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December 15, 2020
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning welcomes Sudan’s revocation from Terrorist list
Khartoum, , Dec.15 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning announced, Tuesday, that in the coming days Sudan will receive a delegation of executives from the top 10 American agricultural companies to build investment opportunities, followed by delegations from various other sectors The Ministry of Finance said in a statement that the US government has committed to providing cash facilities exceeding one billion dollars as a start, which will open the door to more than $ 1.5 billion annually in additional aid from the International Development Association (IDA) for Sudan to complete the debt relief journey, in addition to in-kind support that includes providing an estimated amount From wheat and other materials for a period of four years.
The ministry welcomed the decision of the revocation of the country’s name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, adding that the decision returns Sudan to its real designation as a peace-loving country. The ministry said the removal of the country’s name from the terrorist list is one of the top priorities of the Transitional Government and is considered one from its greater achievements.
The ministry thanked all those who exerted the great efforts in all the government institutions, specially, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, besides, the US Administrations, the Congress and all the concerned Sudanese teams. The statement said the ministry worked out a seven-priorities strategy including the restoration of Sudan’s role in international community, building of international partnerships to create economic, development and investment opportunities.
“The Transitional Government exerted great efforts, last year including reaching an agreement with the International Monetary Fund on restoration of credibility and trust in administering Sudan’s economy.
December 14, 2020
U.S. Treasury Secretary: Sudan rescission from list of Terrorism new chapter of two countries relations
Washington, Dec. 14 (SUNA) U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued today in Washington a statement on the removal of the Sudan from the list of the State Sponsor of Terrorism designation. In his statement, the American minister praised the bold efforts of the transitional government of Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, the Transitional Sovereign Council, and the Sudanese people, which led to the achievement of removing Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.
The U.S. Treasury Secretary noted in his statement “The rescission of Sudan from the State Sponsor of Terrorism list today opens a new chapter in relations between the United States and Sudan. We commend the efforts of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdouk’s transition government, the Sovereign Council, as well as the people of Sudan, in taking the bold steps leading to today’s actions.”
The U.S minister added: “We also note the ongoing and difficult economic and governance reforms that the transitional government is pursuing in order to create a stable, growing economy that provides opportunities for all Sudanese to share in the country’s economic potential.” U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin asserted that: “The United States Treasury looks forward to working with bipartisan members of Congress, and with Sudan to help clear its arrears at the International Financial Institutions and to advance Sudan’s efforts to secure debt relief in 2021.”
November, 2020

Dr. Hamdouk: Al-Mahdi mark for democracy and model for good leadership

Khartoum, Nov.26 (SUNA) – The Transitional Prime Minister, Dr.Abdalla Hamdouk eulogized, Thursday, the leader of Umma Party and Imam of Ansar Sexct, Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi who passed away today, in the United Arab Emirates.
Dr. Hamdouk has described Al-Mahdi, in statement issued, Thursday, as a mark guide for democracy and a model for good governance.
“The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, with more sorrow and grieve for the Sudanese people, r. Imam Sadiq Al Mahdi, the last elected prime minister in Sudan, who was one of the most important figure of thought, politics, literature and wisdom in our country” the statement said.

March 17, 2020

State of Health Emergency Declared to Face Coronavirus

Khartoum, Mar. 16 (SUNA) – The Security and Defence Council, chaired by the President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, Monday declared the state of health emergency to face any possible infections with coronavirus. Member and spokesman of the Sovereign Council, Mohamed Al-Fekki Suleiman, disclosed in a press statement that a higher committee was formed to adopt all the measures that prevent the disease from entering the country and to mobilize all the health, security and logistical capabilities that help it perform its duties. He said that the committee has issued in its first meeting a decision to close all airports, ports, and land crossings, with the exception of trips that carry aid and technical and humanitarian support and scheduled air cargo flights, stressing that the committee has adopted all necessary measures to receive citizens stranded in the land crossings and to prepare places for them to spend the quarantine period. Al-Fekki stated that the committee affirmed that these measures are precautionary and aimed to prevent infection and spread of the disease, indicating that the committee calls on all citizens to cooperate with health and security teams and all employees and not to hinder their official duties to contain any cases of the disease and to block it in order to preserve the good health situation in the country. He stressed the importance of cooperation with the health cadres and to ease arrival of the security men to the suspected cases, pointing out that the state’s selection of any area for quarantining is to be according to accurate estimates and by consulting medical and health personnel. He affirmed the necessity of avoiding to deal with the matter with sensitivity and that there shall be great caution in the dealing with rumors and to obtain information about the disease status, the number of infected persons and the way to deal with them through official channels. The spokesperson for the Transitional Sovereign Council asserted that the committee will be in a permanent session and will receive three reports in every day on the health situation in the country.

December, 12, 2019
Al-Burhan Lauds UAE Support to Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, has praised the role of the leadership and Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for their support to Sudan and their keenness to enhance the relations between the two countries. During his meeting Wednesday with the visiting UAE Chief of Staff, Gen. Hamad Mohamed Thani Al-Rumaithi, and the UAE Ambassador to Sudan, Lt. Gen. Al-Rumaithi affirmed the importance of cooperation between all counties at the region against the existing common threats as well as consolidating the cooperation and the exchange of experiences between them. Gen. Al-Rumaithi conveyed to Lt. Gen. the greetings of the UAE leadership and their keenness to strengthen the military cooperation in different fields.

Council of Ministers Hears Briefing on Hamdouk’s visit to Washington
Khartoum, Dec.10 (SUNA)- The Council of Ministers, in its regular sitting Tuesday which was chaired by Dr Abdalla Hamdouk, the prime minister Tuesday , listened to a briefing on Hamdouk’s visit to Washington which was successful and laid base for new Sudan’s relations with the world after a long-time disruption caused by adoption of the former defunct regime of bad foreign policies. Minister of Trade and Industry Madani Abbas Madani said in press statements that the visit was important and discussed a host of issues resulted in restoration of diplomatic relation at level of ambassadors between Sudan and the United States besides making a breakthrough on removal of Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, which he added passing it closer than ever, disclosing indicating that there are some issues which can be seriously and quickly addressed during the coming period. The federal cabinet decided formation of Ministerial Committee to execute proposals , commitment and their financial contributions of Sudanese working abroad to support the economy. The committee , which is chaired by Minister Cabinet Affairs, comprises ministries of finance, trade and higher education besides representatives of Forces of Freedom and Change and Sudanese communities in each of United States , Britain and Gulf states. Minister of Trade, Madani Abbas Madani said hat the cabinet deliberated over outcome of recent Igad Summit in which Sudan chosen as the chair , disclosing that it represents a new diplomatic success and that it sent message to friends u in the region and he world-wide that Sudan has restored its pioneering role in that the region and good indication for positive stance the world deals with Sudan after success of the Sudanese revolution and getting rid of the defunct regime. In the same context, Minister of Trade said the cabinet meeting discussed procedures of the 2020 budget presented by Minister of Finance and Economic Planning , Dr Ibrahim Al-Badawi, saying societal dialogue will conducted over the budget prior to be approved.

National Initiative Present by SBA Aims Economic Renaissance: Dr. Abbas
Khartoum (SUNA)-Sudanese Businessmen Association (SBA) will inaugurate its national initiative next Sunday at Commercial Chamber Union Tower in Khartoum. The initiative will be inaugurated under slogan” Towards Economic Reform for Transition stage. SUNA noted that the inaugural of the initiative will be honored by the Head of the Economic Committee of the Transitional Military Council, Maj (Gen) Ibrahim Jabir Ibrahim. SBA Acting Secretary General, Dr. Abbas Ali AL Sayed explained in statement to SUNA that the initiative was a step in the context of national efforts exerted by the association based on the private sector concern and willing to push initiatives towards boosting change and transition particularly on economic field . He added that the initiative was formulated in collaboration and participation of economists, experts, specialists, academicians, university professors and research centers affiliated to BAS.