more cooperation and the exchange of investments for the interest of the peoples of the two countries. Ambassador Al-Naeem has briefed the UAE delegation on the situation in Sudan, referring to the positive developments in Darfur and the political stability under the national accord government which was a fruit of the national dialogue. He also informed the UAE delegation about the available opportunities of investment in Sudan, referring to the initiative of the President of the Republic on Arab food security. Meanwhile, the UAE Assistant Foreign Minister has expressed his pleasure over their visit to Sudan which aimed discussing the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. He said that the leadership of the United Arab Emirates looks forward for discussing the investment opportunities as well as the exchange of experiences in the economic and technical fields.

Saudi Arabia to Sign Economic and Defence Cooperation with Sudan
The Saudi Ambassador to Khartoum Ali Hassan Ja’afar Sunday said his country would sign a number of defence and economic cooperation agreements with Sudan pledging more investments to raise trade exchange between the two countries. In press statements on Sunday, Ja’afar said Riyadh would sign economic and defence agreements with Sudan soon, adding these agreements would include “unlimited Saudi investments” to increase the trade exchange between the two countries. It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab investor in Sudan with more than 590 projects. In 2016, Saudi investments in Sudan increased to $15bn compared to $11bn in 2015. The Saudi ambassador underlined his country is enjoying its best-ever relationship with Sudan despite the tendentious attempts carried out by some to poison these ties. “It is strong and deeply rooted relations and it would witness significant developments on popular and official levels during the next period,” he said Last October, President Omer al-Bashir thanked Saudi Arabia and UAE for their strong support to the lift of 20-year U.S. economic embargo. The two countries vowed to continue supporting Sudan removal from the list of countries supporting terrorism.

Minister of Inustry to Participate in Sudanese - Korean Investment Forum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Industry, Dr. Musa Mohamed Karama, will leave to South Korea in response to an invitation of the Korean Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy, to participate in Sudanese - Korean Economic and Investment Forum on Textile and leather industries, scheduled in Seoul during May 9 - 11. Karama affirmed the importance of the leather and textile sectors in accelerating the economic and social development, adding that the government is ready to take all important measure to upgrade these sectors. He invited Korean businessmen to join investment with their Sudanese counterparts in the private sector at the leather and textile fields, affirming that Sudan welcomes the Korean businessmen and investors to invest at these sectors. The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy in Korea has expressed its hope that the forum will be a good chance for strengthening the relations between two countries and expanding the scope of cooperation in this important economic sector.

Central Bank of Sudan Assigns 25 Million Dollars for Plants Protection
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Director of Plants Protection Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Khidir Jibril, has announced the start of a large campaign for combating watermelon bugs for the first time in Sudan, adding that the campaign will include Darfur, Kordofan and the White Nile States. He stated to SUNA that the campaign is progressing well thanks to the support of extended by the state to the protection and solving the problem of pesticides. The campaign is funded by 25 million dollars from the Central Bank of Sudan and the Ministry of Finance with 33 million Sudanese pounds, appreciating intervention of the President of the Republic to solve the funding problem.

May 07, 2018

President Al-Bashir Appreciates Contribution of National Service to Raising Patriotism among Youths
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has appreciated the method being adopted by the National Service Coordination Body in facilitating the dealing with the citizens and raising the patriotic spirit among the youths. Addressing a meeting on the civil service structures Sunday, President Al-Bashir has praised the move of the National Service for technology and computerization. He also appreciated the National Service programs for contribution of the youths to the forestation and the eradication of illiteracy. He announced the donation of the Presidency to a five-month salary in support of the National Service, besides 25 million pounds from the Takaful Fund and 100 million pounds to support the productive projects of the civil service.

Acting FM Presents Country’s Address before OIC Ministerial Council
Khartoum - (SUNA) The acting Foreign Minister, Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Idris Saturday gave Sudan address before the ministerial meeting of the member states at the Organization of Islamic Conference in Dakar, Bangladesh, expressing Sudan government thanks and appreciation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for its support to Sudan issues. He pointed to the important political developments that took place in Sudan; top of them is formation of the national accord government in implementation of the national dialogue initiative which was launched by the President of the Republic. Ambassador Idris has referred to the efforts being exerted by Sudan government in combating extremism, expressing Sudan concern over the increase in the Islamophobia and the anti-Islam acts. He also referred to the efforts being done by Sudan for combating the illegal immigration and refugees phenomena. He renewed the firm stance of Sudan concerning the Palestinian question and its rejection to the heinous violations of human rights against the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar. The acting Foreign Minister also renewed Sudan position in supporting the legitimate government in Yemen.

Acting minister of Sudan Foreign affairs meets with foreign ministers of Bangaladesh and Maldives
Acting minister of Sudan foreign affairs, Mohammed Abdalla Idris met on sidelines of meetings of the Ministerial Council of Islamic Cooperation Organization “Dhaka”, met with foreign minister of Bangladesh, Ahmed Mahmoud. The meeting discussed the bilateral ties and importance of coordinating positions between the two countries in the international and regional forums as well as coordinating the positions related to provide support to the Muslims of “Rohenga”. In related, the acting minister met with foreign minister of Maldives, Mohammed Assem. The meeting discussed the bilateral ties between the two countries and ways of strengthen.

Khartoum Refinery: Gas Production Increases to Reach 850 Tons in Two Days
Khartoum – (SMC) Khartoum Refinery revealed the increase of its gas production in two days to 850 tons daily following the resumption of the production of the refinery; adding that the work in the second refinery is completed by 60%. Refinery official, Eng. Muneera Mahmoud said that the refinery will work with its maximum capacity by the end of this month, adding that after the maintenance the production will be 1000 tons gas, 5,500 diesel, and 3,500 tons benzene, It is worth noting that the refinery has launched its production after the maintenance by 1500 tons of benzene, 1400 tons of diesels daily.

May 04, 2018

Ethiopian Premier acquainted with experiment of Osama Dawood's Farm
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed accompanied by President of the Republic , Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir got acquainted with experiment of Osama Dawood's farm for dairy, animal production and fodders in Khartoum North , as a model for successful animal and agricultural production project in Sudan. The Ethiopian Prime Minister lauded the Sudanese experiment in agricultural and animal production as national pilot and successful investment . It is to be noted that the Ethiopian Premier's visit to Osama Dawood farm came as part of his current visit to Sudan.

Sudan, Ethiopia remain committed to Nile dam agreement: leaders
Sudan and Ethiopia on Wednesday reiterated their commitment to the 2015 tripartite agreement they signed with Egypt to resolve the dispute on the upcoming Nile dam in Ethiopia. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made the commitment during their talks in Khartoum. “We are committed to the Declaration of Principles on the GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) and to the importance of the tripartite committee,” al-Bashir said. He hoped the tripartite technical committee of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan would achieve cooperation in water security and overcome the barriers which halted the technical negotiations. The Ethiopian prime minister reiterated his country’s keenness to enhance strategic ties with Sudan in all fields and to work with Sudan to realize peace and development in the continent. The last round of tripartite talks on GERD was suspended in April without reaching an agreement on the technical report prepared by French firms on the potential impact of the dam. In December 2017, Egypt proposed to have the World Bank as a neutral party on the tripartite technical committee, but Ethiopia refused. GERD, which will cost 4.7 billion U.S. dollars, is now 64 percent complete. Ethiopia hopes the project will provide a constant supply of clean and affordable power and accelerate its shift from an agricultural economy to an industrial powerhouse. Ethiopia and Sudan eye massive benefits from the GERD construction, while Egypt is concerned it might affect its 55.5-billion-cubic-meter annual share of the Nile River water.

Ministry of Oil and Gas confirms start working in Khartoum refinery
General Manager of Khartoum Refinery Company Engineer Munira Mahmoud confirmed the start of refining operations in Khartoum refinery today whereas the testing phase of operation was completed after regular maintenance which the first part of refinery have been underwent. Manager confirmed the flow of oil products from the refinery to warehouses naturally. Minister of State at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Engineer Saaduddin Hussein al-Bushri had checked up last week the completion of Maintenance operations at the Khartoum refinery, explaining that the work in the refining of crude will begin gradually and will reflect on demise of ranks of cars. , explaining the completion of maintenance operations in the first part of the refinery, which provides about 60% of the refined materials including the most important petroleum products, At the same time continue to schedule the introduction of vessels to supplement the country’s need for consumption of products. Minister stressed that decision to stop the refinery had to be maintained as a strategic facility and the maintenance was in the first part and operations would be carried out Maintenance in the second part, praising the capabilities of Sudanese workers in the refinery who were able to complete maintenance with high professionalism.

CIBAFI Global Forum Second day is launched with the exclusive signature CIBAFI Breakfast Session
Istanbul, Turkey, 3 May (SUNA)- General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, the umbrella of Islamic financial institutions launched the second and final day of its third Global Forum, with the theme of "The New Face of Financial Services: Disruptions, Opportunities and the New Normals". The second day of CIBAFI Global Forum, which is organised in partnership with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey (BRSA) at Raffles Istanbul Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, started with a special and exclusive CIBAFI Breakfast session on "Leadership and Strategy in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution". CIBAFI Breakfast Session is an interactive exchange that challenges conventional wisdom and practice around personal and organisational leadership. It offers a very different perspective - one that is much more suited to today's uber-connected and uber-populated age. CIBAFI Breakfast Special Session stage was taken this year by the Author of Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders (Simon & Schuster, 2011), Be the Change (McGraw-Hill, 2014), Open Source Leadership: Reinventing Management When There's No More Business as Usual (McGraw-Hill, Oct 2017), and a regular writer for Forbes - Rajeev Peshawaria. The eminent author shared the stage in a conversation with a Veteran Regulator and Prominent Academic Prof. Ahmet Faruk Aysan, currently Dean, ?stanbul ?ehir University The fourth session themed "Role and Power of Mobile in Expanding Financial Inclusion" was chaired by Mr. Mohamed Abbes, Public Policy Director, MENA, GSMA, Tunisia. Panelist of the session included Mr. Fadi Al Faqih, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Khartoum, Sudan; Mr. Mohammed Kateeb, Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Path Solutions, Kuwait; and Mr. Mehmet Cantekin, General Manager, Turkcell Finansman A., Turkey. The Session focused on the power of mobile banking, and the future of business in the shadow of Banks and Telecom. Session panelists have shared their experience and thoughts on whether the Mobile money and payments is an opportunity or threat for Islamic financial Institutions. The second day was concluded with Session 5 themed "Leveraging the Industry Growth in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution", which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Lokman Gündüz, Director of Graduate School of Business, ?stanbul ?ehir University. The panelists included Mr. Mustafa Gharaibeh, Cyber Security Account Executive, Darktrace, United Kingdom; Dr. Ali Al Sartawi, Shariah Supervisory Board Member, Palestine Islamic Bank; Mr. Marco Lichtfous, Partner, Deloitte Tax & Consulting, Luxembourg; Mr. Muhammet Cerit, Vice Chairman, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Turkey; Mr. Achraf Tarsim, Manager - Infrastructure, Financial and Private Sectors Division, North Africa, African Development Bank (AfDB), Tunisia; and Mr. Derek Baraldi, Head of Banking Industry, World Economic Forum LLC, USA. The session presented an overview of technologies underpinning the fourth industrial revolution, and discussed the role of digital branches, robo-advisors in enhancing customers' banking experience. It also focused on cyber security and discussed avenues to minimize the risks. This Global Forum is organised as part of CIBAFI's 3rd Strategic Objective of Awareness & Information Sharing, which aims to spread awareness and promote information sharing among its members and other stakeholders for the development of the Islamic finance industry. This annual industry leaders gathering of CIBAFI, has marked its place as the industry debate and networking venue. CIBAFI is an international organization established in 2001 and Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. CIBAFI is affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). CIBAFI represents the Islamic financial services industry globally, defending and promoting its role, consolidating co-operation among its members, and with other institutions with similar interests and objectives. With more than 120 members from 33 jurisdictions, representing market players, international intergovernmental organizations and professional firms, and industry associations.

May 03, 2018

Medicine Council reduces prices of 222 items.
The National Council for Medicine and Toxicology announced new discounts for 222 types of medicines prices at 30% of the registered price. The Council confirmed in a press release that the discounts included the list of medicines for antibiotics, eye drops and children’s medicines. Council explained that this step comes within the framework of easing the burden on citizens and reducing the exchange rate on medicines. In February, the council discounted 430 types of drugs by 66 percent including chronic diseases.


Saudi company expresses desire to invest in diamonds, gold and precious stones in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Saudi Arabia's Golden Scarf Company, owned by the Saudi businessman Salah Abdulrahman Al-Dahlawi, has expressed desire to invest in diamonds, gold, precious and semi-precious. The Minister of Minerals Professor Hashem Ali Salem pointed out, during a meeting at his office Tuesday with the Saudi investor Salah Dahlawi, to the directives of the Presidency of the Republic to facilitate investment for Saudi businessmen, adding that Sudan is seeking to attract the Saudi capital to extract the treasures in Sudan, adding that Sudan enjoys tremendous resources need only capital and technology, which he said began to influx to Sudan after the lifting of the economic blockade. The minister revealed the discovery of large quantities of diamonds and precious and semi-precious, explaining that the Public Geological Research Corporation has discovered more than 17 types of gemstones. For his part, the Saudi investor Salah al-Dahlawi said that "Major large projects." He pointed out that they started investing in Sudan and will work to recycle their revenues from this investment in projects needed by Sudan, affirming their acceptance of funding a large mining project put forward by the Ministry of Minerals, which said it provided to them all the information related to the project.

New Regulations for Licensing of Investors Projects
Khartoum- (KEM) Minister of Investment Mubarak Al-Fadil issued Tuesday ministerial decision No. 7/2018 on regulations for licenses for small and medium projects for foreign investors that are granted in accordance with the National Investment Encouragement Act. The ministerial decision stipulates that license for small and medium projects shall be granted with giving consideration to requirements of the country’s economy for diversification of the concerned activity and the volume of the existing investment and that the investment shall be in the existing activities that have not been indigenized yet. The capital of the investor for the project shall not be less than a million dollars, the decision added.

May 02, 2018

Union of Arab Banks calls for moving from the traditional to digital economy.
The Union of Arab Banks called for the encouragement of Arab central banks to keep up with artificial intelligence and to move on banking from the stage of traditional economy to the digital economy, establishing an observatory to collect data and follow up developments on the issues of financial technology and expanding the culture around them. In a statement at the end of its meetings yesterday in Cairo, the Union recommended that Arab financial institutions develop legal frameworks for payment institutions to contribute to the development of technological financial products and to help spread financial coverage and expand banking services by enabling marginalized groups to access the payment system. The Union called on the Arab banks to establish an effective regulatory system to ensure the safety of payment systems, including all customers, to enhance the confidence of customers in the Arab banking sector, noting the importance of investing in new technologies to develop electronic financial services to reduce the traditional ways of using cash. Arab Banks should train their employees on the mechanisms and techniques of financial technology due to their role in diversifying economic activity,the Union urged. The statement stressed the need to strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors in the Arab region to meet the challenges of innovations in financial technology to reach the services of both sectors faster and easier.

Finance Minister says Ministry supports all development projects
Mattama, Nahr Nile State,(SUNA) - The Minister for Finance and Economic planning, Dr Mohamed Osman Rikkabi, on Tuesday said his ministry supports all development projects in the country. Addressing the launching of Zaddi 2 project, the first phase at Mattama Locality, a 50 thousand Feddans project funded by the Zadna international investment company, the Minister the objective of his ministry is a sustainable development not only in the project but in human resources as well. The minister commended the technology used in the project which he stressed has moved the region into the 21st century. He said it was imperative to use modern technology and to best use the available resources particular in the areas of agriculture where the country has over 200 million feddans of arable lands with only 40 million being used so far. He urged youth to come back and involve in the agricultural activities. The governor of the state Hatim Al Wasilah has meanwhile stressed that the agriculture is the main source for the national economy and that whatever hardships the Sudan faces, the only outcome is to expand in the agricultural activities. He pointed to the vanguard activities of Zadna Company and its work in fattening, refrigerators, and storage He praised the role played by the federal ministry and its support for the projects initiated in the region which would help boost the national economy such as the project run in the Nahr El Nil state.

Forum on Religious Freedom affirms respect for pluralism
The Forum on Religious Freedom in Sudan affirmed respect for religious pluralism and ensuring the right of religious groups in legislations derived from their faith, noting that the Constitution of Sudan excludes non-Muslims from application of Islamic provisions and respect for cultural and religious diversity. The paper on religious freedoms in the national laws presented by Prof, Salem Blayel during the session held recently in the Ministry of Justice in presence of Ministers of Justice and Guidance and a number of Christian and Islamic clerics buttressed the need to enact legislation criminalizing and punishing calls for religious hatred and obligation not to voice them in places of worship, besides introduction of materials into the curriculum underlining respect for religious and sectarian rights and attention to schools accommodating children of different nationalities and faiths. Additionally, a paper on rules and regulations governing places of worship presented by the Ministry of Rural Planning affirmed that construction of worship places is subject to the general framework for the distribution of services according to the planning criteria related to population density and distances. At the same time, the paper denied that places of worship were demolished except those located in slums and were compensated by a land plot in planned areas.

May 01, 2018

First Vice - President Receives Delegation of US Congress
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The First Vice - President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, received in his office at the Council of Ministers Tuesday a delegation of the US Congress, who are visiting Sudan on the invitation of Parliament's Speaker. In a press statement, the representative of the delegation said that the meeting has discussed the bilateral relations between Sudan and the United States and issues of human rights and the religious freedoms, adding that the delegation was informed on the great potentialities enjoyed by Sudan in all fields. He expressed their pleasure on the visit to Sudan which enabled them to be informed closely about the situation in Sudan. He referred to the ongoing efforts to enhance the relations between Khartoum and Washington.

US official says no restrictions on bank dealings with Sudan
A U.S. official on Sunday said there were no longer restrictions on bank dealings with Sudan after lifting the U.S. sanctions.
The remark was made by U.S. Assistant Secretary of Treasury Marshall Billingslea who is visiting Sudan as part of a U.S. Congress delegation. Billingslea, who held talks with a number of Sudanese officials in Khartoum on Sunday, promised to restore relations of American banks with the Sudanese banks. He urged in a statement the Sudanese government to make further progress in human rights and build normal ties with the United States. He said Sudan has achieved progress in the five-track plan in accordance with which the economic sanctions were lifted, noting that the U.S. congress is looking forward to removing Sudan’s name from the list of states sponsoring terrorism. Last Oct. 6, the United States decided to lift its economic sanctions on Sudan permanently, citing Sudan’s “sustained positive actions to maintain a cessation of hostilities in conflict areas in Sudan, improve humanitarian access throughout Sudan, and maintain cooperation with the United States on addressing regional conflicts and the threat of terrorism.” However, Sudan still remains on the U.S. list of states sponsoring terrorism.


Sudanese private airline starts flights to Addis Ababa
A private airline based in Khartoum, Sudan, Badr Airlines, started a new scheduled flight service to Addis Ababa. The airline performed its inaugural flight from Khartoum to Addis Ababa with a Boeing B737 aircraft on April 27, 2018. In the sidelines of the Aviation Africa Summit held in Cairo, Mohamed Abbas Alrazm, commercial manager of Badr Airlines, told The Reporter that the airline decided to open a new route to Addis Ababa because of the existing good diplomatic relation between Sudan and Ethiopia. Alrazm said the trade and investment relation between the two sisterly countries is growing. “More Sudanese investors and traders are coming to Ethiopia. Tourism is also growing. And the people of Sudan and Ethiopia have a long history and strong cultural relationship. That is why we decided to start flight operation between Khartoum and Addis Ababa,” Alrazm said. Badr Airlines will operate twice weekly flights between Khartoum and Addis Ababa with a B737 aircraft. The national carrier of Sudan, Sudan Airways, which has been flying to Addis Ababa for decades, has suspended its operation last year due to commercial challenges. Sudan Airways has been traversing through a turbulent time after the country was placed on a US sanctions list in 2006, the company found it difficult to source new aircraft, spare parts and all the other services that are required to operate an airline. Though Sudan Airways suspended its flights to Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines operates three daily flights to Khartoum from its main hub Addis Ababa. But from Sudan side Badr Airlines wants to fill the market left by Sudan Airways. Established in 2004, Badr Airlines is a private airline based in Khartoum, Sudan. It operates eleven aircraft 6-B737s, 2 Ilyssiun76 Freighters and three Falcons. The airline serves seven domestic destinations in Sudan. It also operates six scheduled regional flights to Dubai, UAE, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Egypt, Kano, Nigeria, Juba and Wau, in South Sudan. The airline also provides VIP charter flight services with its Falcon business jets. Sahar Abdalwahab Aljak, marketing manager, told The Reporter that Badr Airlines wants to grow its operation in Africa. Sahar said the airline is planning to open new routes to Asmara, Eritrea, Ndjamena Chad, Kampala, Uganda and Hargeissa, Somaliland. “We also plan to start flights to Istanbul, London, Frankfurt and Paris. We are a growing airline. We are doing well,” Sahar said. According to Sahar, Badr Airlines is in the process to order two B737-800 aircraft. “Because of the sanction we cannot directly buy from Boeing. But we are holding talks with other private companies,” she said. Executives of Badr Airlines say the airline is profitable but they declined to give financial details. The airline employs 800 workforces.

Finance Minister receives US Assistant Secretary at Department of Treasury
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, DR Mohamed Osman Rikkabi, on Sunday received the US Assistant Secretary of State at the Department of Treasury, Marshall Billingslea. The minister briefed the American official on the economic situation in the Sudan and the challenges facing the Sudanese national economy as a result of keeping the name of the Sudan within the list of states sponsor of international terrorism. He also referred to the failure to write off Sudan's foreign debts, notwithstanding that Sudan has met all the prerequisites qualifying it to have its debts removed from the book and benefiting from the HIBC initiative The minister stressed that the Sudan would continue with its economic reform programmes, calling for economic assistance to complete this reform and to be able to help the weak layers of the community. The Minister said the meeting was fruitful and that it discussed all issues related to the coming phase and how the two sides could work to have the name of the Sudan removed from the list of countries sponsor of international terrorism and to normalize relations with the United states and the world community, particularly with regards to financing and business. The American official, Billingslea, who met the minister in the presence of the state minister for finance, the undersecretary at the Ministry and the deputy governor of the Central Bank, said Sudan has achieved progress in the five tracks. He said Sudan should achieve more freedoms, human rights and work on building normal relations with the Sudan He promised to restore relations with American banks and with foreign correspondents for the bank and to encourage American banks to open branches in the Sudan and to help the Sudan write off its foreign debts.

Minister of Defence Renews Sudan Keenness to Establish Distinguished Relations with United States
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed bin Oaf, has affirmed the keenness of Sudan to establish distinguished bilateral relations with the United States that realize the interests of the two countries and support the efforts for keeping international peace and security and combating corruption. During his meeting at his office Monday with the visiting Assistant US Treasury Minister and the accompanying delegation, Lt. Gen. Bin Oaf asserted the commitment of Sudan to the UN resolutions on North Korea and the combating of terrorism. Present at the meeting was the US Charge d'Affaires to Sudan, Steven Koutsis.The Minister of Defence has responded to queries given by the American delegation. Meanwhile, the Assistant US Treasury minister has appreciated the frankness that characterized the meeting, assuring their desire to help pushing ahead the relations between Sudan and the United States. The meeting has discussed the means for building mutual confidence between Sudan and the United States.

April 27, 2018

President Al-Bashir Awards Nelein Order (first class) to Resident Representative of the UN Secretary General to Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has awarded the Nelein Order (First Class) to the Resident Representative of the UN Secretary General to Sudan, Marta Ruedas, on the occasion of expiry of her assignment to Sudan and in recognition of her support to Sudan during her office term and her honest coordination and cooperation with all the institutions in the country. In a press statement after her meeting with the President Al-Bashir at the Republican Palace Thursday, the Resident Representative of the UN Secretary General has expressed her thanks and gratitude to the government and people of Sudan over the cooperation with her during her office term in Sudan.

Rikabi: Washington meeting focused on lifting the name of Sudan from terrorism list
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister for Finance and Economic planning, Dr Mohamed Osman Rikabi has stressed that his meeting in Washington on the side line of the World Bank and IMF have focused on lifting the name of the Sudan from the list of countries sponsors of international terrorism, and writing off Sudan debts, expressing his hope that Sudan's name would soon be removed from that list. The Minister has pointed out following his return from Washington that his talks have centered on the status of the Sudanese economy following the separation of south Sudan, the issues of the refugees and the challenges facing the Sudanese economy to be part of the international economy after the revocation of the sanctions. He said his arguments have received favorable listening from the groups he met and that they expressed readiness to cooperate with the Sudan in the coming period. He explained that he met on the side line of the IMF and WB with the representatives of the American treasury, the UK development agency. He said he met with the undersecretary for treasure and discussed with him lifting the name of the Sudan from the list of countries sponsor of international terrorism, he added that the American banks and the treasury made a number of remarks and that he believed that the meetings have been fruitful and successful. He said he also met with a number of American businessmen and American banks and that they discussed how to encourage American banks open offshoots in the Sudan. He said the meetings were successful and would have some dividends. He said he also met with his Saudi counterpart and with representatives of the Saudi Fund and that they discussed economic relations and how transfers of Sudanese expatriates could be facilitated beside cooperation it eh banking system and its return to normalcy and that the Saudi officials have promised to cooperate in these areas. The minister said he also met with his south Sudanese counterpart and discussed cooperation and issues of mutual interests in the return of relations to normal in border areas, restoration of the Babanous railway link, cooperation in petroleum matters and completion of the technical work required. He said he also met with the international partnership for education and received promise of 75 million dollars in assistance and a grant of 50 million dollars. He said they also agreed to provide an additional 15 million dollars for the Sudan

US Congress Delegation to Visit Sudan Early next Week
Khartoum, SUNA) - A delegation of the US Congress would arrive in Sudan early next week on a three-day visit in the context of a program on the exchange of visits between the National Assembly, the US Congress and governments. A preparatory meeting for the US Congress delegation's visit was held on Thursday, chaired by the Assembly Speaker, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, in presence of the ministers of the economic ministerial sector - the Ministers of Petroleum and Gas, Mining and Animal Resources and Fisheries and the State Ministers of Finance and Industry as well as heads of the National Assembly's committees and their deputies, and discussed a plan to inform the American delegation with Sudan's agricultural, livestock, forests, industrial, oil and mining potentialities. The US Congress delegation will meet with the National Assembly's MPs and address one of its sittings and will also meet with the committee for national dialogue. The American delegation will also review with government officials means of resuming the Sudanese - American dialogue and investment issues. The US Congress delegation will get informed on the situation of human rights through a meeting with Islamic and Christian religious men and will visit a number of universities, institutes and markets. Members of the American delegation will meet with a number of communication companies and businessmen.

April 26, 2018

Al Bashir and Debby Sign Final Communiqué of Border Development Conference
Khartoum - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has affirmed that the recommendations and decisions of the Sudanese-Chadian border development conference have come to remove obstacles in the commercial and economic fields, reaffirming the deep-rooted and strong relations linking the two sisterly countries. President Al Bashir, addressing the concluding session of the Sudanese-Chadian border development conference at Gineina, capital of West Darfur State, yesterday, pointed out that the experience of the joint forces between Sudan and Chad has become a model for the countries of the region. President Al Bashir and his Chadian counterpart Idriss Debby signed the final communique of the conference. Al Bashir stressed the importance of boosting the efforts of the joint forces, directing implementation of the recommendations of the conference after changing them into a program of action, calling for holding regular meetings to follow up implementation of the recommendations that he described as important. He pointed that establishment of the free trade zone between the two countries has come to facilitate exchange of goods and commodities between them. President Al Bashir welcomed President Debby, declaring removal of any restrictions from the Sudanese-Chadian borders to enhance communications and contacts between the two sisterly peoples. Al Bashir referred to allocating an area for Chad at Port Sudan on the Red Sea for its imports and exports. The Chadian President, Idriss Debby, on his part, affirmed that convening the conference aims at boosting the relations between the two countries further, lauding the strong relations linking the two countries in all fields, noting that the two countries are linked with strong geographical, social and cultural bonds. President Debby affirmed that the joint forces between the two countries serve as a model for other countries in realizing stability on joint borders, expressing thanks to state governors and the regular forces for their efforts for making the conference a success. He said the recommendations of the conference constitute a boost to the interests of the two countries and enhance the joint forces to carry out their mission. The recommendations referred to the success of the experience of the joint forces and provision of an environment that is conducive for peaceful coexistence, peace and stability, President Debby said. He affirmed that implementation of the recommendations of the conference would find due concern to fulfill the aspirations of the peoples. Governor of West Darfur State Fadhal-Amoula Al-Haja, on his part, lauded the distinguished relations linking Sudan and Chad, stressing the importance of developing these relations further for serving the issues of peace, security and stability in the two countries and the region. The final communique of the conference, which was read out by Minister of Federal Government Chamber Hamid Mumtaz, affirmed that the conference underscored reactivation of agreements and protocols concluded between the two sides in all fields. Meanwhile, Minister of Trade Hatim Al-Sir has disclosed an agreement with the Chadian side on resumption of border trade, developing trade exchanges between the two countries and simplification of transit trade procedures for Chad. The Minister added he has agreed with Chadian Minister of Trade and Industry Yousuf Abu Saleh on the fringes of the conference on the importance of concluding agreements in this field. He affirmed that the Sudanese-Chadian border development conference constitutes an indicator for the strong and distinguished relations linking the two countries, pointing out that it would enhance the movement of trade and expedites establishment of the free trade zone in Gineina.

Minister of Transport hails bilateral relations between Sudan and Qatar
Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges Makkawy Mohammed Awad praised advanced bilateral relations between Sudan and the sisterly country of Qatar, which is pushing forward development. For its part, in the framework of the joint cooperation between the two countries, Qatar state has provided for Sudanese Sea Ports Authority with 2 mobile cranes with loads ranging from 70 to 100 tons, 4 spiders handbrake and 1 launch boatswain for 2 launches for services. It is worth mentioning that the Qatari Minister of Transport has recently visited Sudan for his country’s desire to establish a modern and developed port in Swakin city on the Red Sea in eastern Sudan, which will open prospects for cooperation between Sudan and Qatar in various maritime fields.

Agreement between Sudan and Turkey to achieve economic benefits
The Chairman of the Executive Committee for Sudanese-Turkish Cooperation, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, on Tuesday, the continuation of the strategic partnership with the Turkish side, in areas of common interest, so as to achieve economic benefits between the two countries. In a press statement following the regular meeting of the committee at the Presidential Palace, Jaz said that cooperation between Sudan and Turkey includes the development of livestock through the establishment of the Center for the Development of Animal Breeds, in addition to agricultural work across the public and private sectors. He explained that it was agreed with the Turkish side to end the funding arrears and start financing new projects. Al-Jazz highlighted the establishment of the Joint Businessmen Council to promote economic and investment partnerships between the two countries.

April 25, 2018

Sudan UK issue joint statement
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Tuesday hosted the fifth session of the strategic dialogue between the United Kingdom and the Sudan. The Sudan side was chaired by Ambassador Abdul Ghani Nayeem the Undersecretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs while the UK side was led by the Director of African affair at the UK foreign office , Neil Wigan. A joint statement said the two sides have discussed bilateral questions, the peace process and human rights as well as trade, investment, migration and defense besides fighting terrorism and violent extremism and other regional questions. The statement said the two sides have welcomed the continuation of joint action in several bilateral fields as launched during the last session of the strategic dialogue and agreed to complete work on joint action in the areas of mutual interests in the coming few months. The statement said the two sides have welcomed continued meetings at high level between government officials including last December's meeting of the ministers for foreign affairs. It added that the two side discussed future programmes of action that included development, reform of the economy and also provision of technical assistance and improvement of the investment indicators for the Sudan. On human rights questions, the statement said, the two sides are agreed to continue regular dialogue between the government and that Sudan continues to hold to its commitments to international agreement and to cooperating with the human rights mechanism, welcoming in this regard Sudan's joining of international agreements and conventions. It said the two sides underline the need to continue working together against human trafficking.The statement said the two sides have also welcomed the progress made in the peace process in the Sudan, the ceasefire declaration in Darfur and the establishment of a provisional base in Golo for the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur UNAMID, stressing that cooperation would continue to achieve peace in Darfur and implementing the development assistance programme, as well as the efforts exerted to achieve peace under the auspices of the African Union High level implementation panel. The two sides have expressed their grave concern regarding the continuation of the conflict in South Sudan, with the UK welcoming the positive efforts exerted by the Sudan in opening up relief corridors in the borders with south Sudan and in hosting refugees coming from South Sudan. The two sides commended the join cultural cooperation. They expressed satisfaction over the outcome of the National Dialogue in the Sudan. They agreed to hold the coming round in London, in October.


FM Undersecretary: Sudan-UK Strategic Dialogue in Strategic Partnership Stage
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Ambassador, Abdul Ghani Al-Naeim has underlined that the Sudan-UK Strategic Partnership has reached the foundation stage . Ambassador, Al-Naeim addressing the joint press conference which followed the meetings of the Sudan-UK Strategic Dialogue Committee which were held, Tuesday, at the Diplomatic Club, in the presence of the British side, has described the 5th round as positive where, the two sides reached real outcome, referring that the next round will be turned into a work program between the two countries . He underlined that included the military, security, economic and cultural fields.The Director of the African Department, at the British Foreign Office, said the dialogue covered a number of major issues including military, security, economic and human rights issues . "Britain will inform the US that Sudan is cooperative in the fight against terrorism for lifting its name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism" however, it would be an American option" He added . He told the reporters that Britain encourages peace process in Sudan, calling on the opposition to cooperate to make peace in the Two Areas and all the Sudan, affirming the continuation of the Sudan- UK Strategic Dialogue .

Meetings on Sudan-Egypt electrical connection begin
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The joint technical meetings between Ministry of Water Resources , Irrigation and Electricity and Egypt's Sector of Electricity and Renewable Energy commenced Tuesday at premises of Sudan's Holding Electricity Company to discuss preparation of roadmap on establishment of line linking the two countries at level of 220 kilowatts.
Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity, Engineer Musa Omer Abul-Gasim said studies related to technical aspects of the line are ready , expecting completion of the project within four months. He said the meeting discussed the execution timetables, exchange of experiences , development of infrastructures of electricity between Sudan and Egypt, elaborating that the electrical link between the two countries would lead to stability of national grids, open opportunities of joint investment , particularly in area of renewable energy in addition to cementing ties and boosting exchange of benefits. Deputy Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Engineer Osmama Asran indicated to importance of electrical connection between Sudan and Egypt amid rise of demand for energy , saying the link would consolidate ties of fraternity between the two people. He called for continued improvement of electricity systems through raising the efficiency of distribution and use of energy with its all forms with aim to achieve the sustainable development , stressing continuation in exchange of expertise with Sudan in governance of electricity sector , legislations and laws encouraging investment in the sector , especially in field of renewable energy.

Defence Minister Receives American Charge d' Affaires
Khartoum - (SUNA) The Minister of Defence 1st Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Ouf, Monday received in his office the American Charge d' Affaires to Sudan, Steven Koutsis, in the presence of the US Military Attaché, and affirmed Sudan keenness to establish healthy and productive relations with the United States that are based on mutual respect and cooperation for serving the issues of international security and peace. The meeting has discussed a number of issues of mutual concern, regional and international issues ad means for enhancing the security and stability at the region. The Minister of Defence has affirmed Sudan government readiness for the second phase of the Sudanese - American dialogue, response to all queries and pressing ahead in its relations with the United States. The US Charge d' Affaires has expressed the US appreciation of the efforts being exerted by Sudan and its commitment to boosting the international peace and security. He referred to the successes achieved at the level of the first phase of the dialogue between the two countries, affirming the United States' readiness for the second stage of the dialogue.

Forum on the Role of the Medical and Health Professionals to Convene
Khartoum - The Higher Committee of the National Conference on Professional and Health rights is organizing today the second Forum on the role of medical and health professionals that will participated by Deans and heads of departments in medical and Health professions colleges to prepare for the National Conference on Professional rights, which will be held next June The Secretary General of the General Federation of Medical and Health professions, Dr. Musab Bireir said that the conference issues represent an achievement for medical and health professionals for Health cadres, noting that the Conference addressing the issue of retention to cover and promote all medical workers. Berar pointed out to the successes and achievements made by the major professional associations of the scientific Professions as well as the continuation of the forums of health issues that covered most of the professional development gaps. The Chairman of the Scientific Papers Committee of the Conference, Dr. Tijani Mohamed Al Hassan said conference issues represent an achievement for all medical and health professionals to promote and develop cadres.

April 24, 2018

Sudan produces 36.5 tons of gold in first quarter 2018
Sudan’s gold production has reached 36.5 tons during the first quarter of this year, said a report released Sunday by the Sudanese Minerals Resources Company (SMRC), the monitoring arm of the Sudan Minerals Ministry. The SMRC performance report revealed that the “production of gold for the first quarter reached (36.5) tons with a performance rate of (162%) while the revenues during the first quarter reached 778.548 million Sudanese pounds ($43 million) with a performance rate of 104%,” said a statement released by the minerals ministry. During a meeting chaired by the Minister of Minerals Hashem Ali Salem, SMRC Director General, Mujahid Bilal, said that the production of traditional mining represents 88% of production during the first quarter of 2018. Gold production is now Sudan’s main source of hard currency after the secession of South Sudan where are the two third of its oil reserves before 2011. However, restrictions on the hard currency by the Central represent a big challenge impeding the development of the mining industry but also encourage traditional minors to smuggle their production to neighboring countries. Sudanese officials said they hope to increase gold production to more than 140 tons during this year and make Sudan the first gold producer in Africa by 2018.

Ownership of Block 25 Al-Rawat returns to government of Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Two Nigerian companies Express and Miassa have sold theirs shares of 30% in the Al Rawat Block 25 to the Sudanese petroleum company Sudapet, thus the block has become fully Sudanese. Sudapet will thus continue its oil exploration and production in the block according to this agreement. The Director General of the Sudanese Sudapet company, Adel Omar Ali, signed for the Sudan while the Director General of the Nigerian express company, Abu Bakar Ain Danatta signed for his company and Alfred Alophamy, the Director General, signed for the Missana Company. Adil, sadi block 25 which about 420 km south of Khartoum and 140 south of Kosti town, covers the northern part of Melut basic the area of which is 26,196 km. the black covers two other blocks under discovery, 25 E and 25 D The prospection operation stared in this area back in 2001-2012 and showed promising presence of petroleum in Rawat central and Watch field. An agreement was signed on block 25 was signed in26th of march 2015 giving Sudapet 70 % against 15 % for each of Express and 15% for Missana company The signing ceremony was attended by the Minister for Petroleum and Gas, Dr Abdul Rahaman Osman along with senior official from the ministry and representatives of the Nigerian companies. Minister Abdul Rahaman has pointed out that said the ministry is keen to provide the technical and financial assistance needed by the company for completing the production project in Bloc 25 , commending he efforts exerted by the Sudanese manpower launching the production which will be at about 10,000 barrels a day after six months from provision of the required funds of about 200 million dollars, that includes the production costs, installations and the pipeline, to kick off the real production which is 100% Sudan government ownership The ministry has denied a published sponsored article about the blocks ownership by foreign companies, saying the article was unfounded and baseless.

Sheikha Fatima Hospital inaugurated in River Nile State, Sudan
Dr. Widad Babiker, wife of the Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, and Chairwoman of Sanad Charity Foundation, inaugurated today Sheikha Fatima Field Hospital for Women and Children in River Nile State, north of the Sudan’s capital Khartoum. The hospital is a part of the initiative launched by H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, to provide diagnostic, curative, surgical and preventive healthcare services to the poor people in different parts of the world. Rahma Fadel Al Shamsi, Advisor to the UAE’s Mission in Sudan, attended the event alongside Dr. Adel Al Shamri, Chief Executive Officer of the Zayed Giving Initiative, Mashair Al-Dawalab, Sudanese Minister of Welfare and Social Security, number of ministers, officials and doctors from both UAE and Sudan. Volunteer medical staff from UAE and Sudan will provide, through the hospital, healthcare services to women and children irrespective of their sexes, races, colours, faiths and sects. The medical facility has been collectively launched by Zayed Giving Initiative, the General Women’s Union and Sanad Charity Foundation in strategic partnership with Dar Al Ber Society, Sharjah Charity House and Saudi German Hospitals Group and in line with ‘Year of Zayed 2018’ initiative launched by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Widad commended the efforts of the ‘Mother of the Nation’ for supporting philanthropic projects across the world with the ultimate objective of alleviating the suffering of poor patients, with focus on women and children. In addition to capacity building and empowering of young people in the charity areas. “This initiative, the first-of-its-kind in the world, underscores Sheikha Fatima’s unrelenting support and care for the Arab women be providing them with medical care of high quality through this field hospital, which is equipped with the most-up-to-date medical equipment,” she said. She also highlighted the strong relationships between the two countries that were founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and continued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the Sudanese President.

April 23, 2018

Tripartite meeting of Sudan, chad, Niger chiefs of staff held in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Tripartite meeting of top military officials of Sudan, Niger and Chad, took place in Khartoum to discuss how to secure border areas in the region. The Sudan side was led by the Chief of Staffs, Lt Gen kamal Abdul Maaroof Al Mahi, the Niger side was headed by Lt Gen Ahmed Mohamed Chief of Staffs of the Armed Forces of Niger while the Chadian Delegation was headed by Lt Gen. Ibrahim Saeed, the Commander in Chief of the Chadian Armed Forces. The meeting discussed means and way of boosting solidarity and working together to face challenges related to monitoring, protecting the borders, combating cross border crimes and waging war against terrorism and unruly elements while at the same time realizing security and stability in the region. The meeting concluded with a stress on holding the meeting of the committee of experts from the three countries which will be convened in Ndjamena, Chad, in May to draw a document that would be the framework for monitoring and securing the borders of the three countries. The two military officials from chad and Niger were received, separately, early in the day by the Chief of Staffs, who pointed out in the meeting that Sudan was keen to boost its cooperation with each the two countries. He said Sudan looks forwards to unification of the stands and efforts between Sudan and chad and Niger in a way that would achieve stability in the area and the region at large. The Niger official, Lt Gen Ahmed Mohamed praised the relations linking his country to the Sudan pointing out to the eternal relations between the two and saying his country would cooperate and work with the Sudan to achieve the desired objectives. Lt Gen Ibrahim Saeed of Chad has on his part expressed his deep joy to visit the Sudan and said the visit comes within the context of the concerted efforts and unification of visions between the Sudan, Chad and Niger for securing the borders, emanating from the Niamey meeting which was convened there at the beginning of the month.

Foreign Affairs: Arrangements to Prepare for Chinese President's Visit to Sudan
Khartoum (SMC) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the start of consultations and arrangements for the upcoming
visit of the Chinese President to Sudan this year, revealing a number of proposals for the date of the visit. Ambassador of the Sudan to Beijing, Omer Ahmed said that the Chinese President accepted the invitation of the President of the Republic to visit Sudan, indicating that the joint working group to arrange the visit works to determine the date in accordance with the program of the two presidents, pointing out that the President of the Republic directed the implementation of the strategic agreements signed between the two countries on the ground to serve the peoples of the two countries, indicating that China is willing to increase its investments in Sudan, especially in the sectors of oil, energy and industry.

April 20, 2018

Minister of Oil receives invitation for participation in Canada Oil Exhibition
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister of Oil and Gas , Dr Abdul-Rahman Osman Abdul-Rahman, received Thursday at of the ministry the Canadian Charge d'Affaires to Sudan, Salah-Eddin bin Dawoad, Thursday, who extended an invitation to the minister for taking part in Canada Oil and Gas Exhibition, which is the biggest of its kind in the world. The minister said the ministry welcomes any external forum to promote for investment opportunities in the oil sector in Sudan, especially after the lifting of sanctions imposed on the country. He said that Canada has contributed to development of the Sudanese oil sector through the Canadian State Oil Company which has expressed desire to return to invest in Sudan, announcing the ministry's keenness to give the desirous companies wide space in the oil and gas sector. The Canadian Charge d'Affaires said that the Canadian Oil and Gas Exibition will be held in mid-June with participation of over 1000 companies, pointing out that Sudan participation in the exhibition is important for exchange of views and attraction of Canadian investors to invest in the oil sector in Sudan.

Sudan complains to UN over Egypt holding elections in disputed Halayeb
Sudan has filed a complaint at the United Nations Security Council against Egypt after it allowed residents of the disputed Halayeb triangle to vote in last month’s presidential elections. “We have complained to the UN Security Council against Egypt for organising voting in Halayeb during its presidential election in March,” Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said yesterday. “We have recently submitted three separate complaints to the UN Security Council, the first to protest the demarcation of maritime border between Egypt and Saudi Arabia which showed Halayeb as part of Egyptian territories,” Ghandour said. “We filed a second complaint in February against Egypt’s establishment of two fishing ports in Shalateen and Aboramad and filed a third complaint in response to holding Egyptian presidential elections in the disputed triangle,” Ghandour continued. He called on Egypt to negotiation or accept international arbitration to resolve the dispute over the Halayeb area. “Our position of full sovereignty on Halayeb triangle is something that is not negotiable,” he said, but insisted that a military conflict with Egypt was not “an alternative at all” to solve the issue.

Million signatures to support Bashir re-election
Greater Darfur state have launched a campaign to collect Million signatures prior to be submitted to the National Assembly for the sake of amending the 2005 interim constitution, Greater Darfur Initiative for supporting Bashir re-election announced.
Officials from the Initiative’s executive office have met with the National Assembly’s deputy speaker and let him know of the Initiative’s goals and means of carrying them out. “The Initiative’s umbrella includes civil society, political forces, youth, students, women and public administration”, the executives noted. They further added that the initiative is keen on the country’s unity, rule of law, tackling issues of refugees and IDPs and appealing to non-signatories to joint peace process.

Sudan: Minister of Finance Agree to Funds Construction of Large Silos
The General Manager of Agricultural Bank, Salah-Eddin Hassan Ahmed, said that the Central Bank of Sudan and the Minister of Finance and Agriculture have agreed to fund construction of silos, with a caapcity from 5000 tons to 200000 tons, and establish new cold stores, stores for saving seeds to solve stores shortage in Sudan. Salah-Eddin said Wednesday at SUNA forum that the Agricultural Bank obtains the largest store in Sudan with a capacity of 200000 tons, pointing to the importance of keeping strategic inventory. He said that the general directive for the funding policy gives priority to fund the project that will increase the exports and food imports. He pointed out that Sudan is one of the top three countries that has enough resources to enhance food production besides Canada and Australia, saying that Sudan needs many things such as infrastructures and more production

April 19, 2018

Country Discusses Foreign Debts Writing Off in Washington Next Week
Khartoum- (SMC) A government delegation discusses during the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, scheduled for Washington next week, means of writing off the country’s foreign debts. The delegation, which is led by Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi and comprises Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Hazim Abdul-Gadir, according to Sudan News Agency, would hold intensive meetings during the meetings with concerned bodies in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the issues of concern to the country top of them the country’s foreign debts. The delegation is to meet also US Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury as it also holds briefing meetings with donors on Sudan efforts for poverty reduction.

Trade Ministry Pledges to Open Door for Importation
Khartoum - The Ministry of Trade has promised to open the door for importation as soon as possible after the measures that had been adopted by the government recently to control imports to lessen pressures on the country’s foreign exchange resources. Minister of Trade Hatim Al-Sir described in a press statement yesterday the measures as temporary ones to control some economic situations in the country, stressing the importance of exempting production inputs and raw materials importation for the Sudanese industry from any measures. He described the situation of reserve of strategic commodities in the market as good for meeting the needs of the consumers during the holy month of Ramadan. The Minister announced that agreement has been reached with the Central Bank of Sudan, the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority to expedite work for provision of raw materials to the Sudanese industry that produces food materials and consumer goods for local consumption and export through easy procedures.

Kenya Tea to Access Sudanese Market as Standards Addressed
Kenya tea will continue to access the Sudanese market without hurdles as standards watchdogs from both countries conduct joint research to determine the actual shelf life of the commodity. Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) and Sudan Standards and Metrology Organisation (SSMO) are carrying out a three-year joint scientific research expected to come up with the mutually acceptable expiry date. “Kenya’s tea will continue accessing Sudan market without restrictions as the three-year study is going on,” Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed told the Business Daily. In 2015, SSMO revised the shelf-life from three years to one-and-a-half years — a major blow to Kenya’s top foreign earner. Deputy President William Ruto and Sudan President Omar El Bashir met in Sudan last week where this and the long-standing trade barrier requiring Kenya to seek permit every year for exporting tea were discussed and resolved. The standoff over the sell-by date threatened tea exports to Sudan, which is among Kenya’s top 10 buyers of the commodity, pushing down the volumes purchased by Khartoum in 2015 by 19 million kilogrammes. Sudan is a key buyer of Kenya’s tea and last year emerged position six having purchased beverage worthy Sh5 billion. Kebs started testing tea destined to Sudan in January following the request by Khartoum as one of the conditions for accessing the market.

Minister of Finance Agree to Funds Construction of Large Silos
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The General Manager of Agricultural Bank, Salah-Eddin Hassan Ahmed, said that the Central Bank of Sudan and the Minister of Finance and Agriculture have agreed to fund construction of silos, with a caapcity from 5000 tons to 200000 tons, and establish new cold stores, stores for saving seeds to solve stores shortage in Sudan. Salah-Eddin said Wednesday at SUNA forum that the Agricultural Bank obtains the largest store in Sudan with a capacity of 200000 tons, ointing to the importance of keeping strategic inventory. He said that the general directive for the funding policy gives priority to fund the project that will increase the exports and food imports. He pointed out that Sudan is one of the top three countries that has enough resources to enhance food production besides Canada and Australia, saying that Sudan needs many things such as infrastructures and more production.

April 18, 2018

President Al-Basher witnesses Gulf Shield 1 Exercises
Ras Al-Kheir, (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher witnessed, Tuesday, the conclusion of the Joint Gulf Shield1 Exercises, in Ras Al-Kheir area in Saudi Arabia among a number of Kings and presidents of Arab and Islamic countries who responded to the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bi Abdul Aziz. The joint military exercises aim at strengthening the cooperation and coordination of the Armed Forces to confront terrorism and realize peace and stability in the region .

Sudan Participates in WB-IMF Spring Meetings in Washington
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, General, Dr. Mohammed Osman Al-Rikabbi will lead Sudan's delegations to the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) scheduled to be held, in Washington during, April 20-22 . The minister has described the meetings as the international economic gathering that will be attended by Sudan's delegation which includes the Governor of the Bank of Sudan . He underlined that will hold intensive talks with the WB and IMF officials concerning Sudan issues, top of which, Sudan foreign debts .

World Bank grants more than $ 3 million for Nile River state
Governor of Nile state, Hatem Al-Wasila, said that state transparency, institutionalization and fighting corruption are priority of government, which led to receipt more than three million dollars. Minister of Finance in the state Othman Yacoub said the plan 2018 took into account the basic needs of citizens. In the first forum of TQM and excellence, organized by the Supreme Council for Total Quality and Excellence in the State under the slogan “Towards Entrepreneurship and Excellence for Doing Business under the State Reform Program” which held at education Ministry, Al-Wasila confirmed that government is committed to applying the comprehensive quality standards in all fields. He said anti-corruption convinced the World Bank to provide more than $ 3 million to the state, which in turn has been able to implement a number of training programs in procurement, contracting and internal auditing, budgeting, that will be next June. For his part, Minister of Finance Othman Yaqoub, said that natural resources and the great human resource are important to make state as model to provide quality and excellence. He added that the state plan for 2018 found political mobilization, support, and took care of the basic needs of citizens, the program of the transition to the state e-government ,program, “Zero thirst” and the literacy program, in addition to the implementation of training programs and capacity enhancement.

April 17, 2018

FVP pays surprise visit to sugar storages
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The First Vice-President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen Bakri Hassan Salih , on Monday paid a surprise visit to storages of Kenana Sugar Company and the Sudanese Sugar Company where he was assured of quantities of sugar produced in the Country. The First Vice-President was accompanied by heads of ministerial sectors and Ministers of Finance and Economic Planning , Trade, Industry and Council of Ministers. Minister of Finance , Dr Mohamed Al-Rekabi said in press statements that the existing quantities of sugar and that it would be imported would be sufficient for consumption till beginning of the next year. He said quantities of sugar in storages of national companies would provided through low-price centers in the capital and the states , and cooperative societies to stabilize and decrease the sugar price. Minister of Trade, Hatem Al-Sir , for his part, said quantities of sugar would be distributed through official channels to stabilize prices of the goods , referring to provision of sugar . State Minister for Industry, Dr Abdou Dawood said the visit of the Fifrst Vice-President his accompanied delegation to national factories storages of sugar came to get assured of quantities of sugar which have been produced and preparedness for the new season, stressing that the production this year was higher than the previous one. He announced the Ministry would introduce more than two million sacks for market within coming two days. The Acting Managing Director of Kenana Sugar Company, Yahya Mohamed Yousif, revealed that the Company has in its storages two million 50kg-bags of sugar and 500 thousands bags of sugar of 10kg. He said the Company plans to produce 6 millions and 400 thousands bags of sugar this year . Director of Sudanese Sugar Company, Al-Misbah Ahmed Ali , said the Company has stockpiles of three million bags of sugar and 153, 629 tons in the Company storages in the states. Chairman of the Sudanese Workers Trade Union Federation (SWTUF), Engineer Yousif Ali Abdul-Karim stated that the SWTUF would distribute 745,000 bags of sugar at reasonable price for workers across the country within the coming period.

General Hussein Announces establishment of local legislative councils
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Wali (governor) of Khartoum State, General, Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hussein has announced the establishment of the Local Legislative Councils, in the state, during the coming period . General, Hussein, has indicated, in his statement before the Council of States, on the state's performance for 2017 that the new councils will be provided for the participants in the National Dialogue.


Sudan to participate in electronic trade week in Geneva
Sudan’s permanent representative at UN and Coordinator of African Group of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD, Mustafa Osman Ismail has met with AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy. The meeting discussed means of involving the African countries in the electronic trade with special attention to promotion of the internet infrastructures to guarantee full coverage. The meeting underlined the importance of continuous cooperation between Geneva and Addis Ababa to carry out joint programs regarding capacity building and promoting the African continent free trade zone.

April 16, 2018

King Salman Receives Arab Leaders and Heads of Delegations Participating in the 29th Arab Summit
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received at King Abdulaziz International Cultural Center in Dhahran today Arab leaders and Heads of delegations participating in the 29th Arab Summit, in the presence of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Vice President of the Council of Ministers, and Minister of Defense. The King welcomed the Arab leaders and heads of delegations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Commemorative photos of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Arab leaders, and heads of delegations were taken on this occasion.

Arab Summit Starts 29th session in Dhahran
The Arab Summit started today its 29th ordinary session at King Abdulaziz International Cultural Center in Dhahran. At the outset of the summit, verses from the Holy Quran were recited.

Al Bashir meets Mohammed bin Rashid
President of the Republic Omer al Bashir has met Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai on the sidelines of the 29th Arab Summit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Basher Renews Sudan unshakeable stance of peaceful solution for Arab issues
Zahran , (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal has renewed Sudan firm position for peaceful solution for the Arab issues, specially, the Yemeni and Syrian issues . President Al-Basher who was addressing, Sunday, the 29th Ordinary Arab Summit, in Zahran, Saudi Arabia, has lauded the government and the people of Saudi Arabia for hosting the ordinary Arab Summit and its role in solving the Arab issues . He condemned launching of the missiles by the Houthi militias towards the Saudi territories, affirming Sudan's rejection to the regional intervention in Syrian affairs .

April 03, 2018

Indian Ambassador Presented Credentials to the President of the Republic of Sudan
Khartoum - Everyone believes that the Nile water brings back a few people to Sudan after their first visit. It has also happened in the Diplomatic circles. Ambassador of India H.E. Mr. Ravindra Prasad Jaiswal is the current example. He visited Khartoum in 2003 on special duty when the then President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam made a state visit to Sudan. Mr.Ravindra Prasad Jaiswal is back this time as the Ambassador of India. His letter of Credence was accepted by the President of the Republic of Sudan on 26th March’18. Ambassador Jaiswal was Deputy Head of Mission at Berne, Switzerland before assuming charge in Sudan. He is Ambassador of India to Sudan and Eritrea. Ambassador Jaiswal has earlier served in Egypt, Ethiopia and Qatar. The Ambassador is a qualified Civil Engineer and an M.Phil. in Environmental Science. He is accompanied by his wife Mrs. Amrita Jaiswal and their teenage son.

Republican decree to appoint first deputy governor of Central Bank of Sudan
The President of Republic Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, on Sunday, decided by a presidential decree to exemption the First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, Badr Al-Din Qureshi of his position and appointed Masaad Mohammed Ahmed. Masaad previously worked in the Department of External Relations of CBOS .He was President of the Union of Banks and the Director General of the Industrial Development Bank. He has also worked with a number of local banks, including Al Tadhamon Islamic Bank and Sudanese-French Bank.He has also worked for National Agency for Export Insurance and Finance and Sudan Airways.

Governor: Khartoum State open to all type of investments
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Governor of Khartoum State, lt Gen Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussain, has reaffirmed that the doors of his state remain open for all types of investment and that his government would do its level best to create a climate attractive for investment capitals. The governor said investment priority is given to the agricultural sector, both plant and animal, and that the state has feasibility studies ready for those projects. The governor on Monday received a group of Saudi investors, the Saudi Faisal Holding investment group which works in the field of agriculture, foods and beverage as well as dairy production the Middle East. The meeting was attended by the minister of industry and investment, Abdalla Ahmed Hamad who presented a thorough presentation of the investment opportunities in the state and the laws and incentives provided for investors in the said domains.

March 22, 2018

President of the Republic signs Kigali Declaration , AfCFTA Agreement
Kigali. (SUNA)-The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir signed during his participation in inaugural sitting of the 10th Session of AU Extraordinary Summit in Rwandan capital of Kigali , the Kigali Declaration, Agreement of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and a Protocol on Free Movement of People between African Countries. SUNA noted that over 40 African countries have signed the AfCFTA Agreement and by signing the documents of the Agreement by the African leaders the AfFTA has been ratified and officially adopted.

Minister: Sudan will become first beneficiary of African CFTA
Kigali,(SUNA)- Minister of Trade and member of Sudan delegation participating in AU Extraordinary Summit on establishment of African Continental Free Trade Area(CFTA) in Kigali, Hatem Al-Sir said that Sudan would become the first beneficiary of establishment of CFTA regarding tremendous resources Sudan enjoys in various domains. He stated in a press statement to SUNA that Sudan has some reservations over the Agreement regarding liberation of customs tariffs but, he said , it has been agreed that the issue would be discussed in the coming stages of appendixes complementary to CFTA Agreement . The Minister added that the CFTA would create work opportunities for graduates and address unemployment in African countries. He further added the Agreement was received consent and overwhelmingly agreed by the all stakeholders in Sudan as it supports the State's trend of economic reform.

FVP Launches Wheat Harvest in River Nile State
Atbara — (SUNA) First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh launched on Wednesday the harvest of wheat and sunflower in the agricultural efficiency project "Al Rajhi Project" in the Barber Locality in the state of the River Nile. The Prime Minister inspected the practice of the solar energy project, the project of Zadi1 Well, the barns of cows fattening in the project as well as the launching of wheat harvest at the project of food security in Dammer. The Cabinet of the State Government Ministers, during its emergency meeting held on Tuesday at the government secretariat in Damer headed by Maj. Gen. Hatem al-Wasila got assured on the latest arrangements for the visit of the First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister to the state. The meeting stressed the importance of benefiting from the visit, especially with respect to Omal-Toyor-Al-Bawga Road, electrification of the agricultural projects, the issues of refrigerated storage and the basin of Wadi Salwa at Al-Matama.

March 21, 2018

Sudanese-Egyptian Summit Discusses Strengthening of Bilateral Relations
Khartoum - (Zuleikha - Al-Sammani ) President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir stressed that there is strong political will for cooperation to resolve any problematic issues between Sudan and Egypt. Addressing the joint press conference with the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi at the end of his visit to Egypt, Al Bashir said that all bilateral meetings in Khartoum or Cairo were positive and the relations between the two countries are historical and linked by common destiny, common future, culture and religion, adding that the two peoples in both countries will benefit from the joint cooperation. Al Bashir said that he discussed with his Egyptian counterpart Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, electrical, river, sea and rail links, pointing out that they have no choice but to cooperate and work with each other. "We will focus on holding summits in Khartoum and Cairo, and it will be an opportunity to review the mechanisms and what has been done to strengthen them, and to remove the obstacles that face joint cooperation” , Al Bashir said, adding , “Egypt is going through an election period and it is always an opportunity for destabilization and insecurity, we pray to preserve the security and stability of Egypt, the timing of the visit came to support the stability of Egypt and support of President Al-Sisi, we are one country and one people, linking by history, geography, culture and religion”. Al Bashir thanked President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and the Egyptian people for their warm hospitality since his arrival in Egypt. For his part, President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi said that the Nile River represents the life line of the Nile Valley peoples, noting that Egypt has confirmed its intention to work with Sudan and the brothers in Ethiopia to reach a partnership in the River Nile that benefits everyone without harming any party, with the continuation of work to implement the outcomes of the tripartite summit on GERD, adding that it was agreed to start preparing for the joint committee to be held under the chairmanship of the presidents of the two countries during the current year in Khartoum. Al-Sisi stressed the importance of cooperation and consultation between Egypt and Sudan, and coordination in various fields and issues of interest to both countries, and activating the various mechanisms between the two countries, including the Committee on Trade Promotion, Supreme Nile Water Authority, Military Committee and Border Crossings Committee, indicating that there are other committees working on addressing difficulties and challenges and to support the strong relations between the two countries , adding that they agreed on the periodicity of holding these mechanisms on a regular basis in a manner that ensures the enhancement of the interests of the two countries and solving any problems that may arise between them, pointing out to the intention of the two countries to enhancing the cooperation in the fields of energy, linking of electricity and land and maritime, besides infrastructure projects. "This dignified visit comes to reflect the positive spirit between the two countries and the keenness to enhance consultation on issues of mutual concern," Al-Sisi said, adding, "we discussed common issues and bilateral coordination at the highest level, which reflects the great importance of the joint relations, we agreed for work, consultation, coordination on issues of mutual interest." The President of the Republic was accompanied by the Minister of the Presidency, Dr. Fadul Abdullah Fadul, Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, NISS Chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Engineer Salah Abdullah, and State Minister, Director of the offices of the President, Hatim Hassan Bakhit.

Ministry of Minerals, MTN company sign agreement to provide telecommunication services to mining areas
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The Ministry of Minerals, represented by its service arm "Sudamine" signed a memorandum of understanding Sunday with MTN Company to provide telecommunication services to the mining areas including a distinguished service of data transmission and Internet services with high capacity, Networking, monitoring, tracking and monitoring through ICT technology and mobile payment services (Mobile Cash). In a press statement following the signing of the agreement, the General Manager of Sudamine Kamal Hassan Al-Haj affirmed that the aim of the memorandum of understanding was to benefit from the multi-service and wide network provided by MTN Telecommunication Company, especially that Sudameen is concerned with the provision of services to the mining areas that are not connected by telecommunication networks. The most important services provided by the company are network connectivity services for data transfer in addition to the mobile service Cash, describing those services as important to the mining sector as they are located in remote areas do not have networks. For his part, the General Manager of MTN Malik Millamu said that his company would provide technology to develop the mining sector through the technical capabilities that would be used by the company to develop the mining sector in Sudan, revealing that they have been able during the past years to provide significant services to the companies operating in the mineral sector in Sudan. He said that the company's great experience resulting from working in a number of African countries was ready to provide services that could contribute to the development of the sector, disclosing the company's solutions to the problems of gold smuggling as well as technology to protect workers in this field, referring to the service of Mobile Cash that helps a lot in the transfer of funds from the mining areas to the capital Khartoum, pledging their full commitment to providing the best services to mining companies.

March 20, 2018

Finance Minister vows to provide facilities to UAE investments in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi has stressed the depth of the developed economic relations between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), pointing to UAE continued support to Sudan, urging support for Arab food security projects. During his meeting with the UAE Ambassador in Khartoum Hamad Al-Junaibi, the Minister of Fiannce discussed the relations between the two countries and the coordination of positions in the meetings of Arab Funds held this year in Amman, capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, stressing provision of all facilities to the UAE investments in Sudan in all fields For his part, the UAE ambassador in Khartoum praised the efforts exerted by the Sudan from all financial system units including the private sector and banks to the investments of the United Arab Emirates in Sudan. Ambassador Al-Junibi said that the Minister of Finance expressed his readiness to provide facilities to the UAE investments in Sudan to support Arab food security projects. The UAE Ambassador handed over the Minister of Finance a message from the UAE State Minister for Financial Affairs on the relations between the two countries and means of strengthening and boosting them to wider horizons.

Russia to start construction of nuclear power station in Sudan next year: minister
Sudan and Russia on Friday have signed in Moscow an agreement to embark on the building of a nuclear plant for peaceful purposes in Sudan in the middle of 2019. Sudan’s Minister of Water Resources and Electricity Muataz Musa said the agreement would allow for the construction of infrastructure of the peaceful nuclear power and training of Sudanese cadres in this field. Musa, who is currently visiting Russia, added the joint Sudanese-Russian team has developed a detailed programme to build the nuclear plant, saying the first station would be built in the first half of next year. He pointed out that his visit to Moscow was an opportunity to learn about Russia’s nuclear capabilities, saying he visited the nuclear plant at Leningrad. Last December, the Russian State Corporation for Atomic Energy (Rosatom) said it signed an agreement to build the first nuclear power plant to produce electricity in Sudan. In November 2017, Musa said the construction of the nuclear plant will take a year and a half after the signing of the contract, pointing the project is part of a government plan to generate more than 5000 megawatts by 2020. Also, earlier this month Musa said Russia has agreed to supply Sudan with a small- capacity floating nuclear plant to produce electricity. Since several years, Sudan announced it had plans to build a four-reactor nuclear power plant to fill the gap in power generation by 2030.

March 19, 2018

Al-Mahadi to chair Council of Opposition amid SPLM-N withdrawal
SPLM-N Alhelo faction has boycotted the opposition umbrella Sudan Call’s meeting conducted in Paris from 13-to 17 March. Meanwhile the alliance chose the National Umma Party (NUP) leader Sadiq al-Mahdi as the chairman of the Sudan Call Leadership Council Minni Minnawi, Sudan Liberation Movement leader, has been selected as the secretary-general and he should be assisted by two deputies. The leaders of the other groups, including Agar, Justice and Equality Movement leader Gibril Ibrahim and Omer al-Digair of the Sudanese Congress Party are members of the leadership body. The alliance had experienced severe differences in a way that could spark splits among the alliance umbrella. A statement issued earlier by the National Consensus Coalition slammed meetings conducted with the US envoy. “Those who participated in the meetings only represent their political parties not the Sudan Call”, the statement reads.


China's "Two Sessions" Key to Sudan-China Relations: Analysts
KHARTOUM - (Xinhua) The annual meetings of China's top legislature and political advisory body are significant to China's relations with the rest of the world, Sudanese political analysts said. Known as the "two sessions," the events "foretell a bright future for China," Nasser Merghani, a Sudanese political analyst, said in a recent interview with Xinhua. Noting that China has made major achievements over the past four decades thanks to its reform and opening-up, he said China is witnessing major socio-economic and political progress with impact on the whole world. "What will come out of the 'two sessions' concerns the world, particularly China's partners, including Sudan, which enjoys strategic ties with China," Merghani said. Highlighting the importance of the Sudan-China economic bond, he pointed out that China's investments have played a remarkable role in promoting Sudan's economic development, and have yielded huge mutual benefits in the fields of infrastructure and energy. The benefits of bilateral cooperation are expected to rise as the two countries are headed for joint projects within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, Merghani said. Proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, the initiative aims to create greater trade, infrastructure and people-to-people links along and beyond the ancient Silk Road routes. The modern version comprises an overland Silk Road Economic Belt and a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Hassan Bin Ouf, another political analyst, said Sudan can play a major role in the China-proposed initiative considering its geographic location as a bridge between the Arab world and Africa. He suggested that Sudan become a key player in the initiative and dedicate its potentials and resources in order to achieve mutual benefit.

March 15, 2018

Al-Bashir Reviews Australian offer to invest 11 billion dollars in Sudan, including 7 billion as deposit.
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, reviewed, Wednesday, the offer by the Australian State for investment in the country of $ 11 billion . The Minister of Minerals, Professor Hashem Ali Salem said in a press statement after his meeting with the President of the Republic, at the Republican Palace, that 4 billion of the amount allocated for investment in the field of mining and 7 billion dollars as a deposit, pointing out that Australian investors will be contacted to start the procedures of the investments . Salem said the security stability in the country has attracted the foreign investors to invest in the country . Meanwhile, the Minister of Minerals announced the hosting of the Khartoum International Exhibition for Mining from 26 to 28 March, with the participation of 20 countries, including America, Canada, Britain, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE .

Dirar: Sudan's Economy is Moving towards Stability and Recovery
Khartoum – State Minister of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Abdul Rahman Dirar expected that the Sudanese economy will continue in the coming period for greater stability, revealing that all measures adopted by the state in the past period will lead to stability and a lasting recovery of the national economy. He said, in a statement to Sudan Vision yesterday, that the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) gave a good price to exporters, which will lead to an increase in the Sudanese export and that the export revenues will be sold to commercial banks and CBOS. He pointed out that the remittances of expatriates will be at the indicative price, in addition to real estate finance for expatriates through specific controls, revealing an increase in foreign exchange imports following the implementation of measures taken by the state recently to control the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound against the dollar. For his part, the economic expert, Dr. Mohamed Al-Nayer said that the government's decisions have contributed in correcting the course of the Sudanese economy, noting that the issuance of incentives for expatriates will ensure the transfer of about 6 to 8 billion dollars annually.

Belarus considering gold mining in Sudan
Belarus and Sudan are considering gold mining in the African country, Head of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate Viktor Sheiman said in an interview with Belarus 1 TV Channel on 13 March, BelTA has learned. “We are considering gold mining in Sudan, supplying our machinery, and setting up joint companies, including agricultural ones,” Viktor Sheiman noted. He also remarked that a vehicle assembly plant has been set up in Egypt. “Cooperation with Egypt has gained momentum. We are also interested in exporting road construction and utility vehicles and delivering food products to this country,” the official stated. “There has been positive momentum in our relations both with Sudan and Egypt. The first stage is mainly about supplying vehicles. The next one means the establishment of service centers and assembly plants,” he added. In general, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has taken cooperation with Africa under personal control, Viktor Sheiman emphasized.

Agricultural Bank Announces Purchase of Wheat Crop Production at SDG 750
Khartoum - Sudan's Agricultural Bank has announced a commitment to purchase all wheat of farmers at SDG 750 for bag according to the state policy. The director of the bank, Salah Hassan appealed, in a statement to Sudan Vision, appealed to farmers to go to branches of the Agricultural Bank to pay and sell the surplus of production at the same price declared, stressing that the bank will buy the production of farmers who planted the wheat crop and not funded by the bank. He revealed that the preparations had been completed by the Agricultural Bank to harvest the wheat crop by providing all the inputs of harvest.

Fatima field hospital launched in Sudan
The Shaikha Fatima Field Hospital for women and children was officially launched in Sudan on Tuesday. An initiative by Her Highness Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairperson of the General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the hospital will provide diagnosis, curative and preventive services in Sudan and Africa. The hospital was inaugurated by Widad Babiker, wife of the Sudanese President, during a ceremony.


March 13, 2018

Ibrahim Sanosi Commends Depth of Sudanese French Relations
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Sanousi, on Monday received the French ambassador to the Sudan, Emmanuelle Palattmann and discussed with her efforts aimed to strengthen relations between the two countries. She said her meeting with Assistant Sanousi, reviewed devlooment of relations particularly in the services and cultural domains.


India’s economy may surpass UK this year
“It is very likely that this year we will see a seismic shift in the global economic ranking, as China will pass through the euro zone to become the second largest currency region in the world,” “India will overtake the United Kingdom and France to become the fifth largest economy”. Hamish McCrai said, according to British Independent newspaper website. Bloomberg News reported last week that “China’s gross domestic product is expected to reach $ 13.2 trillion in 2018, while the 19 euro zone nation is $ 12.8 trillion. He also says that Europe and the United States developed because of the industrial revolution, while Western policies toward China and India may have slowed the transfer of Western technology to them. “China’s gradual adoption of a Western market and technology economy since 1978 resulted in its growth,” “Recent reforms in India have enabled thecountry to bypass China’s economic growth” .he added As a result, it is expected that China will exceed the US economy sometime in 2030, and that India will exceed Japan to become the world’s third largest economy a decade later. By 2050, the world economy will return to the balance of 1820, before the industrial revolution began, the ranking will be China, United States, India, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom would follow suit.


Minister of Electricity to Visit Russia
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Mutaz Musa, will visit Russia heading technical delegation, including Undersecretary of the Ministry , Engineer, Musa Omer, the general administration of Nuclear Power at Ministry, Engineer, Ahmed Al-Mustafa . The delegation will meet the leaders of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation . The spokesperson of the Ministry, Engineer, Mohamed Abdul-Rahim, said that they will sign memorandum of understanding with Russia for cooperation on public consultation of nuclear energy projects and roadmap for implementing the plan for development of the nuclear plant .

March 08, 2018

Sudan wins membership of International Solar Alliance
Khartoum, (SUNA)-A document of Sudan ratification to Framework Agreement on Establishment of International Solar Alliance (ISA) which was signed by Sudan in Paris in 2016 was tabled Tuesday. Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman, Ambassador Qareeb Alla Al-Khidir said Sudan embassy in India has received official notification from Foreign Ministry of India of receiving the final ratification document and inviting Sudan to attend the ISA Founding Conference on 11 March in Indian capital, New Delhi.

National housing fund copies the Netherlands experience in low cost housing
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Executive Director of the National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction, Dr Abdul Rahaman el Tayeb Ayobia, on Wednesday said he expects a huge revolution in housing projects, both the popular and the economic housing projects, as Sudan would draw from the Netherlands expertise in the field of alternative building material and technologies. He pointed out in a statement to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that a delegation from the fund paid a field visit to the Netherland to get a firsthand information about the use of Dutch technology and expertise in alternative building materials and technology specially the use of new building material that uses a combination of raw material with little cement, known as the Aerated Autoclaved Concrete. He said the new technology is environment friendly and low in cost, particularly when the project involves a huge number of buildings and construction He said the fund is keen to involve the private sector in the new programme, commending the company that initiated the call for the visit and the Netherlands Company which has the exclusive right in the use of the said materials, Aerated Autoclaved Concrete.

Efforts to raise capital of Agricultural Bank
The Agricultural Bank revealed efforts to increase the bank’s capital for agricultural finance and providing technologies at the time deputy director of the bank confirmed that a committee was formed to determine requirements of the season. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Abdullatif Ajimi highlighted the need to expand the cultivated areas in the state of South Kordofan by introducing modern technologies and tapping of available resources, in addition to promoting production and marketing in the state. During a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture in South Kordofan Ali Dagash, the federal minister praised the idea of pioneer farmers and establishment of centers for the transfer of technology, guidance, training and finance. For his part, Dagash said that his ministry aims to change the style and behavior of farmers to adopt agricultural technologies by training to realize revenues and increase productivity by linking agriculture to funding and guidance for more successful plans.

March 07, 2018

A delegation of House of Lords of UK to visit Sudan in April
The deputy head of Sudan’s parliamentary subcommittee on foreign affairs, Mutwakil Tigani, said a delegation from the House of Lords of the United Kingdom would visit Khartoum in April. In press statements on Monday, Tigani said the delegation would include seven Lords and will visit Khartoum from 9 to 12 April. He pointed out that the delegation would meet with Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services and the Human Rights Commission to discuss a number of issues including counter-terrorism and freedom of religion. In March 2016, Sudan and the UK held the first strategic consultations meetings between the two countries in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. The meeting was considered the first talks of its kind at the ministerial level in 25 years. The two countries agreed to exchange visits at the level of senior officials from the two countries along with increasing cooperation in the fields of economy, investment and culture. in 2016 a delegation from the House of Lords of UK visited Sudan and discussed freedom of belief in the country along with Sudan’s unique experiment of National Dialogue

Italian companies express wish to invest in Sudan
Ambassador of Italy to Sudan declared the wish of Italian businessmen to invest in the oil and gas sector in Sudan, pointing that opportunities of investment are now available after lifting of US sanctions imposed on Sudan. He indicated that a delegation of Italian investors wish to visit Sudan to tap these promising opportunities. Italian companies are ready to enter fields of oil exploration and production given the vast potentials of Sudan and the real available opportunities in the field of energy production, the ambassador affirmed in his meeting with Sudanese minister of Oil and Gas, Abdulrahman Othman. For his part, Othman welcomed wish of Italy to invest in Sudan for the second time in the sector of oil and gas, recalling that the Italian company “Agip” was one of the frontrunner companies to engage in Sudan in the field of oil exploration at the mid of last century.

March 06, 2018

Al Bashir confirms the Sudan’s keenness to boost its external relations with all States to realize common benefits
President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir reconfirmed the Sudan’s keeness to boost its external relations with all States to realize common interests and create economic partnership to serve the people’s interests. Receiving letter of credence of nonresident ambassadors to the Sudan in the Republican Palace in Khartoum on Monday, His Excellency said that ambassadors will get all cooperation from the Government to push relations with their countries and enhancing it in all fields, alluding to positive developments which the Sudan witness in all fields and to the huge potentials of the Sudan. Al Bashir renewed the Sudan’s endeavor to realize peace in the two regions and in all parts of the Sudan, pointing to stability prevailing Darfur states. “The country was completely recovered and witness great political and security changes, adding that the National Dialogue where many political forces have take part in it has resulted in formation of the National Accord Government” His Excellency said. “We are now working to draw the permanent constitution of the country” al Bashir added. Al Bashir alluded that Darfur is enjoying security and stability pointing out to reducing of UNAMID. “We are looking forward for its full exit due to lack of reasons for its existence” His Excellency added. President al Bashir presented enlightenment to ambassadors on the State’s efforts to collect arms and its positive consequences and return of IDPs and refugees to their regions, Al Bashir confirmed that the Sudan become a refuge for whom is fleeing conflicts. His Excellency addressed the Sudan’s efforts in combating illegal immigration.

Mubarak Fadil: Sudan's doors remain open for all types of investment and investors
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister for Investment, Deputy Minister for Cabinet Affair, Mubarak Fadil, said Sudan is keen to strengthen its relations with all countries of the world and that its doors remain open for all investors to come in The Minister who is the chairman of the economic sector at the Council of Ministers, told the ambassadors nonresident ambassadors to the Sudan and the consulars, in the presence of minister and officials that the country welcomes all investors and all types of investment. The meeting reviewed the various resources in the Sudan and the areas of investment particularly the agriculture, animal resources, petroleum and mineral. It is to be recalled that the meeting comes within the context of the diplomatic efforts aimed to continue with the overture at the outside world. The group of diplomats includes ambassador from African Asian European and Latin American countries.

Foreign currency rates committee calls for more funds to agriculture
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Committee on rate of exchange of foreign currencies, has called on the Central Bank and other commercial banks to double their offer to the agriculture sector with the view to serve as impetus to both animal and plant production in the Sudan. The committee headed by the president of the Republic, Omar Bashir, also directed the ministry of trade to pay more attention to the exporters and importers and to facilitate their procedures and their different procedures but underlined the need to commit to the indicative prices set for all Sudanese exports, especially an area where Sudanese goods are desired. Hatim Al Sir the Minister for Trade pointed out in statement that his ministry would work adopt the indicative prices in a way that would boost the economic process in the Sudan and would help the economic performance and maximize the gains. On his part the state minister for Finance, Abdul Rahaman Dhirar, has stressed in his statement on Monday that the meeting has approved a plan to allow the real estate back to work for provision of funds, and to facilitate funding for the Sudanese expatriates with the view to attract their remittances and that the central bank should continue in buying gold at competitive prices With regards to liquidity control, the committee decided that electronic payment for services to the ministry of finance should continue and that ceiling should be set for cash transfer via the mobile and the depositors be enable to withdraw their money but at the same time control should continue so that prices are kept on check He said the meeting was also assured about the stability of the rate of exchange of the hard currency against the pound and about the banking transfers between Sudanese banks and other international funding and banking institutions and world commercial banks. He said the committee also approved the rationalization of imports and maximization of Sudanese exports.

Sudan and Turkey Affirm Role of Private Sector in Boosting Cooperation
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of International Cooperation, Idress Sulaiman, discussed, in his office, Monday, with the Turkish Ambassador to Sudan, Dr. Irfan Neziroglu, joint cooperation between two countries . The minister appreciated the big role being played by Turkey toward Sudan in international and regional issues, describing it as strategic . The Minister said that the meeting tackled the economic and trade issues, appreciating the directives issued by President, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, to the Turkish Private Sector to benefit from Sudan potentialities . Idress said there are many sectors for the Turkish private sector to benefit from . The Turkish diplomat, has described Sudan's relations with his country as distinguished and , adding that that will put the directives of the president, on consideration in our consideration, pointing out that they plan for next visit of Turkish private sector to Sudan . He indicated that the delegation includes leading companies in agricultural and petroleum fields, in addition to, ports and free-zones to boost common interest of two countries .

March 05, 2018

Foreign Minister confers with some of the ambassadors accredited to Sudan
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour on Sunday received copies of the credentials of a number of ambassadors accredited to the Sudan, resident outside the country, namely the ambassador of Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Myanmar, Malawi, Finland, Thailand and Ghana. The meeting is a prelude for the official presentation of the credentials to the president of the Republic, Omar Bashir. The minister then conferred with ambassador's nonresident in the Sudan and briefed them in the presence of the honorary consulars, about the developments in the economic and political domains in the Sudan. The Minister also briefed the diplomats on the investment opportunities available in the country, the role Sudan plays in the regional and international domain with the aim of cementing the pillar of peace, security and stability and promoting bilateral and international cooperation. Ghandour has stressed that Sudan is keen to boost its relations with those countries and that it enjoys excellent relations with all countries that have no resident diplomatic representation in the country. He said the Sudan has joint committee with each of those countries with the view to boost bilateral economic cooperation and coordination. The minister commended the initiative taken by the consular s for convening this meeting with the nonresident ambassadors, saying he stands ready to help them carry out their role in promoting bilateral cooperation with the Sudan.

Inauguration of the Sudanese-German Investment Forum
Khartoum – Sudanese- German Investment Forum was inaugurated at Khartoum International Fair yesterday, with the participation of 6 countries and more than 45 local and foreign companies, and sponsorship of GIAD Company. German Ambassador to Khartoum said that his country supports Sudan economically through its participation in Khartoum International Fair, indicating that the said forum serves a number of sectors in Sudan, adding that Germany has mobilized German major companies in the this field and attracted other companies from Europe and Africa for this forum, adding that the said forum gives a real indicator for the development of the Sudanese economy and that Germany supports the European Union efforts in supporting Sudan. For her part, French Ambassador to Khartoum affirmed the important of the Sudanese market to her country. GIAD representative, Abu Aqla Abdullah praised the role of Germany in supporting the Sudanese economy.

Sudanese artist exhibits at Sharjah Art Museum
Sharjah Art Museum on Wednesday opened a new exhibition inspired by the childhood and early life of one of Sudan’s most influential and important artists. ‘Fragrances of the Forest and Photos’ is a collection of more than 70 artworks by contemporary artist Salah Elmur. In the exhibit, which will be on display until June 2, Elmur leads the viewer through a personal voyage of discovery, showing some of his experiences of growing up in Khartoum. The works show his exploration of the city’s streets and the surrounding countryside as a child.


Kuwait’s Minister of labor says visit to Sudan was successful
KHARTOUM, (KUNA) — Kuwait’ Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh said on Friday that her visit to Sudan was successful and ended up with inking a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on labor. Al-Sabeeh, also Minister of State for Economic Affairs, made this exclusive statement to KUNA at Khartoum airport, while concluding a three-day visit to Sudan. The minister added that the memo is to share labor and expertise in all domains, as Sudan is a leading country in vocational training programs and social banking. She noted that Sudanese Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform Ahmad Nahar will visit Kuwait in May to finalize the signing of the MoU after completing procedures. She added that both sides agreed to exchange visits to exchange experiments and experiences in many domains. She stated that Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir praised the outcome of the visit, affirming the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the two countries. Al-Sabeeh expressed her hope for setting up an action program this year aiming to enhance relations to be in favor of the two countries’ interests and to have positive impacts on relevant ministries. For his part, Minister Nahar lauded efforts by the foreign ministries in Kuwait and Sudan that led to the successful visit. Meanwhile, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Sudan Bassam Al-Qabandi said that Al-Sabeeh concluded a successful visit to Khartoum, conveying his greetings to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and wishing him everlasting wellbeing. He added that the minister held talks with the Sudanese side on labor and social affairs that led to the agreement of the memo, which will be approved after the completion of legal procedures. He thanked the Sudanese government for the warm reception and hospitality, which reflect the depth of relations between the two countries. Al-Sabeeh last Tuesday arrived in Khartoum where she held talks with a number of Sudanese people on boosting bilateral cooperation in the fields of labor and social affairs.

Sudan Needs $500 Billion Investment in Various Sectors: Turkish Business Leader
Ankara - (Anadolu Agency) Sudan needs an investment of nearly $500 billion in various sectors, the acting president of the New World Industrialist and Businessmen’s Association (YEN?AD) Harun Macit has said. Macit said the major drawback in Sudan is inadequate production technology. He added that Sudan is among the top three African countries in terms of gold and copper mines, and Turkish businesspeople can play an important role in the country’s mining industry. “Due to the lack of proper mining technology they [Sudanese people] have limitations. Beneath the surface, a large amount of precious metals are waiting to be explored,” he said. Macit urged Turkish businesspeople to establish a system to process those metals and integrate them with Turkey’s gold exchange market to provide overseas finance for Sudan. He said five consortiums were set with Sudanese and Turkish businesspeople in the fields of construction, energy, mining, agriculture and machinery during a business trip organized by YEN?AD in February. “Preliminary agreements worth $1.2 billion were signed between Turkish businesspeople and Sudanese ministry officials along with private sector representatives during the visit,” Macit said. “We believe that those business agreements will be confirmed this year and completed in five years,” Macit said. He noted that the construction consortium includes building roads, bridges, hotels, schools and infrastructure works. “We also plan to establish a factory in Turkey to process Arabic gum to be sold world-wide from Turkey,” he said. In 2014, Turkey and Sudan signed an agreement to rationalize resources and agricultural potential and contribute to sustainable food objectives. Under the agreement, around 780,000 hectares across five regions were earmarked for investment by Turkish entrepreneurs. He added that talks were underway for establishing livestock laboratories based on international standards in Sudan. “We have made some agreements on livestock as Sudan is one of the largest animal-breeding countries in Africa,” Macit said, adding that the move will enable Sudan to export worldwide. In February, $50-million agreements in the fields of water and energy were signed, including the construction of a dam on the River Nile. “We also offered Sudanese officials cooperation in software education by providing a turnkey system for schools in the country,” he added. He said the association is also planning to make similar business agreements in Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Jordan and South American countries, this year. Turkey’s exports to Sudan totaled $395.2 million in 2017 while imports from the country stood at $86.2 million.

March 01, 2018

Al-Bashir affirms Presidency support to GUSS programs and plans
Khartoum,(SUNA)-The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir has underscored the Presidency of the Republic support to all programs and plans of the General Union for Sudanese Students(GUSS), indicating to importance of the Union task in finding a generation who can effectively contribute to development of the country. The President was informed during meeting with GUSS Chairperson, Ammar Ala-Eddin in the Republican Palace, Wednesday on plans and projecst of social protection adopted by the Union. The GUSS Chairperson said in press statements that the President of the Republic has commended the GUSS efforts in relations to projects of social protection . He explained that over million students have benefited from meal support and 62 percent of high education institutions students covered by health insurance services.

National Council for Cement Formed
Khartoum- (Khalda Elyas) Minister of Industry, Musa Karama, declared the forming of National Council for Cement in Sudan. He explained that this council will participate in solving the problems of Cement sector, and developing Cement industry .He pointed to that cement sector contributed with US$600 million in the economy. He noted that the Cement product is enough for local consumption .The minister assured that the ministry of industry is setting policies to raise the competitive capacity. He added that discussed with top officials and experts at these factories the problems and challenges face cement sector, the recent hikes of its prices represented into the high cost of operation in particular electricity and petro-energy, beside challenges and problems in exporting of petroleum materials and the future plans to develop . The minister of industry declared also during his visit to the river Nile state that the ministry plans to establish an institute for technical training to cover the need for qualified staff. He pointed to the importance of cement industry for the local communities in the river Nile state. Meanwhile, Dr. Al Amin Mohamed Osman, deputy of governor of the river Nile state assured his government commitment to solve all problems of Cement in the state for the sake of the citizen and the Sudanese economy. He explained the efforts exerted in this regards in collaboration with the directors of Cement factories. The directors expressed their readiness and commitment to make reasonable and stabled prices for cement.

Animal Resources Ministry Affirms Importance of Partnerships for Boosting Food Security
Khartoum - State Minister at the Ministry of Animal Resources Dr. Jalal-Eddin Rabeh has stressed the importance of building partnerships between the public and private sectors besides the civil society organizations for boosting food security in Sudan.
The State Minister was addressing a workshop organized by Sudan Foundation organization at its premises in Khartoum yesterday on the development of poultry industry in Sudan. He said poultry industry is important for reduction of cost of living for the citizens and alleviation of poverty. He pointed out that the Ministry of Animal Resources is exerting utmost efforts for removing obstacles affecting development of the animal resources sector in the country, affirming that the ministry would accord due concern to implementation of the recommendations of the workshop. The Executive Director of Sudan Foundation organization, Dr. Suliman Jodabi, on his part, said indigenization of poultry industry in Sudan and its development require establishing cooperation and partnerships with the private sector and the civil society. He said the organization operates in the field of economic development in Sudan, capacity building of youth and provision of employment opportunities.

February 28, 2018

Changes within the Army leadership announced
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic and The Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir has issued a number of decisions according to which limited changes within Staff leadership have been effected and a number of officers promoted from the ranks of Major General to the ranks of Lieutenant General. According to the decisions of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Bashir, Major General Kamal Abdul Maroof Al Mahi has been appointed Chief of Staff replacing Lt Gen. Imad Eddin Mustafa Adawi, and Major Gen Ali Mohamed Salim, the State Minister for Defense, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General while Lt Gen Aviation Isam Eddin Al Mubarak Habeeb, was promoted to the rank of Lt Gen and appointed Deputy Chief of Staff replacing LT Gen Yahia Mohamed Khair Ahmed. Meanwhile Major Gen Al Sir Hussein Bashir Hamid was promoted to the rank of Lt Gen. and appointed to the post of Inspector General of the Armed Forces Within the same context major General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan Abdul Rahman was appointed Chief of the Land Forces and Gen Aviation Salah Eddin Abdul Khaliq Saeed was promoted to the rank of Major Gen and appointed Chief of the Air Forces of the Naval Forces. Gen. Abdalla Al Matari Al Faradi was promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed Chief of the Naval Forces replacing Gen Fatah al Rahaman Mohi Eddin Salih while Gen Hashim Abdul Mutalib Ahmed Babikir, was appointed Chief of Joint Operations replacing Gen Saad Mohamed Al Amin Al Hajj. General Adam Haroon Idri was promoted to the rank of Major Gen and appointed Chief of Staff for Land Forces Operations. General Mohamed Munti Anjar was promoted to the post of Major General and appointed Deputy Chief for Administration with the Land Forces General Dr Osman Mohamed Al Aghbash was promoted to the rank of Major General for Moral Guidance and Services. The Official Spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed Al Shami, said these decisions come within the context of the regular changes within the leadership of the Armed Forces in line with the armed forces act for 2007, amended 2013.

Russia decorates Sudanese army officers
Russia’s Defense Ministry has awarded a number of Sudanese army officers medals in appreciation and recognition of their contribution by efforts and thoughts in consolidating relations between the two countries’ armies. The medal of “bolstering military cooperation” is token of endeavor to strengthen ties between republic of the Sudan and Federal Russia and in appreciation of Sudan’s efforts to develop these relations. The medals were handed yesterday by Russian Military Attaché in Khartoum, Colonel Vladimir Herasimenkon where an official ceremony was held at the buildings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in presence and honor of Chairman of the Joint Operations Authority, General-Engineer, Sa’ad Mohammed Al-Amin Alhaj, Assistant Air Chief of Staff for Aviation Affairs, Salah Abdulkhalig Saeed and a number of armed forces ranking officers. Addressing the ceremony, Chief of the Joint Operations Staff, Sa’ad Mohammed Al-Amin Alhaj expressed, on behalf of Sudan’s Defence Ministry, his thanks to Russian Defence Ministry and Military Attache for the generous gesture. He further emphasized that, “Sudan’s relation with Russia is strategic, and Sudan will move forward for the benefit of the two countries under the global blocs and the integration of international roles”. Sudan is keen to upgrade these relations to the highest possible level, Al-Amin added. For his part, Russian military attaché to Khartoum, Vladimir Herasimenkon pointed out to the deep and solid relations between the two countries, vowing Russia’s keenness on developing these relations especially in fields of military and training cooperation as well as exchange of expertise.

Ministry of Tourism affirms its readiness to open horizons of tourism cooperation with all countries in the region
Khartoum, (SANA) - The State Minister for Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife Adel Daglu has stressed the importance of cooperation in the field of tourism, especially with the pioneering countries in the field of tourism in the region. During his meeting with the Tunisian Minister of Tourism Salmi Al-Loumi and her accompanying delegation, Daglu stressed the ministry's readiness to open horizons of cooperation with the Arab tourism markets through coordination with all relevant parties. He praised the strong bilateral relations between Sudan and Tunisia. For her part, the Tunisian minister expressed her country's readiness to cooperate fully with Sudan regarding the tourism sector, pointing to Sudan's potential and tourism resources. The meeting discussed how to activate the executive program signed recently between the two countries including exchange of experiences, training and qualification for cadres working in the tourism sector in relation to industries, especially traditional handicraft industries in addition to the activation of the markets of medical tourism. Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife Dr. Graham Abdel-Gadir emphasized the importance of the tourism economic, social and cultural impact. This came during his address to the celebration held by the Ministry of Tourism on the occasion of the Arab Tourism Day under the Arab tourism system. He said that the ministry has been working hard to improve the tourism sector according to the programs and plans that reflect the role of tourism as a popular diplomacy in promoting the links between peoples, spreading cultures and opening up the tourism sector as well as the creation of the bridges of communication to achieve comprehensive development.

February 27, 2018

7th Conference of the Sudanese Ambassadors to Discuss Economic Diplomacy
Khartoum - First Vice President of the Republic, National Prime Minister, 1st Lt. General Bakri Hassan Saleh, addressed yesterday 26th February 2018, the opening session of the 7th Conference of Sudanese Ambassadors Abroad with a participation of Sudanese ambassadors abroad, held at the Friendship Hall - Khartoum under the theme “Economic Diplomacy for Enhancing Peace and Development”. FVP described the organizing of the 7th Conference in the present economic situations as an indication of highly concern with the internal top priority issues, adding that the different topics of the conference concentrated on economic, trade, development and investment are representing the program adopted by the government of national unity. He directed the concerned bodies to support the conference, to enable the Sudanese diplomacy play its role in increasing volume of trade exchange, attracting foreign investments, and the developmental work. FVP, Saleh pointed to the efforts exerted by Sudan to bring situations in Southern Sudan, Libya, and Somalia to normality, besides the Sudanese efforts to reduce tensions between Ethiopia and Egypt on GERD. He expressed the full support of the government to the conference and its recommendations and the outcome. Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour, emphasized the importance of the theme of the conference pointing to the role of the ministry of foreign affairs in developing the economic, commercial and investments with the external world. Ghandour added that the economic issues of trade, investment and development are the main mobilizers of the international relations, where the economic factor of the most strongest impact in shaping and forming these relations , along with building of international allies in its all shapes . Ghandour affirmed that his ministry is dealing positively with the international issues of water, environment, human rights, human trafficking and smuggling. “Sudan played vital role and exerted great efforts in combating terrorism.” He said Prof. Ghandour explained that the most important challenges of the Sudanese external policy, is the current situation of the Sudanese economy and its ability to integrate with the world economy. He added that the conference will discuss many topics on developmental aid and food security, beside Sudan issues in the UN and the international organizations, WTO, external debts, tourism, archeology and culture. He noted that Sudanese diplomacy had succeeded in developing relations at the Afro-Arab region, strengthened relations with the neighboring countries, considering the joint borders as a tool for cooperation and exchanging benefits, and for disputes and conflicts. He added that Sudan strengthened its relations with African countries for the African belonging, as well as keeping good relation with the whole Afro-Arab region, appreciated Sudan relations with African AU, European Union EU. He noted to distinctive relations with Asian and European countries. He added that the Sudanese diplomacy represents the most affected elements in development, directing the Sudanese diplomatic missions abroad to play an essential role to attract foreign investments and developing the commercial exchange, activating the ministerial economic committees, signing of commercial and economic agreements and MoU, and forming of joint councils for businessmen. Minister of foreign affairs indicated to the importance of Peace in realizing economic development, considering it as starting point for reconstruction process, sustainable development through diplomacy of development that aims to attract technical support, and foreign investments. Meanwhile, Ambassador Abdul Ghani Al-Naiem Awad Al-Karim, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, head of the higher committee of the 7th conference shed light on the 10 topics and 14 scientific working papers to be discussed during the 3-day conference from 26th- 28th February. Al-Naiem pointed to the efforts exerted by the Sudanese Ambassadors in developing Sudan external relations since the first conference of the Sudanese Ambassadors early in 1960s. He noted to that these conferences started since 1990. They are organized regularly tackled different issues.

February 23, 2018

First Vice President stresses state's concern with agricultural sector innovation
Khartoum, (SANA) - First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh has affirmed the state's with the promotion of agricultural sector by the adeoption of international successful experiences and methods. In his address at the Friendship Hall on Thursday to the Ministerial Meeting of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in its Thirtieth Session with the participation of 38 Ministers of Agriculture, the FAO Director-General, the President of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the First Vice-President of Republic revealed strategy on the creation of employment opportunities for youth as the most important segment in the country, especially as they have advantages in academic and technical progress, consistent with the state programs aimed at the development of sustainable development, especially as they have advantages in academic and technical progress, which is consistent with the state programs aiming at the development of sustainable development. Lt. Gen. Salih pointed out that the peace and stability witnessed by the country was now one of the national dialogue and consensus on national issues, pointing to the huge resources enjoyed by Sudan and the African continent. He called for enhancing the interests of African countries to be at the forefront of the world, stressing importance of developing plans nas following the shortest roads ton achieve food security, enumerating Sudan's large resources that can contribute to the availability of food. He said that Sudan wan now moving forward at a steady pace, especially after the lifting of the economic embargo, which opened wide prospects for foreign investment, pointing to the formation of the Food Security Council to lead preparations for the provision of food. The First Vice President praised the FAO's plans and information provision helping in the progress of agriculture in the world, stressing that the Khartoum meeting is one of the most important meetings as the country seeks to develop plans to provide projects that contribute to the provision of food and the elimination of hunger.

An agreement to form a committee between Sudan and Turkey
Governments of Sudan and Turkey agreed to form a joint committee in fields of politics, economic and commerce beside activation of tourism sector between the two countries, especially in Red Sea state. Moreover, they agreed to activate agreements and mechanisms signed between the two countries during period of visit of Turkey president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Minister of Sudan international cooperation, Idris Suliman discussed on Wednesday with Turkey vice prime minister, Hakan Jawish according to “SUNA” ways of strengthen the joint cooperation. Suliman welcomed in the efforts made by Turkey’s government in order to activate sector of tour in Sudan especially, city of “Sawakin”, in addition to his recent visit to city of “Alfashir”, west Sudan and museum of “Sultan Ali Dinar”, affirming eternal Sudanese-Turkish relations in various fields and the estimated efforts undertaken by Turkey in Sudan recently.

CBoS Governor underlines backing of banking sector to develop national economy
Khartoum, (KUNA) - The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS) Hazim Abdul-Gadir has affirmed CBoS readiness to support the banking sector to develop the national economy through spreading and deepening the culture of electronic money and the dealing with the electronic services and payment. The CBoS Governor announced, during the launch of the campaign to promote electronic payment services Thursday at the bank headquarters, the outset of the national campaign to promote electronic banking, electronic payment and awareness on these services through focusing on the points of sale and payment service via mobile and asc well as publishing them to citizens, pointing out that these services save bank deposits within the banking system and reduce the risk of dealing directly with cash in most payments. Abdul-Gadir said that CBoS has been seeking to develop and support electronic payment as a strategy for change and transformation of the society from a cash society that deals with the risky real money to an e-money-based society, confessing that the private sector is an authentic partner of the banking sector in achieving this goal by contributing to the electronic application to the universities, electronic collection, customs fees, collection of Hajj fees and other services, explaining that what was done is the beginning of the e-government project, praising the role of the Ministries of Finance and Communications, which provided the necessary infrastructure for communication technologies and helped provision of electronic services. He revealed that the central bank targeted the clients of banks and citizens outside the banking sector with a package of electronic banking services around the clock, pointing to the importance of the electronic services in the good management of funds and easy repayment of obligations, whether they are commodities or services in the least time and effort and more protection.

February 21, 2018

Teaching labs for health institutions donated by Carter Centre
Health academies in Sudan will receive teaching laboratories and audio- visual aids donated by Carter Center in Sudan, an official of the donors announced. Academies tipped for the donation, to the tune of 278 thousand-plus dollars, include the Academy of Health Sciences and Sudan Midwives School. Dr Aziz Michael of Carter Centre in Khartoum elaborated that 6 skill Labs will be handed over to Midwives School of Omdurman, another 6 to School of Medical Assistants and the same to theatre attendants. “The teaching labs and audio visual aids will be distributed in different cities in Sudan including Wad Madani, Sinja, Al-Obaid, Al-Foula, Kadogli and Omdurman”, representative of Carter Center in Sudan said in statements.
Sudanese Minister of Health, Qatari ambassador in Khartoum along with a delegation from Carter Center’s Headquarters in Atlanta will attend the event.

Bakri Affirms State concern with Housing as Strategic Project
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice - President and Natioanl Prime Minister, Lt. Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, affirmed concern of state with housing as strategic project. This came in his meeting Tuesday at his office in Council of Ministers with the state minister at Council of Minsiters , Tariq Tawfiq in the presence of the Secretary-General secretariat of the National Fund for Housing and Development, Dr. Gholam-Eddin Osman. Tawfiq said that the meeting tackled performance National Fund of Housing and Development during the past period, indicating that the Prime minister gave directive to present proposals on provison houses for expatriates,calling for enhancement of cooperation between the Fund and the civil organizations in inside and outside the Country .

Sudan partakes in session of Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Geneva
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Minister of Justice, Dr Idris Ibrahim Jameel left to Geneva Tuesday heading Sudan delegation participating in the 19th Session of Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which will rum from 21-22 of current February in Geneva. It is worth mentioning that the session will discuss Sudan first report according to the International Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities. The delegation comprises Rapporteur of the Advisory Council for Human Rights and Head of Persons with Disabilities Section at the Council.

Attorney-General heads to UK to participate in Criminal Justice Forum
Khartoum,(SUNA)-The Attorney-General, Omer Ahmed Mohamed leading a high-level delegation left Tuesday to Britain to take part in International Criminal Justice Forum , which will take place in UK during 21-23 of current February. The Attorney-General said in a statement to SUNA that the Forum will discuss issues of human trafficking, modern slavery, forced labor and organized crimes with aim to empower the general prosecutions in European countries and some selected countries which include Sudan. He added the Forum also aims to adopt effective international network of experts to deal with issues of human trafficking , bring criminals to justice , protection of witnesses and victims to curb such crime. The Attorney-General further added that the Forum will also work for adopting continued agenda for bilateral and multilateral talks to overcome difficulties and obstacles before effective international cooperation in combatting crimes of slavery , human trafficking and forced labor.

February 20, 2018

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister arrives in Sudan
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Hakan Jawish will arrive Sudan on Tuesday to hold discussions with First Vice President, Bakri Hassan Salih in addition to his visit to Sawakin Island in order to find out the projects of restoration of historic buildings. A statement issued by the media center of Turkish official on Sunday said visit of Deputy Prime Minister will take two days which witnesses discussions in Khartoum in addition to visit of Projects of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TICCA) for restoration of historic buildings of Sawakin island on Red Sea coast.

CBoS develops new controls to enable banks to deal with their counterparts abroad
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Central Bank of Sudan's (CBoS) Assistant Governor for the Financial Institutions and Systems Sector Awad Ali Abdullah Abu Shuk said that CBoS has set new controls, following the partial lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan, to enable Sudanese banks to deal with their foreign counterparts. This came during his speech Monday at the opening session of the Forum on the Requirements for Dealing with Correspondent Banks, which was organized by the Union of Sudanese Banks and the Union of Arab Banks under the auspices of the Central Bank of Sudan at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel Rotana. Abu Shuk said the central bank aims at encouragement of exports, increase of competitiveness in new markets and creation of conducive environment for the entry of investors in the fields of production and exports. The CBoS Assistant Governor urged the banks to complete dealing with the international banks, stressing the importance of removing barriers preventing benefiting from the payment systems and Arabic and non-Arabic facilities. The Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks Wisam Hassan Fattouh underlined partnership between the public and private banks to finance small and medium enterprises and to create jobs for youth to fight unemployment. Fattouh pointed out that the governments and Arab Central Banks should encourage the spirit of action to combat unemployment, hoping that banks will encourage the financing of some projects for the of society development.

February 19, 2018

Foreign Minister meets German Deputy Foreign Minister
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The Minister for Defense, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, met with the German Deputy Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, where the two sides reviewed development and promotion of bilateral relations between the two countries. Professor Ghandour said Sudan welcomes German companies wishing to operate in the Sudan, referring in particular to Siemens Company which resumed operation in the Sudan. The minister commended the German efforts in boosting peace process in Darfur referring in particular to the unofficial meeting between the government of the Sudan and the rebel movements from Darfur region which took place in Germany, with the aim of bringing closer the views of the two sides. The German Deputy Foreign minister, Valetta Lynder has underlined the particular bonds linking the Sudan and Germany saying his country is committed to continue its efforts for brining closer the views of the Sudanese government and that of the rebel movements The German official referred to the vital role played by the Sudan in bringing in stability in the region, saying this would encourage more German companies to come and invest in the country and would help promote the economic relations between the two sides.

FM: Sudan Supports and Backs Ethiopia
Khartoum Sudan on Saturday issued a statement declaring its support and backing for Ethiopia at this critical juncture, in a way that will preserve the unity of the Ethiopian people, civil peace and security among the different components of Ethiopia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Ambassador Ghariballah Al-Khidir, issued a statement saying the Sudan renews its confidence in the wisdom of the Ethiopian leadership to make a smooth transition. The statement said that given the strong historic, joint interest, and fate that link Ethiopia and the Sudan, the Ministry of foreign Affairs has been following closely the development of the political situation in Ethiopia following the submission of the resignation by his Excellency Hailemariam Desalegn as Prime Minister and from the Secretariat General of the Ruling Party. The ministry expressed the confidence of the government of the Sudan in the wisdom of the Ethiopian leadership and its ability to achieve a smooth transition, would like to reaffirm Sudan's support and backing and its firm stand beside sister Ethiopia at this critical juncture, in a way to preserve the unity of Ethiopian peoples and their cohesion, the steadfastness, unison and peace among the various components so that the continuation of the great achievements during the past decade are sustained, the statement said. The statement said the government of the Sudan expresses its full confidence in the wisdom of the Ethiopian government and all the political forces, and their strong will and determination and sincere work to serve and protect the higher interests of sisterly Ethiopian people.

Gedarif Realizes High Productivity of Sesame Crop
Khartoum - Gedarif State has realized high productivity of sesame crop this season compared to previous years, registering four quintals a feddan, despite lower rainfall witnessed by the state this year. Director of Ministry of Agriculture of Gedarif State Dr. Nafisa Noah Mohamed has said in a statement to SUNA that harvest operations for sesame crop were realized in a satisfactory way, indicating that the harvest of sorghum crop has so far been achieved at the ratio of 60%, promising high productivity. She pointed out that is state is planning to implement water harvesting projects to achieve sustainable agricultural production, especially that the state depends on rain-fed farming.

Agricultural Bank Signs Agreement with Turkey's Okan Group
Khartoum - (SUNA) The Agricultural Bank of Sudan has signed an agreement with the Turkey's Okan Group for establishing and financing silos, warehouses, wheat supply and export of agricultural products. The Deputy General Manager of the Agricultural Bank of Sudan Abdel-Gadir Osman Hassan signed on behalf of the bank and Mohamed Arkan and Mohamed Akef for the Turkish Okan Group. As part of its policy of attracting foreign investment, the Agricultural Bank received a number of delegations and companies of friendly countries last week to push forward agricultural development efforts and support the role of the Agricultural Bank in rural development including delegations from Turkey, Germany and Belarus.

FAO Regional Conference kicks off Monday in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The 30th Regional Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is due to be held on Sunday at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum with the participation of 50 countries, 38 ministers of agriculture, 450 participants representing senior African professionals and five observing countries including the United States, Canada, England, France and the Vatican and 17 international organizations. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Badr-Eddin Al-Shaikh announced, in statement to SUNA, completion of the preparations for the conference in Khartoum and the arrival of the delegations that confirmed their participation, where the opening session is to start with the meeting of the Senior Officials and to be addressed by the Minister of Agriculture as well as the FAO Assistant Director General and Director of the Regional Office for Africa. Dr. Al-Shaikh explained that the opening session of the Ministerial Conference would begin next Thursday and would be addressed by the First Vice President and National Prime Minister Lt. Ge. Bakri Hassan Saleh, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, FAO Director General, Chairman of FAO Independent Council, the Former President of FAO Regional Conference and President of NEPAD The undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture said that the conference would conclude its sessions on Friday and issue the Khartoum statement and then be followed by a press conference.