Sudan Embassy India

Investment Climate


1. Investors should not miss the privilege to invest in Sudan, the largest country in Africa and the Middle East, and number ten in size in the world, with its unmatched investment opportunities in all Sectors.

2. Sudan is a country with great potentialities whether in form of the extensive uncultivated farmland or the plentiful water resources, differing climatic zones; its huge animal wealth and limitless natural pastureland, forests or the mineral wealth, particularly its large oil reserves, which have not been fully exploited yet. The diversities in wealth are an added advantage.

3. There are countless and various investment opportunities in the different economic sectors such as the agricultural sector, the industrial sector, energy and mining and in fields of economic services. There are also investment opportunities in the fields of air, and road transport, warehousing and the infrastructure sectors. In all these areas the Investment Authority will do the homework and finalize necessary steps on behalf of the investor.

4. With its abundant resources and immense potential, investors in the Sudan are assured of great benefits and successful partnerships.

5. In addition to the availability of raw material, Sudan is home to the most secure and stable environment. It is an ideal climate for investors and businessmen.

6. An unprecedented investment Encouragement Act enacted with its huge incentives and privileges.

7. There are well-identified economic, social and investment plans and sectoral programmes embodied in the "Comprehensive National Strategy for the Sudan".

8. The most recent reformatory steps taken by the state have freed investment in Sudan from all restrictive acts. The Sudanese economy is a market-driven economy, and there is a rapid shift towards privatization in all sectors.

9. Stable policies, easy access to all cities, quick movement to the different parts of the country.

10. With its strategic location, Sudan is a gateway to African and Middle-Eastern markets and beyond.

11. All procedures pertaining to investment in Sudan are prompt and of a simple nature. There shall be facilities, adequate assurances and incentives for both the investor and the invested capital without any hindrances.

12. Transactions in hard currency shall not be restricted, and there shall be an extraordinary freedom of trade with the outside world and at the national level; assured flexibility in the pricing policies.

13. Availability of a highly trained and qualified manpower in the agricultural, industrial, mining, energy and the economic services sectors.

14. The banking sector in Sudan is firmly established and banking services are accessible in all the states of the country. Moreover there are some specialized banks which are solely devoted to spur investment and development to greater efficiency in particular fields. There are also some state-owned institutions and private companies that finance investment activities. Partners to all are invited.

15. Big market at home and abroad to the nine neighbouring countries. The unique geographical location of the country makes it an ideal marketing center and traverse point for supplying neighbouring countries with commodities and services.

16. Cheap labour.

17. Organized business sector ready for joint ventures.

18. Examples of success stories in local and foreign direct investment such as the giant projects in sugar, telecommunication and oil can be emulated.

19. More than thirty universities and research centers as reservoir for highly trained and qualified personnel.

20. Sudan is the largest and key member of the Common Market for East and South Africa (COMESA), in addition to its membership in other international, regional and sub-regional economic and financial institutions. Sudan is also party to regional and international investment protection regimes.

21. Advanced telecommunication networks... easy access to and from Sudan to any place in the world.

22. Affordable destination with easy air connections to and from Sudan to Africa, the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

23. Different varieties of hotel services with affordable prices for tourists and investors.

24. Roads, seaports and airports connecting the national capital with the regional states and production centers.

25. Enchanting locations... the Nile which is the longest river in the world-the confluence in Khartoum of the Blue and White Niles- the Sahara desert, the mountains and the valleys with unmatched scenery... Wealth in wildlife and game viewing…The country is an ideal destination for tourists and filmmakers.

26. An investment regime that does not discriminate between foreigners and nationals; complete ownership with guarantees against any form of nationalization or confiscation.

27. Well-established stock markets as well as insurance and re-insurance companies.

28. Easy and quick Visa Formalities.

29. The country is well known for the traditions of hospitality and warmth of its people.

30. Pleasant climate in most parts of the year including the Mediterranean, poor savannah, rich savannah and equatorial.

The historical, deep-rooted, cordial and warm relations that characterize Indo-Sudanese ties for thousands of years is an added incentive, indeed a solid foundation of economic, trade and investment relations.