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January 18, 2018

Al-Basher Affirms Sudan Confidence on Sudan Diplomacy
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher has affirmed Sudan's confidence on the country's diplomacy concerning establishment of relations with all the neighboring countries based on joint interest and mutual respect . This came when President Al-Basher met, Wednesday, at the Guest House, Sudan's Ambassador to Cairo, Abdul Mahmud Abdul Halim who said in a press statement that the meeting has discussed the current situation of the Sudanese- Egyptian relations and the situations in the region and the area . He said the President gave directives for solving the pending issues that led to the recall of the ambassador from Egypt . The president was also, assured on the situations of the Sudan's community in Egypt .

Foreign Ministry Welcomes Recent Report of UN Secretary General on Darfur
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the recent regular report issued by the UN Secretary General on the situation in Darfur, which has affirmed stability of the conditions in Darfur and acknowledged that the campaign launched by the government was conducive to boosting the security, peace and stability in the region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed in a press release that the government of Sudan will continue to cooperate and coordinate efforts with UNAMID for implementing the second phase of the exit and easing the UNAMID mission. The ministry indicated that the coming stage necessitates providing requirements of the citizens who returned voluntarily to their home areas through enhancing the peace, development and rehabilitation operations.

US Congress Delegation to Arrive on Sunday
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, announced that a delegation of the US Congress would arrive in Sudan on Sunday, January 21, on a three-day visit. At a press briefing at his office Wednesday, Prof. Omer said that the US Congress delegation will meet with the Chairman of the Legislature, and the parliamentary groupings separately, the First Vice - President of the Republic and Prime Minister, the ministers of the economic sector and the Security and Intelligence Service. Prof. Omer indicated that the US Congress delegation will also meet with officials concerned with the national dialogue, leaders of the Sudanese opposition and the staff of the American Embassy in Khartoum. He indicated that the two sides will discuss the bilateral relations between Sudan and the United States and exchange views on the bilateral relations in the political and economic fields as well as security issues. He said that the Sudanese side will raise during the talks the issue of removing the name of Sudan from the American list of countries supporting terrorism. Prof. Omer pointed out that Sudan has never been supporting terrorism, referring to the vast investment opportunities in Sudan at different fields.

January 17, 2018

Sudan is Africa’s eighth powerful army
The Center for International Studies, “Catechon” revealed that Sudan ranked eighth among the strongest African armies whose air force consists of 181 warplanes. The research center quoted the American site “Global Fair Poor”, that strength of armies depends on several criteria; including population figures, military armaments and geographical location. The population of Sudan exceeds 36 million; the number of military forces according to the center is 282 thousand soldiers including 105 thousand troops in the reserve forces. Moreover, the Sudanese air force includes 181 warplanes, of which 46 are fighter planes. Sudan has 84 attack aircraft, 52 military cargo aircraft and 6 training aircraft. “Catechon” Research Center is an independent institution with an international network of individuals (covering a wide range of disciplines) specialized in geopolitics, geostrategic and political analysis of global events.

Minister of Industry: Agreement with China to implement Sukie Sugar and integrated slaughter projects
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Industry Dr. Musa Karama announced the ministry's agreement with the Chinese side during the visit of the Minister of Finance to China on implementation of two industrial projects including the Suki Sugar and integrated slaughter in Western Omdurman. The Minister of Industry met at his office of the ministry Monday with the delegation of the Chinese Kamik Engineering Company headed by the Director General of the Engineering Department of Sugar Industry Huang Bin Nia. The Minister of Industry said that the sugar project came within the framework of the ministry's plan to achieve self-sufficiency in the sugar commodity. He pointed out that the second phase of the plan included the establishment of small sugar factories in the states of Darfur and Blue Nile through benefiting from the experiences of Asian countries in this field such as India, Indonesia and Thailand, urging the company to speed up the pace of work for the completion of Sukie Sugar Project, which he described as important because it is working to change the face of life in Sukie area as well as its socio-economic development. For his part, Bin Nia said that all the engineering designs and technical studies on Suki Sugar Project have been completed and the canals were dug, pointing out that all the elements of the success of the project are available in the area such as the national roads, fertile lands and abundant water, which help Cane Sugar, stressing that Sudan is a leading market for sugar in Africa.

January 16, 2018

Ministry of Oil and Gas pumps 9,000 tons of gasoline daily
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Oil and Gas announced Monday increase of the daily distribution of gasoline to 9,000 tons per day at a time that the daily consumption totaled 8000 tons. "The quantities pumped daily by the Ministry of Oil and Gas exceed the need of the country of gasoline with 1,000 tons, which means the abundance of fuel throughout the day in the service stations", said the State Minister at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Engineer Saad Al-Din Al-Bushra.

Sudan Selected as a member of UNICEF Executive Board
The Minister of Social Security and Development, Mash’er Aldawalab welcomed in Sudan‘s membership of Executive Board of UNICEF as of January for a period of two years. The minister stressed in a meeting today with Qatari Chairman of UNICEF, Abdullah Alfadil in presence of Minister of State Ibrahim Adam, Secretary General of National Council Child, Suad Abdul-Aal and Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry; she stressed on cooperation, joint action and identification of priorities to achieve sustainable development and introduction of all indicators of childhood in social policy.

January 15, 2018

Session of Sudanese - Ethiopian Talks Held in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - A session of official talks between the Sudanese and Ethiopian sides was held Sunday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-headed by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, and Workneh Gebeyehu. The talks included the opportunities and fields of cooperation between Sudan and Ethiopia in the various economic, technical and cultural fields. The two sides have shared identical vision on the positive dealing with the developments at the region toward maximizing the common benefits for the two sister nations and assuring the importance of continuing coordination and cooperation at the regional and international levels. At the outset of the opening sitting, the Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, has appreciated the level of relations between Sudan and Ethiopia in all domains, especially in the economic and political fields. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Foreign Minister has expressed his pleasure over the visit and the full satisfaction of his ministry of the close communication between the official and people's institutions in the two countries toward bolstering the positive outcome and achieving more progress in the march of the bilateral cooperation in all domains.

Russia to supply Sudan with 2 million tons wheat
Russia has expressed desire to increase Sudan’s import quota of wheat to 2 million tons a year instead of one million tons, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said in statement. “Sudan is the second world consumer of the Russian wheat after Egypt” added the statement. The Russian ministry pointed that the Russian-Sudanese trade exchange has been doubled in 2017 to reach 325 million dollars compared to 152 millions in 2016. Last December Sudan and Russia signed several agreements covering various economic fields, yet the Sudanese ministry of minerals cited a number of obstacles top of which comes the Sudanese debts to Russia and difficulty to transfer money in and out of the country. official from the Sudanese ministry urged the Russian side to open bank accounts to facilitate money transfers and disclosed the Russian side’s interest in establishing banks in Sudan for the purpose.

Dr. Al-Jaz Heads Meeting for Indignization Council of Industries
Khartoum,(SUNA) - Deputy Chairman of the National Higher Council for Strengthening the Relations of Sudan with BRICS countries, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, chaired Sunday a meeting of the Council for Idignizatio of Industries. The meeting was attended by the State Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture, Sabri Dawal-Bait, and the Manager of the Sudanese Cottons Company, Mohamed Osman. The State Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement that the meeting discussed ways of solving the problems that are facing Al-Rahad Agricultural Scheme and means of making it a model scheme. He said that the ministry obtains policies toward Al-Rahad Agricultural Scheme to increase the production by using modern technology in the cultivation of cotton, peanut and sunflower for supporting the Sudanese Economy.

January 11, 2018

President Bashir: gun shall not be used to take over power in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, was Wednesday briefed about the preparedness of the Armed Forces to defend the national territories and to defeat any enemy of the homeland. The president, who is currently touring the Blue Nile State, paid a visit to the 4th army Division in Damazin, whom he hailed for sacrificing their lives and souls in defense of the national territories. The President hailed the Sudanese units currently taking part in the Arab coalition forces for restoration of legitimacy in Yemen. He said those Sudanese troops have amazed the world and provide an exemplary bravery and combating ability. He stressed that the army is not fighting to kill Sudanese brothers on the other side but that they do fight to defend the homeland, its territories and borers against those who rebel and who want to undermine the security of its civilians. He said the government has announced renewal of the ceasefire because peace is a strategy for the government. He stressed the government is keen to see all the internally displaced persons and refugees returning home and that the Blue Nile area would be developed and that basic services be provided for the people . But the president stressed such basic services and development could not be carried out in the absence of peace. He said as peace circle widen, so will development opportunities


AOAD Director-General affirms Sudan's ability to bridge food gap in Arab world
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Director-General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dekhairi has stressed Sudan's ability to bridge the food gap of Arab countries through its tremendous capabilities of the natural resources including abundant fresh water, well-trained Sudanese workers and the vast arable lands of more than 200 million feddans. On the sidelines of the opening session of the workshop on the Sudan Initiative for Arab Food Security, organized by the Federal Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel Wednesday, Prof. Al-Dekhairi said: "A workshop is a part of the implementation mechanism besides the agreed upon vision, which aims at Sudan contribution to bridge the Arab food gap estimated at 35 billion dollars. He referred to the initiative presented by President of the Republic Field Marshall Omer al-Bashir at the Arab Summit held in Riyadh in 2013 and adopted by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development for its convince with the initiative's usefulness in contribution to the achievement of Arab food security, pointing out that the Fund also provided aid at the amount of about one million pounds to cover its costs. Prof. Al-Dekhairi added that the fund signed a contract with a German consulting firm to prepare and implement a study on the initiative He revealed that the study was divided into four tasks: The first task is to determine the size of the current food gap in the Arab countries for the major crops such as wheat, sugar, edible oil, meat and dairy products, as well as identification of the capabilities of Sudan including water, land and others, besides designing a model targeting the best use of water resources, agricultural land and labor force available in Sudan. The fourth task, the AOAD Director-General continued, included preparation of a comprehensive plan and timetable for the development of the agricultural sector in Sudan basing on the projects to be identified by experts and specialists.

Ministry of Electricity announces return of 80% of electricity current to the national grid
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity has announced the return of 80% of the electricity current to the national grid after the general put off which occurred in the network at 12 noon and the return of electricity current in some areas began at about 12:30 pm . The Spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Engineer Mohamed Abdul-Rahim Gawish said, in a statement to SUNA, that the work is still underway by the engineers to restore the current to the remaining areas of the national network within the next three hours.

January 10, 2018

Economic Sector Approves Central Bank Policies
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadel chaired, Tuesday, the meeting of the Economic Development Sector which approved the Central Bank policies on imports and exports . The policies includes, among others, transactions of the Sudanese working abroad and encouragement of banks . The meeting has, also, recommended the encouragement of exports and studying the projects that attract the investments of the expatriates .

Competition of Khartoum International Award for Holy Quran Launched
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The 9th competition of the Khartoum International Award for the Holy Quran is launched, Tuesday, amid wide participation and atmosphere full of spirituality. Sheikh Abdul Rashid Sheikh Ali Sufi (Qatar), Chairman of the Jury, praised the hospitality and reception of the people of Sudan, lauding the interest. , care, hospitality and social solidarity they witnessed in the country. He pointed out that Sudan, despite the plots woven against it, but the Sudanese people remained interested in preservation of the Holy book of Allah and dissemination of the Islamic religion .

Establishment of a coordinating council between Sudan and Turkey
Minister of Social Security and Development, Mashear Al-Dawalb, agreed with Turkish Ambassador to Khartoum Irfan Nazir Oglu on the establishment of a coordinating council for the voluntary work between the two countries in order to tighten the process of coordination and communication between the two countries according to a unified vision. The minister of Social Security and Development praises the Turkish experience in social field, that came during the meeting with the Secretary General of the National Council for Disabled, Colonel, Badr-Eldeen Ahmed Hassan and Ambassador Turkey to Sudan, Irfan Nazir Oglu, Al-Dawalb praised the successful and great visit of Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to the country recently, and his positive attitude towards all crises in Arab and Islamic world.

January 08, 2018

Sudan FM: We look Forward to Working with Washington in the Next Phase
The Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour on Thursday welcomed the statement issued by US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the independence of the Sudan, stressing the aspiration of Sudan to work alongside the US government during the next phase. The Secretary of State expressed his wishes for the progress and prosperity of the American people. He said that the government looks forward to working with the US government in the coming phase within the framework of the constructive link between the two countries, and achieve common interests of the peoples of the two countries The US administration lifted economic sanctions and a trade ban on Sudan on Oct. 6, imposed since 1997, as a result of its commitment to the five track plan. The five tracks included Sudan’s cooperation with Washington in combating terrorism, working for peace achieve in southern Sudan, humanitarian affairs and delivering aid to those affected in conflict areas.

Sudanese Council of Churches commends religious tolerance in Sudan
The Sudanese Council of Churches has commended Muslim-Christian coexistence in the country saying ‘there’re neither differences nor disputes among various components of the society. “Interreligious institutions must be empowered and supported to play a greater role in this regard”, said participants in a workshop held in Khartoum recently under the theme “religious tolerance is a value of faith and genuine Sudanese attitude”, in presence of Moslem preachers, scholars as well as Christian patriarchs and clergymen. Minister of Guidance and Endowments pointed to different conventions and treaties that guaranteed freedom of belief, emphasizing that “Islam respects all other divine religions”. He further recalled that religious tolerance positively affects security and social stability and reflects the civil attitude of people when dealing with each other. A special paper was reviewed by the workshop enumerating churches in Sudan and precise number of foreigners domiciled in the country while a second elaborated on rules and basic planning of places of worship in addition to license procedures of churches based on site studies in accordance with UN world conventions and the country’s constitution. The workshop recommended adoption of a charter to reinforce religious tolerance, suggest a mechanism to this end and urged participation of sectarian leaders in the program of patronizing churches by a consultative council affiliated to the Minister of Guidance and Endowments. Another paper on domestic legislation guarantying freedom of faith and worship underlined existence of inter-religious accommodation, citing, however, some erratic acts, saying that incidents of the Angelican Church in Al-Giraif suburb of Khartoum is a case in point that necessitate remedy. During the workshop, a number of specialized papers were presented; top of them a paper on religious tolerance which included statistics of total churches and the foreign existence in the country. In conclusion. Minister of Guidance underscored Sudan’s accommodation of all faiths and appealed upon all to show vigilance and disallow those waiting for a chance to undermine political stability and social cohesion in Sudan.

ACSAD delegation to visits Sudan ACSAD delegation to visits Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - A delegation from the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid zones and Dry lands is due to arrive in the country Sunday on a five-day visit lead by its Director General Rafiq Ali Salih to develop the executive program and the appropriate mechanisms to launch the second phase of the best land use plan for the second phase, which will be mplemented in three states including Khartoum, River Nile and the North in collaboration with experts from the Sudanese side. The Director of the Arab and Regional Organizations at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Ekhlass Mohamed Ali said, in statement to SUNA, that the visit comes within the framework of the initiative for partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the media of all its kinds and the role of introducing major development projects in the country, as well as the awareness of the best land uses and their impact on sustainable development to end up with the joint information cooperation and coordination. She explained that the ACSAD delegation is to meet, during the visit, with the officials at the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance, Federal Government Bureau and Water Resources as well as the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, during which a comprehensive briefing is to be presented on the project, in addition to a visit to the three states.

HRH Prince Mansour Sudan sits on huge resources attractive for investors
Khartoum, (SUNA)- HRH Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi investor, has expressed his desire to invest in the Sudan with its huge natural resources and vast arable lands. In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, Prince Naif said his current visit to the Sudan witnessed the ingurgitation of the Remit Exchange and Financial Transfers Company in Khartoum, an event honored by the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Gen Abdul Rahaman Sadiq el Mahdi. He said the fact that the assistant was there to attend the event gave them an impetus for more actin and more joint work with the Sudan. He congratulated the Sudan for the revocation of the economic sanctions, a matter which would enable the country open up on the world at large. He also expressed his hope that Saudi investments would be encouraged and be provided with facilitations. He said his company will be providing huge services at reasonable cost, using up-to-date technologies that would facilitate the work and help attract Sudanese expatriates' remittances.

January 05, 2018

Al Bashir directs to forge ahead on improving the Sudan’s relations with BRICS countries
President of the Republic Omer al Bashir directed to forge ahead on improving the Sudan’s relations with BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in a way that fulfil common interests between the Sudan and BRICS countries. During his meeting with Dr. Awad al Jaz, vice president of High Commission supervising the Sudan’s relations with BRICS countries, His Excellency acquainted with commission performance during the past period and its future plans. Dr. al Jaz confirmed in that the President of the Republic address an invitation for the Chinese President to visit the Sudan, adding that cooperation with BRICS countries will witness great activities in all fields.

FM welcomes US State Department statement on Sudan Independence Day Anniversary
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour , welcomed statement issued by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on occasion of the 62nd Anniversary of Sudan's Independence Day. The Minister wished the American people continued progress and prosperity and that he was looking forward to working side by side with the American administration during the coming period within framework of constructive connection between the two countries to enhance bilateral relations and achieve the common high interests of Sudanese and American peoples. Rex W Tillerson, the American Secretary of State, on January the 1st, issued a statement in which he expressed his "best wishes as the people of Sudan celebrate the 62nd anniversary of Sudan's independence". In the statement he said the United States looks forward to another year of growth in the U.S.-Sudan relationship, and wished the people of Sudan a joyous celebration and a peaceful year ahead.

780,000 hectares of land in Sudan to boost agricultural crop
The countdown for another flock of Turkish investors into Sudan has begun after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Sudan. Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Turkey-Sudan Business Council Chair Mehmet Ali Korkmaz indicated that 780,000 hectares (7,800 square kilometers) of land leased by Turkey would be open to Turkish investors and agriculture production, doubling Turkey’s crop. Last week’s high level three-country Africa tour by President Erdoğan, which was primarily dominated by business forums and cooperation agreements, facilitated the entrance of Turkish business people into new markets. The DEİK Turkey-Sudan Business Council chair said when agricultural activity on the land in Sudan begins, harvests twice the entire agricultural crop in Turkey can be made. Korkmaz also said that the goal of reaching $10 billion in bilateral trade volume will be reached and Turkey can also export produce to regional countries. He added that during the president’s visit, around 200 business people participated in business forums and a number of negotiations in electronics, defense, security, health and agriculture were initiated. “According to official data, Turkey and Sudan have a bilateral trade volume of $500 million. But since we import cotton and sesame, bilateral trade is in favor of Sudan. In the upcoming period, we will gradually raise the trade volume to $10 billion,” Korkmaz said. With regards to the 780,000 hectares of agricultural land for use by Turkish investors, he said that Turkey would invest in the region to build oil and thread plants if the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock guide investors. He also indicated that progress is still being made to establish a joint venture and commission with Sudan and under what conditions and for how long Turkey can conduct business in the country will be specified soon

January 04, 2018

Mango exports to Jordan and Qatar to increase
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudan Center for Sterilization of Horticultural Exports has predicted an increase in mango production this year, with huge quantities of mango already being exported to Jordan and Qatar and other countries submitted demand for mango exports. The Director of the Sudanese center for Horticultural Exports, Abdul Rahaman Abdul Majid, told the Sudan news agency that this season, because of the conducive climate will see an increase in mango production, pointing out that a number of packing companies have entered the market a matter that will help increase exports. He commended one company, Awalad Attab in Sinja area, White Nile State, which exported over 125 tons of mango since the mango season started shortly. He said the center encourages other companies to enter this market and mango exportation opportunity He said the center has also started dates exportation to Ethiopia, following treatment and sterilization process in the center and that the Sudan has benefited from the Tunisian experience in the steam sterilization process for dates product. He said beside Ethiopia, Qatar is now wishing to import Sudanese sterilized dates. He urged producers to maintain the good reputation of Sudanese products and to avoid any excessive use of fertilizers and chemicals as the Sudanese products are known as being organic. He said farmers should give special attention to the cultivation and harvesting and packing process.

Trade Ministry announces deterrent controls to “price hikes”
Minister of Trade Hatem Al-Sir announced a package of measures to control “price hikes” in the markets legally. He said that the “chaos” of prices is unjustified, illegal and immoral. “A group of “mediators” took advantage of the situation”. He added
In a press conference on budget 2018, (Tuesday) Al- Sir promised citizens that prices evaporation will stop in coming days and the state “will not be without action and will not contradict the policy of liberalization”. Minister added that decisions of joint meeting of especial bodies will issue soon. He mentioned that economic liberalization “does not mean chaos in any way,”. State will not accept “to make government that it is against people that it wants to grind”. “The government is neither a merciful angel nor a demonic devil in the middle,” he said, adding that the new budget guidelines were clear regarding to government companies, supporting privet sector and exemption customs duties on basic commodities. He pointing out that there is coordination with Ministry of Industry requires putting the final price of the product written on the product.

Investment Minister: Government Spends A Billion Dollar on Diesel Import
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The Minister for Investment, Mubarak El Fadil, said the government spends about one billion dollars a year on diesel import. The Minister told a press briefing on Wednesday that he expects the rate of exchange of the US dollar against the local currency to go down following crack down on hard currency black market dealings. The Minister said the consumers' attitude has to change as well to spare spending whooping sums on import of such commodities as powder milk on which the country spends over 200 million dollars.


January 03, 2018

CBOS Governor affirms its mandate on state foreign exchange resources
Khartoum, SUNA) - The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Hazim Abdul-Gadir has stressed CBOS mandate on all the State's resources in foreign exchange in accordance with the directives issued by the concerned authorities in the State. The CBOS governor, speaking at a joint press conference with the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Tuesday at the Ministry of Information, pointed out to the central bank keenness in coordination with the Ministry of Finance on the stability of the exchange rate and the reform of its distortions, stressing the importance of more flexibility in the exchange rate to reduce those distortions. Abdul-Gadir said that the CBOS policy for the current year focused on the increase of production to increase exports to contribute to augment the foreign exchange proceeds to cover the gap resulting from the growing demand for the foreign currencies. The Governor of the Central Bank explained that one of the most important sources contributing to the increase in foreign exchange resources available now was the gold, which the central bank has been working to purchase it from the traditional miner, revealing that the Central Bank has begun to increase its prices to encourage its production and to reduce its smuggling. Abdul-Gadir touched on the banking facilities granted to the exporters, particularly in the payment methods, referring to the opening of new markets to enable Sudanese goods to compete abroad in order to restore the balance of trade and ease the pressure on the foreign exchange which is currently available.

Sudan’s Gold Production increased to over 100 Tons in 2017
Sudan’s financial problems would be solved, if the gold produced in Sudan was not sold but used as a guarantee for financing, according to Minister of Minerals Hashem Ali Salem. During the weekly News Forum at the Ministry of Information in Khartoum last week, the Sudanese Minister of Minerals announced that the gold production has increased to more than 100 tons during the current year. The Minister reported that Khartoum received a financing offer of more than $6 billion from four large mining companies, to be guaranteed by gold produced in the near future. However, he said, only $4 billion would be enough to solve the country’s economic problems. Had the Central Bank of Sudan purchased gold for a reasonable price, miners would not have smuggled the precious mineral, Salem stated, and stressed the necessity to establish a gold bourse.
He further pointed out that his Ministry accounts for five per cent of the national domestic product. He hopes to increase this figure in 2018, when the Ministry will stop exporting a number of raw minerals in 2018, and start the indigenization of the minerals production industry. According to a recent report by the Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG), the country’s gold industry is affected by “bureaucratic and political corruption, including embezzlement, cronyism and patronage.”

Minister of Planning Meets Swiss Housing Group
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Minister of Planning, Dr. Engineer, Jamal Mahmud has discussed with the Representative of the Swiss Group operating in housing fields, means of cooperation and partnership implementation of housing projects in Khartoum . The Representative of the Dubai the company which specialized in building housing units for the limited income-people will provide the fund for the projects . Meanwhile, the minister has indicated that the state has growing concern over the housing projects.

January 02, 2018

Al Bashir stresses the Sudan’s commitment with international partnership enhancing props of international and regional peace and security
President of the Republic Omer al Bashir confirmed that the Sudan remained committed on its external relations with international partnership which enhances props of international and regional peace and security and to and seriously action to counter terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking. In his word on the occasion of the Sudan’s Independence Day on Sunday, President of the Republic alluded to that the country despite that exposed to unjust blockage for more than twenty yearswhere the Sudan was succeed to lift US boycott following a serious and constructive dialogue since2003. al Bashir alluded to recognition of all States of the World that the Sudan is not only sponsoring and supporting terrorism nay it is an essential pillar in countering terrorism, particularly Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Arab Maghreb States, and the patrician position of African States through its union and bilateral positions, particularly Ethiopia, Chad, S. African and Rwanda

NCP Deputy Chairman Congratulates Sudanese People on Occasion of Independence Day
Al- Obied,(SUNA) The Deputy Chairman of the National Congress Party, engineer, Ibrahim Mahmoud has congratulated the Sudanese people on the occasion of the Sudan's Independence. During his address, Thursday, in al- Obied town, the capital of North Kordufan state, to the organizational campaign for the women sector , he expressed pleasure over the Sudanese solidarity and unity during this occasion, hailing role of Kordufan model women among other Sudan's states for her interaction with the state's programs, calling for change and the achievement of sustainable development, announcing the implementation of the President of the Republic program for the development of the Sudan and its people, pointing to Sudan's privileged location and, economic resources that qualify it to be the world food basket in the forefront of world's countries. The governor of north kordufan state, Moulana, Ahmed Haroun, the state's NC chairman, has underlined, capability of the women sector in the state to make the change and creation, indicating her great participation in the campaign (Noufra) project, and her contribution in the elimination of literacy and spreading of knowledge. The secretary of the NC woman secretariat in the state, Dr. Salma al- Tahir, has lauded the organization of the woman constructions, and the membership revision, announcing readiness of Kordufan women, and her unity of rank with NC programs. The representative of The NC woman secretariat, in the center, Mahassin Jabir ha commended role of the governor in the state's development, the role of the women in Kordufan, meanwhile, the party's women secretariat in the state presented document of covenant and charter to the party's deputy chairman.
December 29, 2017

Minister for Defense receives Russian Army Deputy Chief of Staff
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister for Defense, Lt General Awad Mohamed Ahmed Bin Aouf, on Thursday received the visiting Russian Army Deputy Chief of Staff and reaffirmed Sudan's keenness to develop relations with Federal Republic of Russia and build partnership in the various domains, particularly the Defense fields. The Minister received the Russian Deputy Chief of Staffs, Alexander Alexitic who arrived to Khartoum early this week on a several day visit to the Sudan. The Minister for Defense has expressed his happiness to receive the Deputy Chief of Staff and commended the visit as an important one that comes following the historic visit by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Bashir, to Russia. He expressed hope that the visit of the Russian official would bear fruitful results. The Russian official has on his part expressed satisfaction over the outcome of his visit and what has been achieved, reaffirming his country's keenness to strengthen relations with the Sudan in the interest of the two countries and the two friend peoples.

Ministry of Mining Sign Agreement for Gold Exploration with Saudi Company
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Mining has signed a privilege agreement with the joint Saudi - Sudanese Ashab Al-Yamin Company for exploring gold and the accompanying minerals in South Kordofan State. The agreement was signed by the Minister of Mining, Prof. HASHIM Ali Salim, for the ministry and the Saudi investor, Mohamed bin Suleiman bin Sulbi, in presence of the company's General Director, Hamad-Neil Abdalla. In a statement to the press after the meeting, the Saudi investor has called on the businessmen and investors in the Arab World to engage in investments in Sudan at different domains, top of them are mining, agriculture and industry. He appreciated the facilities extended to them by the Ministry of Mining, including the providing of advisory in the minerals' field.

Sudan Embassy in Saudi Arabia: Agreement with Turkey on “Suwakin” does not threaten Arab security
Sudanese embassy in Saudi Arabia Wednesday said that its country does not threaten Arab security by signing an agreement with Turkey to rehabilitate Suwakin harbor in eastern Sudan. In a statement the Minister Plenipotentiary and Head of the Media Section at the Sudanese Embassy in Riyadh, Mu’taz Ahmed Ibrahim said “Sudan is not endangering Arab security, through signing an agreement with Turkey”, underlining that the step is not relevant to” Sudanese Egyptian dispute over Halayib and Shalatin.” Ibrahim said the news titled “Suwakin in the lap of Erdogan” that was published today by “Okaz” newspaper is “a clear insult to Sudan’s sovereignty and natural right to establish relations with various world countries.” He stressed that these relations are being built peacefully in the benefit or interest of people, without prejudice to security of the Arab nation, which is a mainstay in Sudan’s external relations.” He continued: “Suwakin is in Sudan’s lap and not any other party,” criticizing the Saudi newspaper for referring to Erdogan’s visit to Sudan with such connotations as “Turkish ambitions.” The statement pointed out that the newspaper attributed the news to “Reuters”, and “France-Presse” agencies, which“did not report the news published in Okaz.” “I have reviewed the news item myself in Reuters and France Press, and there was no any signal or reference to the word ‘ambition’ nor what might represent “a threat “to Arab national security,” he said. The newspaper “Okaz” published a report titled “Khartoum gives Ankara Suwakin-Sudan in Turkey’s lap ” and attributed it to the said agencies . The newspaper started about “Turkish ambitions” in Africa, “expansion through the mullahs,” and referred to Egyptian criticism of the Sudanese-Turkish agreement on the town of “Suwakin.” Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said on Tuesday that Erdogan had asked his Sudanese counterpart, Omar al-Bashir, during his visit to Suwakin, to give the isle to Turkey as an exclusive investment zone. He explained that the Turkish President “meant that island and not all Suwakin area, adding President al-Bashir agreed its renovation to become a touristic spot and return to its original function as en route harbor for pilgrims, meaning tourism and worship destination. The official concluded by asserting that” it is an investment partnership between two countries and this is quite normal”.

December 28, 2017

Minister of Minerals: Gold alone can get Sudan out of its economic problems
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashim Ali Salim has affirmed that the gold produced in the country could take Sudan out of its economic problems by not exporting it abroad and using it as a guarantee for financing. He revealed, during his speech in the weekly news forum of the Ministry of Information Wednesday, that Sudan gold production has increased to more than 100 tons during the current year a matter that enables the country to get funds from the external financing institutions. The minister exposed that Sudan received a financing of more than 6 billion dollars offer from four major companies under the guarantee of produced gold, however, only $4 billion would solve Sudan's economic problems He emphasized that had the Central Bank of Sudan purchased gold in a reasonable price, it would have not be smuggled, stressed the necessity to establish a gold bourse. The minister said that his ministry would stop export of a number of minerals in the raw form in 2018; especially that Sudan has more than 13 minerals ready for investment including agricultural minerals, which can be manufactured inside Sudan and sold to the neighboring countries that need fertilizer. The minister asserted that the brokers were the cause of the scarcity of mercury by buying, storing and increasing its prices, referring to his ministry's directive on assigning Sudamine Company to sell the mercury in the markets and stop selling it in Khartoum a matter that contributed to the provision of mercury in the markets. He pointed out to his ministry contribution at 5% to the national domestic product, stressing the trend of the ministry next year to indigenize the industry of copper, rare metals, radioactive and precious stones in the country.

Bashir says Sudan supports the Arab Authority for Investment and Agricultural Development
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Wednesday reaffirmed Sudan's support and backing for the Arab Authority for Investment and Agricultural Development , providing all possible assistance and removing hurdle facing it. The president of the Republic received a delegation from the Authority led by Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazroui, chair of the authority, to the Sudan. Mazroui pointed out that the meeting reviewed the facilities provided by the government of the Sudan to the authority during the past 40 years. He said they briefed the president of the Republic on the various activities of the authority as well as all the spending of the authority which spent over 700 million dollar which amount to some 63% of the overall sum spent in the Arab world and that the authority has established 12 projects in the various domains in the country.
He said the authority is planning to implement three projects in the field of sugar production and red meats at a cost of 120 million dollars and in eh area of veterinary drugs at a cost of 46 million dollars, besides providing assistance to small farmers who own about 10 thousand feddans saying that this covered about 20 thousands farmers. He said the authority has helped developing the initiative proposed by the president of the Republic on Arab Food Security and that the authority will be the implementing body for all the projects related to the president initiative.

December 27, 2017

Bashir and Erdogan witness signing of ships building company agreement
Port Sudan, (SUNA) - President Omar Bashir and the visiting Turkish President Reccep Tayyib Erdogan, on Monday witnessed the signing of an agreement on establishment of a company for Ships building in Podadun, Red Sea State, as well as other Turkish investment. The agreements were signed on the side of the Sudan by the Director of GIAD Company, Ismail El Tayeb and on the Turkish side by the Turkish investment group representative Abdeen Sabri. The two sides also signed an agreement on cooking gas reception at Port Sudan.

U of K Bestows Honorary Doctorate on President Erdogan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The University of Khartoum on Monday bestowed the Honorary Doctorate in Law on the visiting Turkish President Reccep Tayyib Erdogan amid august official, political and academia presence. Professor Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Khartoum (Uof K) told the ceremony that the move to confer the title by the University of Khartoum was because it considered President Erdogan an international personality that has huge impact on it regional and international surrounding. He said the university considered bestowing the doctorate on Erdogan an honor the institution and its affiliate and staffers. He commended the cooperation that exists between the university and the various other Turkish institutions. Professor Adel Ali Hussein told the same gathering that the University Board of Directors in its meeting 415 voted for giving the honorary doctorate to president Erdogan, following a thorough review of his curriculum vitae and his efforts in serving his communities locally, regionally and internationally. He commended the scholarship for over 100 students annually provided by Turkey to Sudanese students as well as 10m other fully funded grants for postgraduate higher studies.

Summit between Al-Bashir and Erdogan in Khartoum
At outset of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Khartoum Sunday, Sudan and Turkey signed 12 agreements in Khartoum. Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir in a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart announced formation of a supreme committee chaired by the two heads of state to convene annually. Al-Bashir described Turkish President’s visit to Sudan as historic, adding that the two sides signed 12 agreements, most notably a strategic partnership overseen by the supreme committee to meet alternately in Khartoum and Ankara. President al-Bashir expressed happiness of the Sudanese government and people to receive Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , adding: “We are pleased to meet with Turkish President to commend his strong stances on national issues, specially the latest Islamic Summit and its rejection of Trump’s decision on Jerusalem which in turn was rejected by the United Nations Security Council and the UN General Assembly by an overwhelming majority.” For his part, Erdogan thanked his counterpart and described relations as strategic. Erdogan praised the results of national dialogue and praised Sudan’s position with Turkey during the failed coup attempt.

Minister of Finance expects rise in the volume of trade with Turkey to (10) billion dollars
The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Mohamed Osman Al Rekabi expressed his optimism over the forum of Sudanese-Turkish business, which took place on Monday at the Friendship Hall. Al Rekabi said that Sudanese-Turkish businessmen forum is a benefit for the two brotherly nations, and a start for continuous work that set the developed political and social relations between the two countries in the economic framework to realize complementary benefits in the interest of the two nations. He expected that economic cooperation would reach upto 10 billion dollars soon as well as entry of Turkish banks to Sudan to facilitate the trade movement and transfer of capital between the two countries. He directed the Sudanese Banks Union for working to find Turkish correspondents contributing to the flow of remittances.

Moubark al- Fadil Underlines Importance of Benefiting from Turkish Technology in Industry, Agriculture Sectors
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Investment, Moubarak al-Fadil has indicated the importance of benefiting from the Turkish technology and experiences in the development of the agriculture and industry sectors, announcing a plan set by the economic sector for three years to start form next year for the increase of the agriculture and industry production of cotton, oil seeds, and the increase of the exports by 10 billion dollars. During his to the opening sitting of the Sudanese-Turkish business forum, Monday, at the friendship hall he reviewed the Sudanese efforts in this regard in the first year, stressing the necessary serious beginning with that agriculture projects with quick returns in order to establish partnership and agriculture and industrial renaissance between Sudan and sisterly turkey. Al- Fadil added that the Sudan needs infrastructure, and technology to develop the agriculture and industry production, and to increase the export production, he pointed that the Sudan has ready projects that need the Sudanese - Turkish efforts, and Turkish technologies.

Sudan to boost housing experience
Sudan has declared expansion of housing schemes to cover Khartoum and other different states, announced the National Housing and Reconstruction Fund. On Sunday a delegation from the Fund returned home from a visit to the North African state of Tunisia to inspire experience in the field of housing. Besides, the delegation was acquainted with the successful Tunisian model of housing to be copied and ways of providing low-cost houses. “Joint cooperation between the two countries in this domain will be pushed to further scope”, said the secretary general of the Sudanese Housing and Reconstruction Fund. “ the visit was a success and achieved much regarding cooperation in this regard”, he concluded.

December 22, 2017

Sudan welcomes the coming visit to Sudan by President Erdogan of Turkey
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudan on Thursday welcomed the coming visit to the Sudan by President Tayeb Reccep Erdogan of Turkey which starts on Sunday. In a press statement it issued on Thursday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the visit constitute a new qualitative development in the bilateral relations and is expected to witness the signing of a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding It said the Sudanese government would like to express its welcoming of the coming visit by president Erdogan to the Sudan on the 24th of current December and which will last for two days, at the invitation of President Omar Bashir. The ministry said the visits comes within the context of cementing the bilateral brotherly relations based on the historic, cultural and social roots, and which are further nurtured by economic and trade partnerships. The visit, the first of its kind by a Turkish president since the independence of the Sudan, is expected to witness in addition to the joint talks, signing of numerous economic agreement in the investment, agriculture, education, and environment, military and legal cooperation, roads, energy, health, and tourism. An economic forum in which over 100 businessmen and economist and in which some fifty Turkish companies are participating, will take place during the visit. President Erdogan is also expected to pay a visit to Port Sudan and to Suwakin in Eastern Sudan. Agreement on sea port and free zone are to be signed there. The University of Khartoum, the most prestigious higher institutional body in the Sudan, has also decided to bestow on President Erdogan, the honorary doctorate in recognition of his efforts to develop me his country and to create partnership with the Sudan and with the Sudanese civil society, as well as his outstanding position with regards to issues of rights and justice in the world.

Sudanese- Russian Ministerial Committee for Economic, Trade Cooperation Concludes Session with Signing of Five Agreements
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Sudanese-Russian Joint Ministerial Committee for the Economic and Trade Cooperation, has concluded Thursday, at the friendship hall in Khartoum its 5 th session. The joint ministerial committee has concluded sittings with the signing of the economic, commercial and technical protocol, signed by the head of the Sudanese side, the minister of minerals, prof. Hashim Ali Salim, and Mr. Sergei Denskoy the minister of natural resources and environment for the Russian part. The sitting which was attended by the assistant f the president of the republic, the deputy chairman of the higher supervision committee for the relations with the BRICS states, has witnessed the signing of five agreements including the fields of researches and geological training between the geological research corporation, and the Russian Geological Center, agreement on the use of mercury alternative technologies between Sudamin Company and Russian Khalin Company , agreement on the field of development of nuclear station between the Sudanese ministry of water resources and electricity and the Russian Red Ason company, and the signing of cooperation minutes between the ministry of higher education and the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences, besides the signing of an agreement in the field of technologies between the Sudanese Zoura Campany and the Russian Vimin Company. The head of the Sudanese part of the Joint Ministerial Committee for Trade and Cooperation, prof. Hashim Ali Salim has asserted the sedans government determination to implement all the signed agreement as quickly as possible, noting to the signing of 43 agreements in previous years, indicating overcoming of the obstacle of financial transfers by the opening of the Russian transfer system a matter that has accelerated the agreements' implementation. He pointed to the obstacle of the exportation of vegetable and fruits from the Sudan to Russia, noting that the solution of this problem lies in the formation of a joint council of businessmen to develop solutions to the problems of exportation, indicating that the what is new is entering into agreements not found in the previous protocol, such as the agreement to establish a nuclear power plant for the peaceful purposes of electricity generation. The head of the Russian side, has confirmed on the peaceful nuclear plant, which it will be under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, stating that the talks in its beginnings and dates are not set for it. He pointed out that to the offer of the Ministry of Minerals for number of new blocks to the Russian companies, in exchange for benefiting from the Russian technology in extracting gold without mercury, as well as the qualification of cadres in the field of meteorology and other technologies. In the press conference the two sides held in conclusion of the committee's meetings, Mr. Sergei Denskoy noted that the trade exchange between the two countries has been doubled during one year to 153 million dollar in 2016 to 325 dollar in the fiscal year, stressing that the two sides would work for the solution of the financing problem, pointing to the Sudan exportation of million tons of the Russian wheat during the current year. Meanwhile, prof. Hashim Ali Salim asserted the Sudan's desire to import Russian wheat, especially after the lifting of ban from the flour importation, with the expectation of the increase of the imported wheat from Russia to meet the country's consumption of wheat that amount to 2.5 million tons. The minister of mineral has attributed the cancellation of the license of the Russian company of Cyprien for not complying with the terms of the contract signed with the company. The President Assistant, Dr. Awad al- Jaz has expressed hope that the signed agreements would lead to its practical and direct implementation, noting that the presidency of the republic will closely follow up its implementation with the concerned ministries. Al- Jaz has called for the holding of the council of the businessmen between the two countries shortly, and the facilitation of the communication means, by air, land, sea and on the banking level, inviting Russian tourists and media to visit Sudan to closely see what is going on in the Sudan.

First Vice - President Returns from Eritrea
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The First Vice - President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, returned home Thursday after a two-day visit to Eritrea during visit he met with the Eritrean Leadership and discussed progress of the bilateral relations between two countries and issues of mutual concern. He was received at Khartoum Airport by the Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, and number of ministers.

British Ambassador describes Sudanese – British Economic Forum as great success
Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Sudan Michael Aron praised the success of British Economic Forum that was recently held in London with participation of Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor Ibrahim Ghandour and a number of representatives from the British private sector and relevant bodies in both countries. During the conference many topics on trade and investment were discussed. In addition, Ambassador Aron discussed in an interview with Sudan News Agency “SUNA” anumber of issues of common concern to activate the flow of investment between the two countries and means of developing the Sudanese economy, besides supporting Sudan in fields of combating human trafficking and illegal migration, improving Sudan’s record on human rights as well as adverse effects caused by climatic changes

December 06, 2017

First Vice President witnesses opening of First International Festival of the Sudanese Palm and Dates
Khartoum, (SUNA) - First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister Lt. General Bakri Hassan Salih honored Tuesday the Celebration of the Opening of the First International Festival of the Sudanese Palm and Dates. The celebration was also attended by the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Ajaimi, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Khartoum Hamad Al-Junaibi, the Secretary General of the Khalifa International Prize for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation in the UAE Dr. Abdul Wahab Sayid the Chairman of the Sudanese Palm Cultivation and Care Society, Prof. Ahmad Ali Qneif and a number of ministers, ambassadors and those who concerned with the palms of the farmers and producers of dates.

Minister for Trade issues new regulations
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister for Trade, Hatim Al Sir on Tuesday issued a number of regulations organizing the trade and reinstating measures relate d to exports with the Ministry of Trade as well as a decision on imports of commodities for personal use. The Decision No (17) for the Fiscal year 2017, relevant to the organization of the trade procedures, stipulates the continuation of banning non-Sudanese from involvement in local trade in accordance with the previous Decision of the Ministry of Trade No (36) for the Fiscal 2015 and banning foreign individuals and companies from attending crops and bourses for commodities with the intention of trading. The decision committed the individuals and the business names and national companies to use the exporters and exporters record for the benefit of the firs beneficiary only. The decision stipulates that foreigners are to be barred from possession or operating sieves for clearing or packing agricultural crops, unless they are operating an agriculture investment project that is registered with the Ministry for Investment. According to this decision, Sudanese nationals who are in possession of a license of an investment project, are barred from trading in local markets and are to commit to what has been specified by the Investment Law with regard to concessions provided for in the foreign investment. The decision also stipulates banning of agricultural crops exportation across Sudanese borders without possession of official documents allowing such a practice. The decision No (18) relative to the reinstatement of the exports procedures with the Ministry for Trade, has cancelled the decision No (21) for the year 2015 relative to the approval of exports contractors by the banks, and reinstating them with the Ministry for Trade and giving the authority for ratification and procedures to the Ministry for Trade. It also said all surveys forms and relevant information from the ministry be considered a main document in all customs procedures. This decision is valid as of the first of January 2018. And according to decision No (19) relative to the import of goods for personal use, and which was amended in accordance with the decision no (63) for the fiscal year 2013, the maximum value for imports of commodities for personal use has been amended from 10,000 euros to 2000 dollars. This decision becomes valid from the date of its signature, taking into consideration that other paragraphs of the decision no 63 for the fiscal year 2013 remain valid. The Minister for Trade told the Sudan News Agency SUNA that these decisions come within the context of the Ministry's endeavors to reorganize trade and to implement the directives given by the President of the Republic on taking urgent measures and procedures for reorganizing the import and export procedures. He said they also come in line with the decision of the Council of Ministers on the same.

Central Bank directs banks to hand over expatriate remittances in the same currencies transferred
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) has instructed all banks to hand over expatriate remittances in the same currencies as they have been transferred to facilitate the flow of Sudanese remittances abroad and provide them with distinctive banking services. CBOS announced, in a press circular, the dealing of all banks operating in the country in the receiving and delivery of remittances of expatriates through branches (windows) to be announced by the banks for the purpose of overcoming obstacles. The Central Bank has obliged all banks to provide the best banking services to the Sudanese public working abroad. The Central Bank of Sudan stressed that the policies of the foreign exchange market, the exchange rate and subsequent amendments, pours in the framework of its constant efforts to preserve and maintain the rights of the dealers with the banking system.

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